Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bottles of Gems

A few new bottles we acquired the last couple of months with the help of dear friends.
Starting with the right most bottle of Sheridan's, I eyed this at a friend's house-warming party and my interest was piqued. It was so interesting that when pouring from this bottle, the proportion of coffee liquir and cream would come out perfect due to a special gadget in its cap. I would say the resulting concoction would be something similar to Bailey's, only different presentation with Bailey's mixed together in a bottle.

The middle squarish bottle of brown liquid is none other than amaretto. Had the intention to use this to flavour the cuppa, but I'm sure there are many uses for it, just haven't found them nor the time to try them out. Shall do it soon, fingers crossed.

This, as the label wrote, is Monin's Hazelnut Syrup. Finally managed to buy them during our Christmas trip to KL at Mercato's. Now I can't remember exactly how much it was unless I go dig out those receipt chits, think it's about less than RM20 if not wrong. I couldn't decide on which flavour to buy though there were not many choices on the shelve at that time, but one thing for sure, the thought of grabbing a bottle of each flavour did run across my mind. Lucky I managed to snap myself out of reality and after eliminating the choices, settled for Noisette. A cuppa scented with hazelnut = cloud 9 feel.

A bottle of Kahlua to replenish my stock (old packaging on the left). Didn't realise I ran out of it till the time I wanted to make tiramisu, so no choice, no tiramisu then. And the packet of lady finger wafers had been sitting around, haiz.

All the above were bought from DFS Singapore except the Monin, and hand-carried with tlc before reaching my hands. Thanks buddies for the kind assistance.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Toys for my Bento

Some new items that I recently added to my treasure chest of bento equipment, and in 3 areas, namely food picks, sauce container and silicon food container. So happy finally can take posession of those cutie food picks that I've seen bento-ers in other parts of the country use in their packing.

On the same trip, I picked out some other items - namely steel sticks for grilling food and a mesh pocket pouch with zipper.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kang Beef House in Penang

Quite a new outlet to hit Penang recently, and good news that we can now satisfy our cravings for a bowl of hot Beef Koay Teow at night with a shop that specialises in beef. Almost if not all the items they feature in their menu touches beef, of course it's a delight to a beef lover like us.

First item that came was Beef Hor Fun that was served with a bowl of soup with beef balls. Almost like char koay teow, this was done beautifully with enough heat from the wok called wok-hei. Not much beef slices were spotted in this due to the sea of brown as both the noodle and beef were all sharing the same colour, but the pieces of beef were tender. RM9.80 for a set of this which we shared.

Next up was the Black Pepper Beef, a stir-fry with onions, red chili and green bell pepper. Another well done dish that we polished the plate clean with a bowl of rice. This was RM15 for a small portion. Eventhough it was pricey at first glance, the taste and serving size made it justifiable.

What's a trip to the specialty Kang Beef House without sampling their signature dish of Beef Koay Teow? We asked for a bowl of ingredients only, sans the noodle as we wanted this to go with our rice. A lot of gems within this bowl, it was good to the final last drop for the RM6 we paid for it. However, we would prefer this soup to be thicker to have more oomph!

Definitely going back to try their other stir-fry dishes, and if weather permits (hoping for cool weather), we might just go for their steamboat. Current dry spell won't make good the enjoyment of a beef hot pot because we were sweating buckets even with the above dishes. Hope that Kang Beef House's management can come up with solutions for a better ventilation in this shop of theirs.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First Choice King Lychee

Look at the size of these lychee, HUGE, don't you agree?
I've seen this on the shelves at Giant, but didn't get round to try them out till recently.
No regrets, in fact, this will be our favourite brand when it comes to canned lychee from here on - First Choice King Lychee in Heavy Syrup.
What's even more enticing is the price tag, think it's circa RM3.19 only, lovely!

Big juicy king lychee, great dessert over a bowl of ice for the current hot weather.

Bento #088 100324

The 2 triangles of wholemeal sandwiches contained tuna spread which had pineapple bits within, plus onion nibs. I put in the foil to make holding the sandwich easier, an idea adapted from onigiri whereby the nori works this way as well to ease holding on the rice ball.

Strawberry and mango skewered together for some visual effect. I like the way both colours contrast against each other for a splash of vibrancy in this bento.

Time taken was approximately 12 minutes because of the fruits, which were delicate to handle.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Udon Dinner

After a heavy dinner the previous night, today I went simple and fuss-free. I just cooked a pot of minced meat with dried mushrooms and canned button mushrooms, both minced. Seasoning were the usual Chinese fare of oyster sauce, Maggi's concentrated chicken stock, light soya sauce, dark soya sauce, sugar, Maggi's seasoning and a dash of HuaTiao wine just before dishing. As I intended for this to go with the udon dry style, I added water while cooking the mince to get some gravy. The seasoning might sound like a lot, but it was just nice because I didn't season the mince before cooking.

The rest of the stuffs were prepared using a pot of boiling water, namely the kani sticks and leftover home-made meatballs. After scalding them both to heat them up, I poached 2 eggs in that same liquid. The udon was prepared ahead of time by soaking them in boiling water to loosen them up before draining. Also shredded some iceberg lettuce for greens and the crunch.
Voila, dinner ready with a sprinkling of shallot crisps, home-made as well.

Bento #087 100323

Also an omelette sandwich for my bento box, but instead I used only a slice of bread to go with the purse egg.

In the love-shaped silicon container were baked beans and while heating that up in the ovenette, I roasted some yellow cherry tomatoes as well. Minimal seasoning for the tomatoes, some mixed dried herbs and olive oil so that the dried specks of herbs can stick with the help of the oil.

To fill up the rest of the gap, I used Korean strawberries bought from Giant. Those from Jaya Jusco are bigger in size though the same weight per box at the same price. For the box from Giant, I get 2 tiers while Jaya Jusco is only one.

Bento #086 100323

Omelette sandwich on toasted wholemeal bread. I made a pocket out of a piece of printed serviette to make consumption easier, plus adding some colour to an otherwise dull simple bento.

In one corner was a piece of leftover jacket potato which I heated up using the ovenette while toasting the bread as well, save on electric power. Some broccoli for the other remaining corner, also from last night's dinner.

Not in the photo were 2 sachet of sauce, one each of chilli and tomato.

Steamed Yam Cake

The whole yam that mum bought to fry with nien-gao was showing signs of rotting if it is not used up anytime soon, I turned it into a tray of steamed yam cake. The recipe I used was from Yochana's, which got lots of rave review from those who tried their hands using it.

Usually I would deep fry the yam cubes to pre-cook them, but in this recipe, the method was to stir-fry them instead. Definitely a much better way, and by so doing also, the five spice powder was able to coat the yam cubes evenly.

I also stir-fry the different toppings separately and dish them up before proceeding to the others, namely the mushrooms, Chinese sausages and dried shrimps. I only mixed the mushrooms and Chinese sausages together in the batter before steaming while reserving the dried shrimps as toppings. Not much of choices for me when it comes to pan size over at mum's, it was either the big or small one, so I opted for the latter which was 6.5" square. Lovely decision because the batter filled the pan nearly to the brim and I was rewarded with a tall end product, just the way I like them. I cut them into squares and got 9 pieces, just nice a portion.

2tbsp cooking oil
300g Yam - cut into cubes
2 tsp Five spice powder

220g Rice flour
30g Wheat starch
20g Tapioca flour
425ml cold water

425ml hot water put to a boil
1tbsp cooking oil - put into boiling water

5 nos. Shallots - sliced *omitted*
30g Chinese sausage - diced *used 100g instead in lieu of roasted pork*
60g Roasted pork - diced *omitted*
50g Dried shrimps - soaked then pounded
4 nos. Dried mushrooms -soaked and diced

1.5 tsp salt
1 tsp Vetsin
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp sesame oil

Original recipe from adapted from here, with some modifications and substitutions.

As for the batter, mix all the 3 different types of flour together, then stir in the water. While the other portion of water was boiling, add in the oil and seasoning before pouring in the batter and stir till it gets thicken. At this point, add in the yam and the toppings before it thickens further. Switch off the stove and transfer the thick mass into the pan and steam for 45 minutes on medium fire. Of course, do remember to level the yam cake before steaming.

After the 45 minutes are up, I spread the dried shrimp topping and steamed a further 5 minutes. Once done, remove and let it cool, best overnight before cutting to get nice edges as the time allowed the cake to firm up.

Verdict: Thumbs up for this wonderful recipe with the right texture and taste. I might try to increase the water by 50ml more as I prefer a softer yam cake.

Papercups Galore

Collection of paper cups from everywhere, I buy them whenever I come across them, but only if the design and size fancy me. As it is, I had enmass quite a fair bit, of which the purpose is not confined to baking alone. I use them in bentos as well, and since I came about this new-found usage for them, it had encouraged me to purchase them even more as some designs were never repeated. I ever tried to hold back from buying only to return to the store to find them no longer available.

Different sizes for different purposes and matters. These are the more sturdy types for muffins, which have the advantage of holding the shape on its own. I utilise it for bento to hold stuff with more sauces in them so that it doesn't spill that easily with the tall edge.

Some new ones from the most recent trip to the bakery supply shop, ain't they lovely with those flowery prints fit for CNY?

These are bigger ones for bread-making, but I find them useful for bento as well because they have a thin coating of oil paper making them durable for prolonged time in the box. And best of all, they are disposable, meaning I won't need to wash them as compared to using those silicon liners meant for bentos.

These colourful ones are a different class altogether. They are unique with prints on the reverse side compared to the usual ones, as in the prints is within the liner and not on the outer layer of the liner. They are also precious because of their price and they are hard to come by as so far, only Daiso stock them. Occassionally I bought them from Jaya Jusco also, since Jaya Jusco is a Japanese owned supermarket. I use these sparingly for their limited supply.

Let's zoom into to some of the special unique ones. See, they are transparent!

These foil ones come in different sizes, and they are normally used for pies and etc. Alternative use would be to line them with paper liner and bake cupcakes with the middle one in the bottom row. Saves space on the tray versus using muffin pan as more can be baked in one go.

So how do I store them? Here's the solution, in a cookie jar!

The other dimension of the cookie papercup jar. This let me see them at a glance to get to what I want fast.

Millet Porridge

My first time trying to cook millet, so I wasn't sure what to expect. All I know is that it is a very nutritious grain that's full of Vitamin B and bonus is that it's gluten-free, which means it is suitable for those allergy to wheat.

For this porridge, I used the ration of 2:1 of rice and millet for a start. Millet does not have any distinctive aroma, so it blended well with the rice based porridge I cooked together with some minced meat balls, some store-bought meat balls plus some home-made deep-fried meat balls. I made those meat balls last minute as there were still some mince remaining after adding them into the porridge, and not knowing what to do with them, turning them into meat balls is the best solution since there are lots of uses for these flavourful roundies. Plus, they keep well too, be it in the fridge (consumed soonest possible to retain freshness) or in the freezer.

Can spot those tiny specks of black? Those were the eyes of the silverfish which I added into the millet porridge for extra flavour and calcium. I also fried some for a crispy touch to this otherwise gluey meal. Some braised peanuts were thrown in as well for the nut lover at home. A drizzle of garlic oil plus garlic nibs, we had this comfort food for our Saturday lunch.

This is the packet of Organic Hulled Millet I bought, weighing 500g at RM6 by Country Farm Organics.

2203 Dinner

Grilled lamb chop from Jaya Jusco as the main dish, I made jacket potato as the carbs portion. First time trying to mimick this, still room for improvement. After boiling the potatoes till they are cooked, I halved them and dug out a cavity. Then filled it with home-made bolognese sauce topped with some shredded cheese before grilling in the oven to melt the cheese. As can be seen here, the cheese wasn't melted enough, must be because I cut them into thin strips instead of shredding. Blame my laziness in washing another piece of equipment, I deserve this unsuccessful so-called jacket potato.

Nevermind, still 2 more potato cavities remaining in the fridge to try again as I boiled 3 huge potatoes. Greens were made up of blanced broccoli which had been shocked in cold water to retain the fresh colour, plus some yellow and red cherry tomatoes.

Why the magic number in the title, you may wonder. It's some 4D that I dreamt of last night...but before you rush off to the nearest gaming centre to bang on it, truth is, for the lack of any creativity in thinking of a suitable title for this post, I used the date, 22 March as part of naming it. Of course, if you still insist on trying your luck with this number, remember share your winning with me should you strike the lottery ya. A treat of makan would suffice, I'm not greedy. *evil grin*

Monday, March 22, 2010

Home Made Shallot Crisps

Can't believe I managed to make these successfully at home. Bye-bye to store-bought ones which rumour has it that drinking straw was thrown into the hot oil when frying the shallots. I had been purchasing them from the store simply because dh loves it with his mee goreng, yam rice, fried rice and a lot of other dishes. This is one vital item I can't run out in this household, so since it is so essential, and couple with the fact that I don't know how to make them crispy without burning them, I had to resort to commercially produced ones.
Now, the key to this is using medium fire and the oil can't be too hot before putting in the sliced shallots. I didn't know I started off with the wrong footing using too strong a flame because I applied the same method used for making garlic. Well, never too old to learn something new each and everyday.
As I was just trying, I only bought 10 shallots but now with the new found knowledge, I think I can toy with the idea of buying more, but ah, peeling them is a chore though since they make me tear. *sob* *sob* (through the smile of victory in getting this done right)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A visit to Kim Tavern

A casual eating out for dinner, we just wanted a quick fix. Thus off we went in the car, hop out of it into the nearest mall less than 3 minutes (provided the traffic light cooperates) away. As we both had a heavy lunch made up rice, we had in mind something light.

Our initial venture was into Kopitiam Junction, but their menu is still same-old same-old. Meaning to say that nothing in there excited us, we decided to pay their neighbour a visit. This Kim Tavern was unexpectedly full house, so that augurs well with us as we take it that food might be good there.

We settled for this Singapore Char Bee Hoon, which was thumbs up. Hardly can find places that serve such a good plate anymore with the right note of sourishness that came from the tomato sauce used. Kim Tavern didn't skimp on their ingredients as well, as hidden within the mound of vermicelli were juicy squids, mussels and bouncy prawns. There were strips of sausages as well in this other than spring onion and bean sprouts. A bit pricey compared to the one offered by Teo Chew Meng but at least now we know of an alternative place to get this flavourful bee hoon. The cost savings in terms of petrol would have made up for the price difference, unless of course we are in the vicinity of Juru, then that's a different matter altogether.

This RM7.90 Udang Sambal Rice was one of those in their Southeast Asia Favourite. The prawns were fried in sweet and sour tamarind chilli paste, and the hard-boiled egg shared the same sambal as well. Went down fantastic with plain steamed white rice plus the condiments of papadam and peanut anchovies. This was my choice, but I had to swap with dh because this was a tad too spicy. I had underestimated the sambal upon the first mouthful.

Would definitely return to check out their bento with prices starting from RM8.50 since this place is so extremely convenient for us.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Something green

After so much food, time to get back to reality of controlling diet.
Here's a bowl of blanched broccoli done ala Chinese style, which was to use oyster sauce topped with meat floss. I tried to sprinkle some furikake and it turned this into something beautiful. Armed with this new trick now, I found another use for those seaweed sprinkles and sure would welcome this dish even more.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Claypot Hokkien Mee

Sorry, the name should be Claypot Hokkien Rice, or is it supposed to be Claypot Hokkien Mee's Ingredients with Rice? Anyway, this is a new way of enjoying Penang's Hokkien Mee and instead of having the soup to go with noodles, the customer can opt to have it with rice instead, with everything else remaining constant.

What's even better is that the soup is served in a claypot, thus maintaining the soup at the right temperature for consumption. Though this was eaten way back in 2009, as my fingers are busy typing the keyboard to compose the words, my mind is racing to recall this fabulous meal. This place came to my attention when the local tabloid published an article on this eatery, which I previously would not have known if not for the write-up. In fact, a lot of folks rushed to that place to try them out on the very same day, so much so that they ran out of a lot of food stuff when we were there. Talk about effective publicity, this sure was one good example.

A close-up to zoom into what's making that claypot so special. Apparently, per the boss's daughter, they came up with the idea to market this unique item because she and her siblings used to eat the leftover soup this way as part of their dinner after the father call it a day. Waste not want not, such a brilliant idea, fantastic! What makes it more appealing is that it makes one feel fuller as compared to those yellow noodles, I can't agree more.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bento #085 100312

A simply peanut butter sandwich arranged in the shape of a flower, made up of 2 pieces of bread. I had only the last two pieces of bread to use up, thus the petals were a bit loose. The centre of the flower was a red cherry tomato.

Beside this flower were 2 pieces of bak-kwa to fill up the gap.

The other half of the bento were strips of fruits and vegetables arranged in traffic-light colour. Red was papaya, mango made up the yellow colour while green was contributed by kyuri.

Trying to up my fiber intake and reduce carbs, thus this bento veered towards a healthier choice. Took slightly longer to prepare this because of the cutting and arranging, 15 minutes in all.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bento #084 100310

In the mood for some kyaraben, I used my elephant cutter to get some bread cutouts for this bento. Just dot the eyes using my edible markers and I'm done with the jumbos, lazy to use nori for the accents.

The couple elephants were resting on a home-made long-yok sandwich, surrounded byy lots of vegetables for fibre. Kyuri slices, broccoli florets and red cherry tomatoes to fill up the gap, not forgetting a tub of my must-have salad dressing. There's no need for me to mention what's within the yellow round container, right? The answer is ever so obvious if you 're a regular reader of this blog.

This was for my lunch, but bad decision, the bread got soggy because of the kyuri slices, those parts that they touched each other.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bento #083 100310

You might be wondering, how is it that we order so much pizza when there's only 2 of us at home? Well, the answer lies in bento! And our meals for the next day is taken care off, and any excess can be refrigerated. For consumption, just need to jazz it up with some freshly grated cheese and send it to the toaster. If keeping for a longer period, let it get some deep sleep hybernating in the freezer.

With so much pros, it's not a wonder at all why we rely on this delivery so much. Also, it provides the required protein in dh's food intake for each meal with the cheeses and meat in the topping, a very good arrangement indeed.
This bento contained a piece each of the different crust pizza plus 2 pieces of black gold mango cut using my pretzel cookie cutter. Love how this turned out so well, with the imprints being so clear on the fruit.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Good Deals from Domino's Pizza

Currently there are some good deals offered by Domino's that one shouldn't miss.
They are having this Large Puff Crust Pizza for the price of a Regular only, ain't it lovely? The topping we chose for this was the Puffect Big Meat as this is a choice limited only to this type of crust.

The other one we ordered was the New York crust (15") to go with their Classified Chicken, and this one also another bargain, Extra Large size at the price of Large.

Total fork out was RM59.10. What's interesting was that I was hoping the clock would go faster to enable me to get the Free Regular size voucher for pizza for my next purchase as it was only 3 minutes away before they were considered late. Who knows, with just 3 more minutes to go, I can hear the delivery guy's motorcycle sound within my neighbourhood as it was quite late, almost 11pm by then. Ah, better luck next time, I presume.
What upset me was the miserable number of chili flakes pack they gave with my order, only 4!!! I had specifically gave them a ring after submiting my order online to bring more chili flakes, and yet, my words fell on deaf ears. So what was I to do? I rang them again and they had to send over the chili flakes as I fussed with them. As I questioned them what was the standard amount they give, the answer was 3 packs for Extra Large Pizza and 2 packs for Large Pizza. That means I should be given at least 5 packs for my order, but was short-changed?
In the end, quite happy also lah that they made the trip to send over a dozen packs. Now, that's way too much.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

After a heavy meal

It would be a day of watching my diet the next day to counter-balance the excess calorie intake. Not sure if it works this way, but at least it appeases my guilt conscience.

So this was a bowl full of yellow and red cherry tomatoes to go with what else but goma dressing. I'm delighted to be using my new tapas bowl despite it not being in the usual terracotta colour. What's even more enticing was the price tag, it was going for half price due to clearance sale.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What to eat at Gurney Plaza

Remember this? With one more remaining voucher, we decided to use it up so that I won't need to keep reminding myself of its expiry date.

We ordered a lot less this time round, not because we have less vouchers to offset the bill, but it was a late late dinner, so wiser to go easy on the calories. Started off with this cup of Creamy Chicken and Mushroom soup. Much better than their watered down Beef Soup, as this one had lots of chunky chicken breast and fresh mushroom slices.

The Combo Mushroom Jack Fajitas, which we had during our last visit as well. This remained our firm favourite for now. In fact, we hardly ever go to TGI Friday's now because food at Chili's are a notch tastier, but got to endure their non-existent service, hahah.. One eye open, one eye close lah, for the sake of good food.

Did you know that one can get free refills of the warm tortillas? I didn't know that until now when I casually asked how much they charge if we wanted more of the flat bread, to which the answer was we can get as many as we fancy. Wasn't sure if we can have seconds of the accompanying dishes and spread.
After this heavy meal, we went to walk along the Gurney Sea Front to at least help in digestion and dispense the energy, no matter how tiny bit, it matters.

Something eaten before Chinese NY

Doing some housekeeping in the photos folder, I realised there were some ancient food photos which I had yet to blog about.

One of them is this, Taiwan Bull's Beef Porridge. Though the beef was tender, but the addition of radish chunks into this wasn't that good an idea afterall. The distinguished raw aroma of radish was quite overpowering, other than that, this was brilliant as it also contained carrot chunks. Maybe I should consider asking them to replace the radish with either more carrot or beef cubes, I wonder if they would accomodate.

My must-have of Beef Egg Rice...ah, now shall I go for Taiwan Bull this weekend since my last visit was one month ago? It sounds like cravings to me, opps, don't get the wrong idea.

VegetableS Tomato Soup

Cooked this soup to kick-start my diet, but before I could even finish the pot of soup, we went for an ala-carte buffet, how sad eh? So in the end, the soup became post-buffet food and boy was it good because after a few days of simmering (heating once in the morning, then another in the eveing so that it won't go bad), the flavours became better and the soup more full bodied. It also was thicker after all the evaporation that took place from the heating up.

What's in this bowl, you might wonder. Capsicum, celery, onion, carrot, garlic, plus a tablespoon of tomato puree. I decided to try adding tomato puree to get a thicker soup and it turned out pretty well. This recipe was actually a diet soup that I tried before, only thing missing here is the cabbage as I forgot to purchase that. With cabbage, there would be more bite to this soup since cabbage makes the bulk.

Supposedly to take this throughout the day to be effective, but well, slow and steady, the mountain of fat shall be moved, one vegetable at a time.
I just did another batch after finishing this pot, and I went ahead to add one tablespoon of tomyam paste to see the outcome. Wonderfully yummy with a tinge of sour and spicy, it made this soup more inviting.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tao Restaurant cum Lounge

I can't believe it took us this long to give Tao Restaurant a try. Still serving ala-carte buffet with table service, when it initially opened, think back in 2006 there was this email that circulated around the cyberspace complaining about their lousy service and food, and cited that the writer was cheated by the flyer which said one thing, but during a visit to the restaurant, it was a different matter altogether.

But then, despite the tribulations, Tao is still surviving till today, which would be close to 4 years now, and is on to their third outlet in KL. We saw the billboard that lunch would be at RM36++, and that's cheaper than their dinner of RM55++ by a whopping RM19. Then one fine morning, we were busy with some matters thus didn't have any food for breakfast, and before we realise it, lunch time is upon us. So things clicked, and off to Tao we went at 1pm. As they close at 2.30pm with last call for food at 2.15pm, we had to chomp down our food fast.

The wonderfully designed layout of the restaurant with a lot of nature blended in, ie plants and water. Gave a very serene feel as we stepped foot into the eatery, I like.

They got lovely seats by the window but that's only for big groups of at least 7 pax, so we didn't get a chance to check it out. Surprisingly the restaurant was about half-full even for lunch, a lot of office workers dined there while we were there.

There were 2 choices for us, RM46++ if we want to have sashimi, else it's RM36++ for normal buffet. I don't take sashimi but dh does, however, we can't have two people paying different rate on the same table, so we decided to go for RM36++ to check out their food menu first. What's more, we were pressed for time to enjoy more food, so sashimi will wait till our next visit.

We were like speed eating racing against time, with a total of 18 items passing through our lips. All in all, we actually ordered 20 items with 2 items repeated, so meaning we tried 18 items out of their menu. Quite a good feat considering the time factor.

Of all the 18 items we tasted, these 4 here were my firm favourites, and out of these 4, we ordered the Abalone and Lamb Chop a second round. I like the way they prepared the shishamo, something different from other places which just grilled them plain with a bit of salt. This shishamo of theirs was battered and layered with a mixture of white and black sesame seeds before deep-frying. They do have the grilled shishamo as well but between these 2, we were glad we gave their unique style a shot. As for the scallop, they were grilled and top with some creamy sauce. In order not to fill up our stomach too fast, we only ate the scallop sans the topping.

This Black Dragon Sushi Roll is interesting, and the presentation so beautiful to the eyes. There was ebi within, a slice of avocado and fresh salmon on top on the exterior. However, they lack the skill in making the sushi rice as we felt the grains were not compact enough. With one bite, the whole piece of sushi crumbled and created a mess, making consumption a chore despite the inviting look.

Cut fresh fruits, namely watermelon, pineapple and white dragon fruit was available for desserts, or one can opt for ice-cream, just let the waiter know if it's the latter you wanted. Not sure if the flavours are the same all the time, but what we tried was Pistachio Almond, only one choice available.

While dh had his ice-cream, I opted for an iced coffee which I assembled myself. The coffee machine serves hot drinks, so all I needed to do was to ask for a glass of ice to get my icy cooling drink for after meal.

Tao at Juru Auto-City is quite spacious compared to its mother company at e-gate, and other than restaurant, Tao also operates a Lounge there. As we were there about 3pm after our makan, the place was not open for business for that day yet, so I only managed to snap some photos at the al-fresco area.

The entrance to the lounge, which is different from the restaurant's entrance though the two, restaurant and lounge are linked by a common al-fresco area.

Overall, we enjoyed ourselves tremendously despite the rush hour. Next time got to make sure we go early, best would be when they start operations for the day at 11.30am so that we can take in all that they have.
After the ++, each pax came up to RM42.