Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bento #251 110107

Let's meet the Botak King & Queen (botak = bald), which was Smiley Hash Brown with the addition of food picks to raise their ranks. "They" went for a picnic beside the bush next to the scrambled-egg pond accompanied by some strawberries under the bright hot sun (as represented by the whole unpeeled little tangerine). Aww...how 'romatic', pun intended!

Bento #250 110105

This bento also had the same nasi lemak as #249, but I know the flavour for this because I had left the packaging intact. It was Cuttlefish with Egg. One thing that impressed me with this nasi lemak supplier was that they print their own packaging and did not use newspaper as wrapper, which was the normal practice. That's why I put the whole packaging into the bento box without a worry because the ink doesn't dislodge easily.

As my chilli tolerance factor is not very high (let's put it as slightly above average), I opted for juicy Chinese pear so that as least the fruit can help to douse my tongue just in case it got burnt from the fiery red sambal sotong.

Bento #249 110105

Ready-to-eat nasi lemak which I bought from the wet market, can't recall the flavour now since it was two months ago.

A combination of tiny tangerines, strawberry and black grapes were all that I managed to squeeze into this elongated black no-frills bento box. Love the simplicity of it.

Bento #248 101230

This, I call it a "guest bento" because it was done for my cousin. We went visiting her place, so that made me the guest. Or should it be she the guest as in guest appearance kind of scenario? Doesn't really matter, but more importantly, I did it to cheer her up as she had to work through New Year's Day (the most demanding type of office job to have to "close the books" as it was the cut-off, so I bet one can guess her nature of work then). The surprise caught her off-guard and she squeeled with delight upon seeing the smiley that greeted her in this collapsible bento. Thus, she was floored! Which in turn made my day as well!

Extra brownie-points was the print on the cover as she loves anything oinky (pardon me if there's no such word). As I was 'working' in someone else's kitchen, I had minimal ingredients to play with. Thus all the store-bought stuff, oh let me correct myself, all except the Pumpkin Sponge Cake as that was a gift from a blogger friend. Recognise the JJ swissrolls on the far right? It was Pandan Custard and Banana Cream Cheese, both flavours "ordered" by her highness. Plus a piece of Beef Rendang Puff Pastry I bought in Ipoh for something savoury.
By the way, this bento marks the last of my bento creations for the year 2010. The year started with Bento #041 100106, It had certainly been a fruitful bento year, so to speak. I didn't expect to chart 208 bentos, thus I'm over the moon now as I learn this fact. Hopefully a projection of 365 for year Twenty Eleven would be achieveable. Let's hop there now with the next post.

Bento #247 101226

This Boxing Day bento was prepared for my niece who came over to spend Christmas with us and stayed the night, kind of a yearly ritual for her because we have Christmas tree at our place. To kids, Yuletide must be celebrated with Christmas tree in the background, that's per our understanding from her. Don't ask me the logic, but I guess that's how her young mind associate the occasion with the decoration.

A store-bought sausage bun cut into size to fit this bento box, I added some cherry tomatoes with leaf foodpicks for some decoration. Besides that, more fruits in a 'cup' with chinese pear wedges and strawberries with Santa Claus greetings. Since this bento was for a kiddo, I make Hello Kitty's presense be felt so that Santa Claus won't be alone doing his rounds.

Bento #246 101223

Crispy bacon was the highlight of today. Something that I don't buy too often for the fact that it is processed (okay, better word would be "cured") and over-salted. Plus fresh (as opposed to stale dry looking) ones are not easy to come by where I stay, but I am not complaining.

Grilled the capsicum chunks in the ovenette before putting them in the solo muffin liners, these tasted sweet on their own without any need for seasoning. Definitely a healthy choice, what's more with strawberry and blueberry thrown in at the fruits department.

Bento #245 101220

Are you bored with eggs by now? I am, but that is the easiest to cook and meets the protein requirement of dh. So unless I purchase/prepare/bake something ahead, by default it would be eggs most of the time. I alternate between scrambled style and omelette for some variety, but the former is preferred because it is easier to consume as dh sometimes eat his breakfast bento in the car while stuck in traffic jam. It is not literally multi-tasking per se, but with a growling stomach and a warm food bento, who can resist making full use of the time stationary in the car? I know I won't.

Two long skewers of sausages with multi-coloured bell peppers in between, and both ends capped with red and yellow cherry tomatoes were the side dishes for today. Fruit wise, there's the blueberries and strawberries. Not to forget, a container of sauce to make the food more palatable.

Bento #244 101218

The mains in this bento were scrambled eggs with chicken ham bits. The latter looked dark because I sauteed them separately and added a dash of Maggi's Soy Sauce for depth of flavour.

In the small tub of Lilo & Stitch round lidded container was a mixture of ketchup, chilli sauce and bbq sauce. Separating this and the blueberries were two Korean strawberries.

Bento #243 101217

A moderately elaborate bento for today using french toast to make the delicious chicken ham sandwiches. I added in some slices of red tomatoes and lettuce as well.

The top left slicon cup had mango cubes interspersed with a fistful of blueberries. Into the box two strawberry halves went hand-in-hand.

Bento #242 101216

Lots of bento posts to catch up (what's new!), better get down to business. Pardon the bento diarrhoea, let's start with a cheery yellow one complete with spork (combination of the word "sp"oon and f"ork" in this Sponge Bob Square Pants laptop bento box.

Store-bought nasi lemak with prawns and egg from the wet market in the big compartment. Whereas 3 plump juicy red strawberries with blueberries in silicon container filled up the smaller compartment's space.