Monday, May 17, 2010

Bento #141 100515

Almost similar contents as the preceeding bento, this was packed in a Helly Kitty bento box For-Her. The only difference was this one had Pandan Kaya Cake as desserts.

Packing the bento was fast, the preparation took me 35 minutes because of the washing, cutting, blanching, frying and plating.

Bento #140 100515

A For-Him bento using Doraemon bento box. I fried some Shanghai Rice Cake (which I soaked overnight to soften them) with some broccoli, cauliflower, minced chicken and fresh shitake mushroom. Oh, carrot as well, then garnish with fried shallots with the usual seasoning of oyster sauce and chicken stock.

A piece of the Red Bean Jelly as dessert, this was for lunch.

Bento #139 100515

Bought extra cruellers and fa-chee, so packed it into this bento box after re-heating them in the ovenette, which did magic to them and turned them crispy once again.

Half a peckham pear with some cherry tomatoes, I made a 'well' using kyuri and poured goma dressing on it. The opening was just nice for the size of the tomatoes.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bento #138 100514

With some balanced Pineapple Fried Rice, I boxed it into this two-tiered bento box. Garnishes were egg strips, silver fish and scallion.

Some Chinese Pear slices with kyuri in between, plus 2 clickety picks, that's all. Putting aside the time used to cook the pineapple fried rice, I think I only took 5 minutes to pack this bento.

Bento #137 100514

Breakfast bento with the remaining 2 pieces of home-made hash brown, just nice to finish up the supply with the weekday ending.

In the elongated casing were scrambled eggs with bacon bits, leftover from last nite's dinner of Stir-Fried Udon. I added 2 breaded drummets and a casing of sauce to go with everything. I accidentally sprinkled mixed herbs when it was supposed to be black pepper. Shows I was doing this still in half-dazed mood, hahha..

An 11 minute bento at the eleventh hour, all because I wooke up late (what's new eh?).

Bento #136 100513

This was one of the rare few dinner bentos I did. The bottom tier contained Stir-fried Udon with Bacon Bits, other than different types of vegetables such as carrot, chinese cabbage and green capsicum.

The top 'tier' which was supposed to be vegetable in this "Prosperity Burger" held 3 pieces of the Fresh Durian Roll as featured here.
It was a good home-cooked dinner in a long long time now, hopefully my mojo will stay. :)

Bento #135 100513

A packet of Indomie's Mee Goreng in this bento surrounded by a ring of green vegetable (nai pak). I also packed in a slice of Pandan Kaya Cake and Red Bean Jelly.
All packed and ready in this 'hamburger' bento box, done under 10 minutes.

Bento #134 100513

Using the hash brown that I made yesterday, I just need to heat it up in the ovenette this morning before into this bento box it went.

Accompanying the hash brown were 3 pieces of chicken nuggets on a bed of double egg omelette.

Did this in a frenzy, think 8 minutes since I was multi-tasking. Hash brown in the ovenette, pan with omelette over on one stove while the other pot was deep-frying the nuggets over at the other stove.

Bento #133 100512

Only one bento for this morning, and it's mine. A bull's eye accompanied by 2 pieces of hash brown and a big juicy Smoked Beef Sausage. Spot the 2 tiny sweet yellow grape tomatoes at the top, don't they look cutie in those picks?

A 25 minute bento because of the slow-cooking process for the delicate hash brown. Another hearty breakfast, shudder to think about the calorie intake, gosh.

Puncak Mutiara Cafe, a Must-Go

This is a cafe off the beaten track, in the midst of a goat farm. Can say that it is a by-product of the goat farming, and surprisingly there was no stench throughout our visit there. It is quite secluded a place to reach, and if not for the gps, doubt we can grope our way there in the dark because we set out quite late. It was at Kampung Pelet, BM. Needless to say, this place was good for their mutton dishes, since they get fresh supply from their very own farm.

There were a lot of different choices when it comes to seating arrangement. There were individual huts such as these, some with tables and chair placed, others with a low table where one just sit on the floor, and then there were some without anything where one just sit and enjoy the food on the floor just like in a Malay house. The hut we had was with tables and benches fixed to to the hut, thus it can be quite rigid. All in all, I love the kampung feel over the sprawling area. It was not stuffy either because each hut came with a fan, be it ceiling fan or wall fan, so ventilation was not an issue.

Now let's move on to the food, and the best Kambing (malay word for goat) Grill. The meat was very tender, not chewy at all. With sufficient seasoning, we can just eat it like that without any sauce, though ours came with black pepper sauce. It was a kitchen mistake that they made us a western food platter when we ordered it for our Nasi Briyani. Worth mentioning was their Air Asam, it's very tasty with kerisik.

I chose Mushroom Fried Rice to go with Satay. 4 choices available - chicken, beef, mutton and venison, but the last one was not available. So we had 4 sticks of each, chicken and beef were the same price of RM0.60 per stick, mutton at RM0.90. Well barbequed and tender as well, though my only whine would be the peanut sauce. It would be great if it's thicker.

Dessert was this huge tall ABC (Ais Batu Campur) that can be shared by 4 pax. At the end of this meal, we were stuffed to the brim, and it's not that costly, less than RM50. Great ambience, good food, excellent company. Ah, life is a bliss!

For those keen to check out this place,
E 100°27'23, N5°24'55.1"

And the best is yet to be, their opening hours,, 10am to 4am. Yes, no joke!

Bento #132 100511

A bento that had almost the same stuffs as the previous one but with slight variations. Gracing this bento box were 2 octopus sausages, dressed as a couple sitting on some bright coloured pebbles (made up of yellow grape tomatoes).

Less time was spent on creating this since the hash brown was prepared this morning.

Baked Honey Potato

Mulling over what to have for breakfast, I accidentally flipped to this page in the old issues of Yum Yum magazine, a local publication. Voila, my question answered, Baked Honey Potato shall be it! Recipe adapted from Issue 53 (2008), page 51. As usual, I halved the recipe for 2 pax as it was stated the recipe was for 3-4pax.

3 potatoes (skinned, sliced and soaked in brine for 10 minutes)
1 onion (omitted because I ran out of this item)
oil for deep-frying
2 ice-cubes of bacon bits (original recipe asked for ham, but I substituted with bacon)
2tbsp honey
3tbsp dairy whipping cream (original recipe asked for 50ml, but 3tbsp is 45ml, quite close)
1/4tsp salt
1/2 tsp cornflour
1/ Deep fry potato till golden brown, dish and drain, then arrange on a baking tray.
2/ Leave 1/2 tbsp of oil in the wok, stir-fry bacon bits till fragrant then add seasoning and bring to a boil.
3/ Pour sauce over sliced potato and bake in a preheated oven for 5 minutes at 180 degree Celcius.
Simple recipe with wonderful results, which I had with omelette. The sauce was nice, sweety saltish with the fragrance of the cured meat.

Bento #131 100511

This bento is an inspiration from Peony's. I halved her recipe, thus making use with only 2 potatoes. Pardon the charred look on mine, I wasn't sure how long to cook on each side and flipping these fragile pieces were not easy task either. I made use of 2 plates, first plate was to slide the hash brown, then covered with another plate to flip it over, then I slide the hash brown cake back into the pan to continue frying the other side till done.

This superb hash brown was indeed delicious, exactly like what she wrote in her blog, crispy on the outside, yet tender and moist within. Thanks Peony!

I included scrambled egg and 2 sausages to complete this box of hearty western breakfast. This took longer than usual as more work was involved (re: grating the potato coarsely and squeezing them dry), should be in the circa of 25 minutes.

Kim Gary on a Friday

Kim Gary ranks as one of dh's favourite food outlet at Queensbay Mall, and as we missed using this month's coupon, which was only valid on Mother's Day itself, we decided to dine there on Friday, a weekday so that we get to enjoy 10% discount for members.

For a change from our usual iced yin-yang (coffee + tea mixed together), we tried this Boiled Coke with Ginger. This needs 10 minutes preparation time, and it came piping hot. Taste quite pleasant, all the gassy bubbles were gone after boiling, and the ginger was not overpowering.

Also tried their Fried Spaghetti with Beef, this one really thumbs up!!! It has the wok-hei, and though it was a simple stir-fry with some mixed vegetables, I like this a lot.

Next came the Chicken Wings with Cheese Sauce that was served in an aluminium-foil basket. Truth be told, this one was mediocre.

Another cheesy choice, baked rice with Szechuan Pork. There were bamboo shoot pieces amongst the ingredients, and it was crunchy biting into them.

All in all, a good meal which set us back by RM34.55.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pandan Delight's Pandan Kaya Cake

This is the Pandan Kaya Cake (the green block) which I bought while in the vicinity of Pandan Delight, a shop that specialises in making it. They use real pandan leaves as one of their main ingredients to extract the juice, thus there is no artificial flavouring involved.

While picking up this block from their chiller, something else caught my eyes. It's the word *New*, and this product was the Red Bean Jelly. This Red Bean Jelly was cheaper by 50cents at RM5.50, and the pink hue is a lovely shade.

Extremely fitting for the hot and humid weather we are experiencing here, I enjoyed the multiple layers of different flavoured jellies, the bottom most was the cooked red bean, followed by some cendol strips in this white layer, then there's the gula melaka layer, and gula melaka santan layer, and finally a clear pink layer. An interesting combination, not too sweet either. Unlike the Pandan Kaya Cake which has sponge cake and kaya layers, this is pure jelly.

We had this as after-dinner desserts, nice ending to a home-cooked meal. I also used it in this bento.

Bento #130 100505

Didn't know what to bento, so my mind went into auto-mode and did what it does best - omelette. Blame it on the lingering holiday mood, and a fridge that needs re-stocking, this bento was not an elaborate one.

The mango was bought during the road trip at this border town near Thailand called Bukit Bunga, 3 kg for RM10 only. And they were super sweet. Added a strawberry lest the bento will be flooded with yellow colour only.
"Engine" not cranking at full force, so took a longer time to prepare this, think about 10 minutes despite this being such a simplistic bento.

Bento #129 100428

Chocolate Mantou, this was another new thing I tried. Bought a packet of it while grocery shopping, proven to be a good choice because it's very soft after steaming, yummy.

Mango cubes with 2 strawberries sliced up and fanned out, I enjoyed this bento with the mixture of colours.

Bento #128 100427

Tea time bento with a treat of Snickers bar. On the bottom left container, a slice of Chocolate Raisin Bread with minimal butter spread and rolled up. And then there was a Kaya Puff pastry.

Can you tell that this was a tea-time bento? 5 minutes and it got done, because it was merely putting everything together.

Bento #127 100427

A different type of mantou in this, it was the multi-grain version which as full of fibre goodness. As it contained wolfberry as well on top of a host of other healthy ingredients as listed on the packaging, I was curiosu to try. It was good, soft and fine-textured.

Banana chunks (again?!) with strawberries on a bed of chinese pears. Just look at those plump strawberries, even lovelier with the ribbon bow picks.
Took longer than usual for this bento, think 13 minutes because of the steaming.

Bento #126 100427

Bento with sausage and omelette with a wet drench of sauce since there was no space for a separate container for that.
Banana chunks before the cinnamon sugar sprinking, and lastly some cherry tomatoes in both colours in this breakfast bento for dh.

I invested 12 minutes for this.

Bento #125 100426

Fruits bento for tea time, banana chunks with the usual suspect of cinnamon sugar. I just got to use this papercup liner, the red and white stripes made this bento more attractive.

Half a mango cut into cubes with the skin intact, and bent for presentation here. At the back,
the dog and cat were standing on chinese pear.
An all-fruits bento for afternoon tea, I used about 10 minutes for this because I couldn't decide what fruits to put in.

Bento #124 100426

A mantou with peanut and red bean filling, I bought this while having a short road trip to Manjung, a place in Perak. It houses the biggest TNB power station in South East Asia, I didn't know this fact till I was there.

3 strawberry halves on a bed made up of yellow sweet mangoes, this bento couldn't be simplier, less than 7 minutes since I only need to peel the mangoes while the mantou was steamed.

Bento #123 100426

Omelette with broad stripes of smoked cheddar cheese with a line-up of animals from kingdom.

Strawberry halves and banana chunks with light sprinkling of cinnamon sugar, didn't take long to get this done, if not mistaken, about 9 minutes.

Bento #122 100423

Finally, finish up the supply of danish that I bought. This was with apple filling.
I made the 'tulips' using an assortment of rounded fruits and vegetables, as can be seen here, grapes, yellow cherry tomatoes and red cherry tomatoes. The 'hedge' was done using kyuri.

Do you like the "flower beds"? A cheery bento for tea time, how cool that was.

Bento #121 100422

2 types of vegetables, one in each tier. The one with meat floss as garnish was Shanghai Siew Pak Choy, this was mini in size so I can arrange them whole without cutting.

The other box, I used Hong Kong Mustard leave topped with whole fresh shitake mushroom and decorated with tiny little carrot cutouts. The gravy from the mushroom went very well with these crunchy greens.

More elaborate cooking involved, I used 30 minutes for this lunch bento box.

Bento #120 100422

Yet another danish bento, this time I put in the Peach Custard Danish, also bought from La Boheme. Since this danish looked like the sun, I added some fruits and vegetables in the 'garden' to beautiful it.

Red cherry tomatoes with leaves, then there's another more eye-catching flower arranged using dark grapes and yellow cherry tomatoes as the center.
Quite a fast bento to do, more taxing only on the part of arranging the 'flower'.

Bento #119 100421

Saw this cute panda sushi at Jaya Jusco's sushi bar, so I just had to pick them up.
I just added some yellow cherry tomatoes and some purple grapes in this bento's upper compartment.

In the other container was a heap of cauliflower and broccoli florettes with crabstick & mini cocktail sausage skewers.

I used 15 minutes for this, including blanching the vegetables. While waiting for the vegetables to cook, I decorate the 'pandas' as king and queen, hahha..

Bento #118 100421

Usually my lunch bento would be more elaborate while those for breakfast are simpler. I stir-fried some iceberg lettuce with garlic, then top them with some meat floss. That's what you see at the top corner.

In the middle liner was another stir-fry, it's fresh shitake mushroom.

The bottom corner, I arranged some juicy red strawberries, and that's what I had for my lunch.

Bento #117 100421

A Cream Cheese Danish from Baker's Cottage, 'guarded' by strawberry and banana chunk skewers using these lovely petite food picks. The other fruit in disposable liner was seedless guava.

Good with a cuppa, I enjoyed this bento very much.

Bento #116 100421

The mains in this bento was omelette accompanied by baked beans in the top left container.
Strawberries and yellow grape tomatoes took up the rest of the space, and I threw in a wedge of Happy Cow cheese as well.

An under 10-minute bento because nothing much to be done here other than frying the omelette.

Bento #115 100419

Scones bento! A nice change from french toast in the previous bentos. Though the fruits were about the same as bento #114, this one has the extra chinese pear.

Love these Heinz fruit jams that come in convenient pack, really great for bentos. Got it for a pack of dozen at RM4.80 from Jaya Jusco.

Bento #114 100419

Another french toast bento, this time using Raisin Bread from Gardenia's.

Fruits that went into this bento were strawberries, mango and guava.
Quite a fast to prepare bento as well for this, estimated 12 minutes.

Bento #113 100418

Wanted something to munch during tea time, I decided to put all the available fruits and vegetables in the fridge that can go with the shrimp sauce to come up with this rojak bento.

Clockwise from bottom left were mango chunks, guava, red cherry tomatoes and yellow grape tomatoes. I 'boxed' the rojak sauce in a disposable liner so that there's no need for washing, and the scent of the sauce won't linger in the bento box after this, knowing how strong scent the rojak sauce can be. Sprinkled with some crushed peanuts, I had a good afternoon snack!

Bento #112 100418

Mango and pear slices to go with this french toast bento.
2 strawberry halves pinned to the french toast and a 'pot of honey' to go with this.

A ten minute bento made possible by multi-tasking. While the french toast was browning in the pan, I got the fruits ready.

Bento #111 100417

An egg banjo with double cheese, a slice of cheddar cheese and a slice of smoked cheddar cheese that is. Decorated this with a bear food pick with two small slices of grape tomatoes.

On the side were some mango and papaya cutouts skewered together for a nicer presentation plus some black grapes.

A 18-minute bento because the cutouts took a bit more time to assemble.

Bento #110 100416

Trying to get more fibrous food into the diet, this bento of mine had assorted vegetables in different flavour. The bigger compartment on the right held a mixture of broccoli, cauliflower and carrot. I topped it with some meat floss and furikake after pouring some oyster sauce on.

The okras were blanched and given a drizzle of chilli padi, lime juice, taucheo and sugar mixture. I always love this combination for dipping the okras, the spicy sourish sweet and salty flavour is absolutely divine for the otherwise bland okra.

The remaining space was occupied by siew pak choy with goma dressing. Feel so 'green' after consuming this. o_+

See the Helly Kitty eyeing the food here? :)

The Corn Goes POP

Inspired by the easy step-by-step photos posted here, I plucked up my courage to try to pop my own corn. I had been wanting to do this for the longest time, not so much because I like eating them but more because I fancy the excitement in anticipating when the first corn would pop. It always amazes me when I saw the popcorn machine at the cinema doing that, and I can stand there watching for a long long time. Of course, I had to justify the staring by making one purchase, and the aroma that wafted through, amazing joy for something so simple.

I scaled down the original recipe to one-third only for a trial. Even by so doing, the volume of my pot was too small and there were quite a fair bit of corn kernels unpopped simply because I had to switch off the fire. After I removed those popcorns and tried to return those unpopped ones back for a second chance, they can't be saved and were burnt. So lesson learnt, I just have to pop them a small batch at a time.

Recipe here is one-sixth for my ease of reference.

Homemade Caramel Popcorn
100g Corn Kernels
2 tbsp corn oil

To pop corn kernels
1/ Pour corn oil into a pan, coat entirely the surface area with oil.
2/ Heat oil over medium flame.
3/ Add the corn kernels, stir fry to mix well till corn kernels start to expand and pop.
4/ Cover the pan, slowly move the pan to keep the popcorn from burning in spots.
5/ When the popping slows down to the point that you don’t hear much pop, off the flame.
6/ Take off the lid, and pour popcorn into large bowl., remove unpopped kernels.
7/ Spread onto the prepared baking pan lined with aluminium foil and set aside.
To make caramel popcorn
100g sugar
30g butter
90g water

1/ Place sugar in a saucepan over medium flame, cook till melted and become syrup.
2/ Add in butter and water, keep stirring till become thick caramel (test doneness by placing a drop of caramel into a bowl of room temperature water and when it does not dissolve immediately, caramel is ready).
3/ Let the syrup cool slightly, then drizzle over the popcorn. Toss the popcorn carefully using spoons (I didn't let the syrup cool and used it immediately. I found that when the caramel cools down, it thickens, making it less spreadable when I was about to get done with the drizzling).
4/ Bake at preheated oven at 150c for 20-30mins, stir from time to time (caramel will turn thin again at this heat, making coating the popcorn easier).
5/ Store popcorn in airtight containers.

+ Caramel takes some time to prepare, so I would multi-task the next time by doing this side-by-side, ie one stove popping corn while the other making the caramel.
+ Freshly popped corn is not crispy, only after the caramel coating and baking in the oven then it was nice and crunchy.
+ Will try next time with nuts added, per dh's suggestion, and he recommended cashew nuts.

Another view for the album!
Thanking Sonia once again, love her easy recipes!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pineapple Fried Rice

Has it been this long since I last did this dish? The last entry was dated 16-October-2007, that's like more than 2.5 years ago, 30 months?

Anyway, I bought this small little Josaphine pineapple the other day, wanting to use it for some other thing, but as it was ripening too fast under our current hot spell, I had to ditch the idea and get another pineapple. Coincidentally I just read an article in the magazine that Josaphine is a new hybrid of pineapple and the name is coined from Jo (Johor) and Sa (Sarawak) as pineapple species from these two states were used to create this new better variety.

Meanwhile, back to the pineapple fried rice, for a change I added diced capsicum in it. Nice change!

Fresh Durian Roll

Chanced upon this at Nasi Lemak Lover's blog, I sprang almost immediately into action since the list of ingredients were very basic, only 6 items, all of which I have in-stock in the cupboard. The wrapper of this Durian Roll was like crepe, and the fillings, just whipped cream and durian flesh. Not complicated at all, I said to myself. Well, not until I was trying to get the wrapper to be thin.

Ingredients for crepe (makes 12 pieces)
All purpose flour 200g
Tapioca flour 1tbsp
Salt 1/4tsp
Sugar 1tbsp
Water 400ml
A drop of yellow colouring

1/ Mix all the dry ingredients in a deep mixing bowl using whisk, then create a well and add the water (which has been tinted yellow as I find it colours the batter better this way than adding the yellow colouring directly into the batter). Whisk together till smooth, then strain and keep aside for 30 minutes.
2/ Pour a ladle of the batter in the center of the non-stick pan (do not add oil) and swirl the pan around for the batter to coat the surface.
3/ Once the colour changed and batter turned dry, crepe is ready and remove it immediately. Only need to fry for one side, no need to flip.

Ingredients for filling
Fresh whipped cream (place in a piping bag with nozzle)
Durian flesh 200g (original weight of durian is 300g with stone)

1/ Pipe a strip of whipping cream and spoon 1tbsp of durian flesh on top of it at the centre of the crepe.
2/ Fold the sides and roll into a cylinder.
3/ Immediately store in the fridge for later consumption.
4/ Best eaten chilled.

+ I made half a recipe for the crepe initially, but upon realising that I had excess durian flesh, I quickly whipped up another batch of the crepe to finish up the durian flesh.
+ I found the batter quite thick, thus resulting in a thick batter, so I thin it down with some water.
+ Crepe will turn a shade darker when it's cooked, so don't add too much colouring.
+ I didn't measure how much whipped cream I used because I had some readily whipped stored in the freezer, so I just thawed them and use accordingly. It's not a lot, think about 50g.
+ So for me, one set of the recipe above made sufficient serving for the two of us in the family.

Thanks alot to Sonia for sharing this recipe so generously.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ta Krai Thai Restaurant, Juru Auto-City

Saw this restaurant around for quite some time now, but kept forgetting about it till we were done with dinner because the place is quite dimly light, thus didn't catch our attention. Finally we remembered this place and into the restaurant we went. Choice of al fresco dining or air-conditioned, of course we chose the latter. I was even sweating in the cool air, all because of the hot and spicy (not to mention, yummy Thai food.

The best item would be the Mutton Green Curry (RM25), something different as we normally only see Chicken Green Curry. This dish was good in the thick greenish curry, tender yet fragrant. Next came the Fried Pumpkin (RM8), this one sadly, was a plain Jane.

The Northern Thai Tomyum that came with my rice set was also disappointing. It came lukewarm, despite the big squid and prawns in the ingredients.

Lastly, we added the Prawn Toast (RM5). The dipping sauce that came served with this was
unique, a mild tasting liquid with cucumber and onion slices, not forgetting cilantro. This one was prepared fresh to order, thus it was moist yet crispy.

2 good dishes versus 2 that didn't live up to expectation, considered fair. Will give them a second chance by chosing other items they have in their menu. Otak-otak would be one of them.

Lastly, for supper, we had Starbucks' Berry Cheese Cake, of course with a cuppa.

Mother's Day 2010 Dinner

A collage of all the food item we had in the big Choo family of 10 pax (6A + 4C).
The photos are not in sequence because edited in Picasa, I don't have a choice as to how to arrange the photos.
So I'll just name the photos from left to right, from top to bottom rows.
Top row (left): Claypot Sea Cucumber with Fish Maw and Fresh Scallops.
This was good, I love the gravy that came with it, not salty at all.
Top row (right): Mongolian Spare Ribs
This one is Starview's special dish, marinated with coconut milk, I can taste a hint of the Waugh's Curry Powder. The meat was so tender, we can't believe it's pork.

Middle row (left): Shark's Fin with Dried Scallop, a must-have with the kids.
Middle row (centre): 5-Happiness Dish. Also a firm favourite with the young ones.
Middle row (right): Prawn Fish Ball. This one is so-so only, not worth the RM2.50 per piece if you ask me frankly, though it contained a fresh prawn within the fish paste.
Bottom row (left): Deep-fried Cod Fish with Ginger Soy Sauce, excellent done, and best of all, it's boneless.
Bottom row (right): Cendol as dessert, perfect for the hot weather we are experiencing currently.
All in all, Starview never fails, superb meal all the time. My only grouse would be that they introduce new items from time to time.

Home-made Hash Brown

Peony left a comment to share with me a link on hash brown, and that certainly got good tips. This recipe had an added ingredient, which was whipping cream, plus an extra step. I was keen to try, but in trying to parboil the two potatoes the previous night, I had completely forgot about this 2 jumbo potatoes doing the works over the stove while I sat down at the computer. My oh my, I had boiled the potatoes for 20 minutes instead of the required 10.

As I was half-expecting failure, I still went ahead to chill them in the fridge for next day, all the time keeping my fingers crossed. True enough, instead of parboil, the potatoes were cooked through but no matter what, I still continued. Else I won't know what to do with them.

So I just stick to the simple basic of just doing the hash brown without any onions, not even with any salt because if I handle them further, those thick shreads will get into one sticky mess. And more likely I will get mashed potato instead.

Paying close attention to the timing of 7 minutes on medium fire sure did the trick to get golden crust on these hash browns. And like what Peony shared, I made them into smaller roundies to ease in flipping. 6 pieces of hash brown using 2 potatoes, just nice for our consumption. Not to mention, packing them into bentos, else I would have to cut them into sizeable portions. I also used those aluminium foils as separator, makes life so much easier when removing them for reheating.
I can tell you, these taste absolutely good versus those available commercially. So glad that the hash brown still turned out ok despite being overcooked. Definitely going to try the one with whipping cream to compare, stay tuned.

Ivy's Kitchen Re-Visit

Visited Ivy's Kitchen again, our second time. To read what we had the previous trip, click here. What I like about this place is the clean environment and parking was a breeze since it was a Sunday.

We didn't manage to try their specialty, the Nasi Lemak as we went after lunch hours and it was sold out. So this time, I made sure we went there early as the saying "the early bird catches the worm first" goes.

This was their Combo C nasi lemak that came served in a basket. Guess this is one of the easiest way to serve with minimal washing because after consumption, one can just chuck away the piece of waxed paper. The fragrant rice was cooked with coconut milk and ginger, and it was tasty. Served together with half a hard-boiled egg, deep fried anchovies and peanuts, a piece of fried chicken, keropok and sambal ikan bilis, the most prized item was the fried assam fish.

A side order of beef rendang as bonus to go with the nasi lemak, RM5 for 5 pieces. Tender pieces with lots of herbs and spices, a must-try.

This bowl of hot assam fish laksa, also RM5 was awesome. It had me in sweat and tears because of the spiciness, but still, I savour it till the last drop. Shows how damn good it is.

I have a sense this is going to be one of my favourite makan venue because they serve superb food with affordable price.