Saturday, November 30, 2013

AFF Thailand: Grilled Pork With Sauce

I actually did this in reverse, meaning I made the sauce first because I had too much of cilantro to finish up.  It started with some recipes calling for the roots, such as this, my first entry into the AFF Thailand - Chiang Mai Peppery Chicken
The sauce recipe caught my sight because I have all the ingredients to whip it up.  I was thinking of using it as a dipping sauce for boiled/steamed chicken, since it would be able to jive up the normally bland chicken breast.  And then, lady luck was with me...I happened to have some fresh lean pork in the fridge waiting for me to pack into portion size and freeze for future use, so I sliced and marinated the pork loin immediately to make Grilled Pork.  Just nice, marinate in the morning and it would be ready to be grilled in time for dinner, I can do that. 
Yums...I am being to love thai food more and more. 
Source:  Thai Table
4tbsp water                             
3tbsp brown sugar
1tbsp fish sauce 
1tsp ground fresh chilli paste *I used chilli boh* 
1tsp tamarind paste                             
2tbsp cilantro - chopped *I used 2 sprigs cilantro and chopped instead for easier measurement*

1/  Heat up water, brown sugar, fish sauce, tamarind and ground fresh chilli paste in a pot over gentle fire until sugar is dissolved.  The sauce will thicken as it cools down. 
2/  Once sauce has cooled down, add the chopped cilantro and this is ready to be served with grilled pork. 

p/s:  I have slightly modified the above steps because the author mentioned cilantro twice in her recipe, and I think there might be a typo or so.  I chose to add the chopped cilantro only after the sauce has cooled down so as not to 'cook' the aromatic herbs.   

Source:  Thai Table
Yield:  Serves 2 adults when eaten on its own without any accompanying rice
1 lb pork *I used 500g*
3pips garlic - minced
1tbsp coconut milk (optional)                                               
1tbsp fish sauce                                                 
1/2tsp fine salt                             
2tbsp sugar                     

1/  Soak the bamboo skewers in water for at least 30 minutes to prevent them from burning while on the grill. 
2/  Slice the pork into thin long strips, a quarter of an inch thick. 
2 options:
a:  If using the skewer, inch wide strips are better. 
b:  If grilling the pork on the grill without the skewers, a bigger piece will help it from falling into the coals.

Shall try to marinate pork chops using this same recipe per the author's suggestion because these grilled pork turned out to be very tender despite it being the leanest part of the oink-oink called 肉头 (bak thau in hokkien) which I usually use to make tonic drinks. 


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