Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Siam Express Deals

Siam Express is our go-to at the moment for a quick-fix of Thai food because of their set meals which do not burn our pockets (but our tongue because of the spicy fiery food their offer). Some deals come with drinks thrown in, while others were served with soup, depending on which collection we go for. Another brownie point is also because it is conveniently located in malls, so after getting our groceries done, we can just sit down for a quick meal with prompt service. Can't recall which set we went for, because if not mistaken, there is set lunch, set dinner and another type called all day set meal. Anyway, this was the Belachan Fried Rice which came with some tasty stir-fried slices of chicken breast. The rice was delicious with sufficient hint of belachan, but not over-powering. A good match with the Thai sambal in the little saucer. My fusion pasta was done equally good as well, with thick shreds of abalone mushroom and chicken breast. One thing worth mentioning is that Siam Express uses chicken breast without skin, which makes it a healthier choice compared to some businesses which throw in a lot of those yucky fatty skins in an attempt to save cost and earn more. Back to this pasta, it was creamy with a hint of spiciness, and that, can be adjusted as well. Just let the attendant know how "HOT" you can go, ranging from mild to spicy.
That sums up our mall meal in one of those outing, can't remember when by now.

Home-made Meat Balls

Didn't realise that thus far, I haven't written any post dedicated to meatballs which I do make quite often at home because it is quite versatile be it for Western or Oriental cuisine. Whip up a sizeable batch and portion into serving size, meals can be readied in half the time. Match this with pasta, rice or bread, you make the choice. Good on its own or with sauce, nobody's complaining (or at least in my household).
I usually go by gut feel, so the list of seasonings I use most of the time varies, sometimes more (when not on lazy mode) sometimes less, but the basics are:
Maggi Seasoning
LP Sauce
white pepper powder
coarse black pepper
brown castor sugar
minced garlic
chopped onion
tiny cubes of carrot
wholemeal flour
Nestum *

Mixed everything in one direction until gooey and sticky, then shape with wet palms before deep-frying till light brown and size has shrink a little bit. Drain on paper towel and serve as-is or with dips.
This is my first time using Nestum, and I liked the end result. I added it in because I still have a big jar of this processed cereal in the larder, and when I opened the cabinet to reach for the cornflour, on impulse I got hold of both jars. Afterall, I just need some dry ingredients to bind and hold the meatball in shape, so it proved to be a happy ending.