Saturday, November 30, 2013

AFF Thailand: Tub Tim Grob

 Red ruby dessert, a must-have dessert to end a good Thai meal for us. We need it in part to tame the tongue from the fiery hot spicy food, other than to have a sweet ending to a sumptuous meal. 
I forked out about RM10 for 7 servings, with the breakdown as such: 
Water chestnuts - RM2.00
Coconut milk - RM2.00
Jackfruit - RM5.00
Miscellaneous (such as tapioca starch, sugar, pandan and etc) - RM1.00
Steps to make this might look complicated and daunting, but the concept ain't difficult to grasp.  Let's dig in, shall we? 
Source: Wendyywy
Yield: 7 servings
6 pieces water chestnut - peeled and cut into tiny 5mm cubes *I bought a small RM2 pack of cleaned and peeled water chestnut that was about 7 pieces.  It was sold by the weight.* 
1/2tsp red food colouring (¼ cup beetroot juice if going au naturel)
1tsp water - only if using red food colouring, else omit if using beet root juice 

1cup or more tapioca flour *corn starch will not be suitable, so DO NOT substitute*

125g water
125g sugar
1 blade pandan leaf - shredded, knotted and bruised

200ml thick coconut milk *I used the RM2 ready-pack from wet market*

750g ice cubes 

1/  Make the syrup by bringing water, sugar and pandan leaf to a boil on medium heat, then let it simmer for 2 minutes before turning off the fire and let it cool down. 
2/  To prepare the coconut smoothie, pour half the ice, half the syrup and half the coconut milk into a blender jug and whizz till fine.  Do the same for the other half and pour the coconut smoothie into a freezable container and freeze it for use later. 
*I divided this equally into serving size and managed to get 7 cups, and I freeze it solid before use as I broke the process down over two days since the fruit seller didn't start business that early when I made my dash to the wet market.* 
3/  Mix red food colouring with water, and mix this diluted food colouring to the cubed water chestnut to evenly colour them red. 
OR if using the natural beetroot juice, soak the water chestnuts cubes into the beetroot juice for 5-10 minutes, and drain.
4/  Place tapioca starch in a large bowl, then pour all the dyed water chestnuts into the starch and toss the bowl so as to evenly coat the chestnuts with starch.  
*The idea is to toss the whole bowl, do NOT use a spoon for this task.*  
5/  Pour all the water chestnuts into a colander in another receptacle, be it a basin/bowl/plate in order to catch and collect the extra starch from the coated water chestnuts as you sift. 
* Remember, it is a colander and not a sieve, there's a difference.*
6/  Spread the coated water chestnuts onto a plate and lightly spray with water to moisten it.  Toss them around and spray with water again until the surface looks moist but not wet. 
7/  Place water chestnuts back into the collected starch, toss and sift a second time. 
*For a thicker layer of starch which will result in a bigger red ruby, repeat the 3 steps of spraying, tossing and sifting once more.  I didn't, I stopped at dual coating.* 
8/  Let the starch coated water chestnuts rest for 30 minutes so that the outer layer of starch can absorb moisture from the water chestnut, thus making the starch stick better to the water chestnut. 
9/ In the mean time, bring a pot of water to boil and prepare a big bowl of ice water. 
10/  Pour in all the coated water chestnuts, stir gently for a while immediately after pouring so that the chestnuts do not clump altogether and let this boil on high heat for a minute. 
11/  Using a colander, pour away the boiling water and put the drained water chestnuts into ice water to let it swell for at least 10 minutes. 
*Stir the water chestnuts occasionally to break them up, else they will all stick together.*
12/ To serve, place frozen coconut smoothie into a serving bowl, top with sliced jackfruit and red rubies. 
I was trying to playing with my food, also known as "nothing better to do", since the frozen coconut smoothie would take some time to melt, so I was in no hurry to serve this.  I came up with 2 different food styling for this Tub Tim Grob.  Which do you like? 

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