Sunday, February 28, 2010

Teo Chew Meng's Juru Outlet

This, is what Teo Chew Meng is famous for. Of course there are other items they are good at, but my first encounter with this household name is their Mee Sua Kor. No other places cook this so well as them, and theirs, by the way, is full of all the good stuff. Mee Sua Kor is a starchy bowl of mee sua, cooked to resemble the shark's fin soup and even eaten the same way, with a dash of vinegar. Teo Chew Meng went a step further to bridge this mee sua kor with it's pricier cousin, the shark's fin by adding a few strands of the endangered species' fins at the top as garnishing, as can be seen in this photo. This big bowl cost RM10, and can feed 2 pax, but I had it all to myself *smiling gleefully* as dh is not a fan of gluey food. Not that I'm complaining, it worked out even better with the saying, less man more share.

After mixing up everything, see what you can spot in this bowl. Let me give you some clues, do you see prawns? How about some fish cubes? I know that is not so easily spotted, but of course you can identify with the chinese dry mushrooms, kani sticks and egg swirls, can't you? Ah, now I myself can't really recall, unless I go for one later, then I can update with more detailed information. Well, shall see if dh buys my idea.

Alongside the above, we had this special dish, which was roasted pigeon. In this photo they might appear big, but it's just an illusion thanks to the zoom of the camera lens. Crispy skin with juicy meat, they were well marinated. Another dish I forgot to take photo was dh's Singapore Fried Bee Hoon. That was superb, we had been ordering it a couple of times since we tried it.

Ah, how to get slim with all these food consumed, right? Think I need to follow the Atkin's Diet Programme soon, wish me luck!

Tri la li la

One of those dinners at home many many days ago, which I had totally completely forgotten about.
One of the few times I assigned the kitchen to dh to cook this, his signature 'dish'.
One of the rare occassions I commissioned him to prepare this for our meal while I take a rest.
One of the few times I get to sit back, relax and chill while someone else toils in the kitchen to get food ready.

It might not mean much to anyone else, but it means the world to me.
Simple food with high value because it was cooked from the heart.
But this plate was not simple, it has lots of ingredients, the extras which was not normally used.
It has meat balls, hand-shredded fresh oyster mushrooms, tomato slices, lettuce and scalion on top of the usual egg.

And then, there's this canned of Sambal Sotong which co-starred in this mee goreng. The slices of cuttlefish within this Yeo's can was thick, but the gravy within was just spicy, it's not fragrant at all. Good to work with for short-cuts and enhancements.

Ah, life's good. Only downside is that I've got more things to cleanup in the kitchen after this. You take some, you give some I guess.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fortune Sushis

What attracted me to this sushi set was the sticker, as this box called Fortune Sushi Set was for the festivities. Must credit the sushi bar at Jaya Jusco for their creativity because for each celebration, they would come up with something special. I've seen sushi set with Hari Raya theme, then there's the Christmas one as well.

You didn't take me seriously, did you? I was just joking about the sticker part. Truth was that I fancied the two little salmon 'roses' at the bottom left corner. They were just sake with mayo filling topped with tiny weeny bit of ebiko. The other special item in this box was the abalone sushi close to the sake blossoms.

Head on to Jaya Jusco's Sushi Bar if you just want a quick fix of sushi without bleeding your pocket. Want better deal? Check them out nearer to closing time as they go on offer at night, but you might not get what you wanted.

Egg Toast

We ran out of items to eat at Old Town White Coffee, so decided to give this OldTown Egg Toast a try. The 4 slices of french toast was served with a dollop of kaya on the side, and the bread goes very well with the sweet jam. As the bread was served hot from the kitchen, it remains soft and very appetising. If not for the hefty price tag, I don't mind ordering this again.

But well, can always replicate this back home, not difficult at all.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Malay Zhu-Char near here

For us, CNY is a period to stay away from Chinese hawkers for reason none other that the standards of food drop despite the increment in price of at least RM0.50 per item. It's the mad rush for these hawker fares by those who coming back to their hometown, or those tourists that drove up the price per economics rule of demand versus supply. Even with these higher prices, the hawkers are still enjoying brisk businesses as reported in the dailies. I'm not against paying more, but if I can get the food all the time, let those who crave them satisfy their stomachs since they don't get much opportunity, right? In other words, I don't fancy the crowd, not to mention the heat because most of these good foods are at kopitiams, which by the way, is without air-conditioning setting.

So we either resort to franchised food, think along the line of McD, Domino's, KFC and etc. Or we go for non-chinese food and here's one Malay casual restaurant we tried recently, on the 4th day of CNY to be exact.

I had in mind to check this place out for quite some time now, but just didn't have the chance to do so till now. It was a superb experience, and for all the items below that we consumed together with 2 plates of rice plus drinks, think we paid about less than RM24. I just chucked the receipt couple of days back, so the number is an estimate. Considering that we ordered fish, beef, seafood and egg, it is quite a worthy meal.

Above: The appetiser which was cucumber slices to go with the fiery sambal.
Below: A whole catfish ala spicy style. This method of cooking was recommended by the waitress as we told her we wanted Ikan Keli (malay word for catfish). Wise decision to go by her words, this was very well done with lots of celery which provided a crunch.

Another winner, the Daging Masak Merah. This stalls style of cooking steer towards Thai Malay style, which we adore. We love this dish as well because the beef was very flavourful, almost akin to the chinese version of Char Siew.

Telur Bistik, that's the name of this dish which is otherwise known as Sweet & Sour Egg. It's egg omelette with meat filling, here it was beef while we've tried other places which uses chicken. Then the omelette is cooked with tomato-based gravy with lots and lots of onion, tomatoes and they even got something extra, the canned peas. A non-spicy dish.

The mixed tomyam, which is a clear soup. It's chokeful of herbs that made this soup very fragrant, but do not be fooled by the colour, despite not being red, it's really really spicy.

One place that we would frequent often from now on - awesome food at affordable price.

Roti Bom Doughnuts

This concoction came by chance as I had a half-opened packet of frozen Roti Bom in the freezer.
I tried once to pan fry it but the inside tasted kind of floury because this was so thick.
Wanting to create something else, I decided to try to deep-fry it instead for a change.
I know, it's calorie-laden, but Diet Starts Tomorrow, hahah..

It turned out better than I expected, crispy on the outside.
And then I reached out for the bottle of Palm Syrup sitting on the shelf of the fridge's door.
Drizzle a bit of that magic potion and sprinkle a bit of castor sugar.
Voila, this is so good, better than any of those fanciful J Co. or Big Apple Donuts.
Not only that, cost a teeny weeny fraction only and I won't need to worry about sweating sugar.

Now that I'm over and done with with the packet of Roti Bom, I won't re-stock it again.
If ever I want Roti Bom, go to the mamak. Somethings are better to leave it with the experts.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Package

This was sent by fellow flogger, whom I shall not name other than to thank her from the bottom of my heart for her thoughtfulness (you know who you are *wink*). I gladly welcome this to my ever-expanding collection of bento accessories and vow that they won't become 'colourful' elephants, hahah.. Pun intended by the way since the elephant in the rice ball pack was showing a purple elephant.

I had used the love picks for a bento few postings ago, and they are certainly of good quality, very thick and sturdy.


My most recent trip to the 100 yen store just prior to CNY yield nothing to my bento box collections but added to my cutlery stash instead. I'm still happy with the purchases nonetheless because it's my first time seeing this outlet stocking up on nice chopsticks that came in a set together with the box. Previously they were sold separately, what's more, now they were a few lengths on offer.

This is how it looks like within the 2 boxes of cutlery sets, a pair of fork and spoon plus a pair of chopsticks in matching colours.

Puff Crust Pizza from Domino's

Remember this post? Sorry it took me that long to follow-up on the pizza entry, but it's still within the same month, to say the least.

This is the aforementioned Puff Crust Pizza by our numero uno pizzeria, Domino's. Their latest creation of using puff crust instead of the usual bread crust. It is a deviation from the norm, and boy was it good! Of course, other than being slightly oiler since puff needs grease to do its works, it is really tasty because this is so full of ingredients and cheese. I think this one is partly because the crust is so thin compared to those bread based type, so the toppings are more in proportion to the crust.

This came in the set we ordered as well, and it didn't fail to make us happy because it was really meaty. What's more, it's juicier than the Hot Rods that KFC offered, that one, sucks big time.

Others in the set were Twisty Bread, Domino's version of garlic bread and Garlic Cheese Onion Rings.

I didn't snap a photo of the other Hand-Tossed Crust Pizza that was in the RM70 set as that's nothing something new to us. Pizza is one leftover that we don't mind in this household because it still taste as good after a quick zap in the oven.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Starbucks Coffee Series

Ever once in awhile, Starbucks would organise a coffee session to introduce their new coffee beans, or when there is no new beans launched, they would promote their House Blend. Despite going for this a few times now, it is always interesting to mingle with like-minded souls who are joint in the spirit by the word that starts with big C - C.O.F.F.E.E., period.

The latest we attended was end of last month, hosted by the Borders outlet. Anyone can just sign up for it, best of all, no cost involved other than a pair of listening ears and your time. What's more, one will not return empty-handed as there will be goodie bag for each participant at the end of the 1.5hour session.

Ya, you guessed it right, the below were what awaited each pax as a token of appreciation for gracing the occassion. Usually this is a small scale mini event that took up about half the cafe while business is still in operations. As the most current one we attended was in the evening, it ran from 7ish pm till about before 9pm, give and take.

There were coffee tasting, and some free cakes that pair well with the coffee will be served for all to sample. It is truly amazing to learn what goes hand in hand with your cuppa, and indeed one will find that bridging both brought in some wonderful taste. Next time you are at this coffee chain, you can ask the barista attending to you to recommend, and trust their answer because this is part and parcel of their training to stand behind the counter. Of course you can still go with your instinct and preferred choice, it won't go wrong afterall.

Housed within the pack on the right are whole beans of House Blend roast, again, they are more than willing to help you blend should you not have a coffee grinder at home. Reason for whole beans is none other than retaining the aroma and quality of the coffee.

I'm in no way associated with this green label other than being one of their customers, and I certain do not get paid for writing this. I'm merely jotting down my memory for future reference.

McCormick's French Onion Dip

I simply enjoy trips to Cold Storage because there's always something new and interesting to learn with the different imported stuffs they offer on their shelves. I don't always end up purchasing them unless that product really caught my fancy, but still nonetheless, it's an eye-opener browsing without spending.

One fine day, I decided to put this packet of seasoning in the shopping basket and was delighted as well when I could find the tub of Sour Cream at the cold storage to go with it. Sour cream doesn't come by that easily here on my land, don't know why, no joke.

With a short shelf-life, I didn't hesitate long to get into action by puting both together. It's a dumm proof thing, just mix both and let the mixture stand in the fridge for 30 minutes. The resulting French Onion Dip was yummy with a slight hint of onion and bits of it within the creamy off-white dip.

I served it in a cup to go with some kyuri sticks and buffalo wings. As the plate kind of looked empty, I quickly added some chicken nuggets and potato wedges to the rescue. By the way, those little bits you see atop the sour cream in the cup is none other than chili flakes to add some color to an otherwise plain coloured dip.

We had this in front of the tv while watching a dvd, nothing in life could be better than this!

May you prosper

with this burger, since it was named Prosperity Burger by the "I'm lovin' it" company, McDonald's. Every year, without fail, we will look forward to it because it is only during this time that the lovely black-peppery burger makes its appearance. Can't remember if they have the double pattie version, but I love it twice as much with the extra pattie, yums! Of course, the Double Prosperity Burger came with a bigger price tag, but it's cheaper during the lunch hour promotion of 12noon till 3pm.

I admit, the photo above doesn't do this favourite burger of mine any justice, but it sure taste fabulous. Got to warn you that eating it is a messy affair as well, so ask for lots of serviettes from the counter for I had to have a wipe after each bite, not sure about you.

Bento #072 100224

This bento was more elaborate than usual in part because I had more time on hand and managed to thaw the necessary ingredients, namely the cocktail sausages and beef pastrami.

Lucky also I woke up early because I forgot to remind dh to bring in the laundry, and while the laundry was having moonlight bath, I heard some tick-tack on the ground, but since it was so hot, I was doubtful that it's drizzling. So thankful I went ahead to take a look, and sure enough, the ground was polka-dotted with some raindrops, to which I quickly scooped all the laundry into the house. Who knows, the second I stepped into the house with the second load, it poured even before I got the chance to lock the door. Amazing rain which I gladly welcome for it had been so so hot yesterday that I showered 5 times!! The hot spell was also the reason I did a second batch of laundry in the evening, thought I can capitalise on the weather to dry the clothes fast. Oh well, no complaining at all, just lamenting.

Back to the bento, some potato wedges lying next to the omelette graced by a cup of sauce to go with everything. In the silver foil were four short skewers of cocktail sausage and rolled-up beef pastrami paired together. Despite being more elaborate, it didn't took as long to prepare, think in the usual 10 minutes.

It couldn't be any simpler

Feeling lazy to venture out last night, and dh was in the mood to tinkle abit with his diorama, I whipped out a meal which consisted of highly processed food. 2 packets of mee goreng instant noodle, frozen nuggets, mexican-flavoured drummets and two eggs were summoned for the ensemble.

While the oil was heating up for the deep-fry in one pot, over the other stove I got the noodles ready. As the noodle was ready in 3 minutes (that's why it's called instant), I heat up the pan and scrambled some eggs for protein, fresh protein source that is. In between, just throw in some pieces of nuggets and once that turned golden, fished them out of the hot grease before the drummets get their turn. Oh, I forgot the line that once the noodle was ready, I drained it on a colander and while still hot, stir in the sachet of seasoning and sauce so that they can coat the noodles perfectly.

Finaly step would just be assembling all the food on the plate, arranging them nicely for photoshoot, and a double-quick snap before tucking in.
All in all, from cooking to dining to washing up, think 45 minutes were spent.
p/s: Come to think of it, all my 3 meals yesterday were under the category of noodles, or I should say, non-rice base. It only came to my realisation after writing this. :)

Crabby Udon

It's not crappy udon, though at first glance it might be mistaken for that. Yesterday I kind of have a feast of leftovers, haha...and with a packet of udon in hand, I managed to finish off the gravy from this. I felt it was kind of wasteful to chuck away the sweet gravy which was still edible, thus was happy to concoct this and with that, my lunch was a done deal.

Not much cooking needed other than to heat up the sauce and pour it over the udon which was soaked in hot water before this. Having 2 adjascent stoves, I manage to get this done pretty fast, think less than 10 minutes lunch was ready on the table.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


What started out as a simply hawker food hunt for dinner turned out to be an elaborate one instead. Why do I say so? Dh wanted to get something from the mall, but since he only returned home from work at 8pm, after a quick shower off to the nearest mall to our home which had the Switch shop he wanted we went. By the time shopping got done, kitchen was closing for the eateries within the mall, so we had to scout for our food elsewhere.

We were kind of prepared that a lot of hawkers were taking the day off to celebrate the 9th day of CNY, which is also known as the Hokkien New Year. Not surprising that the whole street of Raja Uda was quiet, so we just drove along and see where we can have our quick fill. It was just so different to be driving down this road which was usually abuzz with activities, and as we were nearing the end of the road, Ah Keat Seafood was our last bet. Else, we had to go to another area and try our luck.

Needless to say, Ah Keat came to our rescue with big huge giant crabs of RM60/kg. We simply couldn't resist those crabs offered at this seafood wonderhouse because they serve the best succelent juicy crabs so far. No other outlets came a second close, so we ended up having a heavy dinner since who in their right mind can resist these yummy dish? Certainly not us, so we ordered the Sweet & Sour Crabs that was to be our main course. The 2 crabs weighed a total of 1.2kg, so on average, assuming that both are equal in size, each was a whopping 600g.

It came served with 5 crispy mantous so that we can eat it soaked with the gravy. Eating crabs is a messy affair and one thing good about this place is that they provide a box of face tissue for each table, so it makes it less of a mess as we can have a pull at the box whenever the sauce drips down the fingers. I shall give this dish a ten-finger-licking-good rating, well, since I used all ten fingers in attacking it.

With the crabs as the star of the dinner, we ordered 2 individual portions of noddle on the side since we were not keen on having rice because if we were to go for rice, we need more dishes. This is the Singapore Fried Beehoon, which is not that singapore afterall other than the ingredients of charsiew and shredded lettuce as garnish. Portion size was big for this RM4 plate.

When we saw the size of the above, we kind of suspect we won't be able to finish the food we ordered. And then this came and my fear was confirmed, it certainly was way too much food for 2 souls. Well, judgment time then, we put the beehoon aside and finished up this Hokkien Char since it was noodle and a wet dish. Beehoon would be able to keep better than this yellow noodle, and with the gravy, the noodle will get soggy comes the next meal. That decision turned out to be a wise one, which in turn became my bento meal in the previous post.

Nothing to shout about for this Hokkien Char other than it's quite tasty and value-for-money for its size. The ingredients used were minimal for RM4.

This one, was the lousy satay offered by a road side stall with the chicken so tough it made the satay chewy and a chore for consumption. Though it was served first, it got relegated as the last photo just to serve as a reminder for myself NOT to touch this stall again. Mere was of $, not to mention calories for the RM5 worst chicken satay I have ever had.

Well, we gain some, we lose some, but in the end, the crabs triumphed!!

Bento #071 100223

This is aptly named a leftover bento as the two main 'characters' here were from last night's late dinner. I just merely assembled them into this Hello Kitty bento box and arranged some kyuri slices atop the singapore beehoon.

Am glad to say that now that I have incorporated bento into my life, meal times when eating alone is more fun as the food is pleasing to the eyes to start off with. I usually loath lefovers, but now that I see the other side of it as it makes packing bento a fast affair, I kind of welcome it. I know I'm queer.

Curry Hoo Tau

Now that I managed to cover all the food that we ate during last week's CNY period, I am going to feature those prior to last week. Ya, I'm forever playing the catching up games and never did get tired of it, or so it seems.

This Curry Fish Head was delicious, and besides the thick gravy, there were generous helpings of fresh tomatoes, onions and okras. However, it was laden with msg as we found our later after finishing our dinner, that we were extremely thirsty.

That's all we had for that meal, this big bowl of curry with steamed white rice. Should have gone for the tail instead because this fish head wasn't that fresh. But often times, we forgot that we can go for other parts of a fish when ordering at a Curry Fish Head stall because subconciously, it was kind of implied to go for the head of the fish as the name implies. Of course, not all stalls offer other parts of a fish, only selected few, and these selected few usually will have other seafood items to add on such as prawns or sotong.
Can't recall how much this meal was, think in the ballpark of RM25 if my ailing memory doesn't fail me.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Never getting tired of Canton-I

We went to Canton-I again yesterday for a late lunch because dh wanted dimsum and where else to get it at that hour other than Canton-I. This marks our third visit for the week. As the 2nd visit was with a group of friends, I didn't whip out the camera, lest I get suspicious looks from them, not to mention the questions that might ensue. Anyway, we didn't try any new items for that meal, so no photos note-worthy of taking. For that meal, catching up was the main mission, not the food.

Ok, back to the most current visit to Canton-I. This time I tried their Hot Milk Tea and it came in such a sweet cup, ain't it eye-catching? It was indeed very thick and creamy, rich with a milky taste without going overboard. In other words, it had the right balance for a cuppa.

Can you spot the 'shark' swimming in my bowl of hot porridge?

Just kidding, the afore-mentioned shark was a piece of pork liver as I ordered the Pork Intestine Porridge, much to my husband's scorn, haha.

We tried this Pan-fried Cheong Fun with XO Sauce and the sauce to go with it came separately so that the cheong fun won't turn soggy by the time it was served.

We love this crispy dish, glad that we tick against it in the ordering form.

Another fantastic dimsum item, a first for us as well. It's Egg Parcel with a mixture of stuff within, but I can't really make out what they were.

The Crystal Prawn Dumpling, nice name for Har Gow. Crunchy bouncy prawns in clear pastry skin, this was another winner.

This was Braised Pork Ribs in Sweet Sour Sauce, something new in the additional menu. The meat was bone-tender, but my honest opinion was that it's quite over-priced at RM32 if I'm not wrong. Good experience though, and the sauce went very well with a plain bowl of steamy white rice, yums!!

With all the above, we didn't have any room for desserts eventhough dh had that in mind initially. Well, save the desserts for another day, which will be quite soon as I wanted to try their Roast Goose. I didn't know this is such a limited item daily and there's a certain timing one needs to go in order to be able to order it. Well, shall ring them up to reserve before my next trip there *making mental note to self*

A (HOT) visit to Taiping Zoo

Like I casually mentioned in a few blog posts earlier, last Saturday saw us joining the rest of the family members for a short trip to Taiping Zoo. Come to think of it, last CNY also we were around that area, but we went up to Maxwell Hill for the Tulip Farm instead.

We had a good workout walking around the big zoo on foot for 3.5 hours though there's the other option of hopping onto the train. I didn't take much photos of the animals but instead were busy snapping candid shots instead. My best photo has got to be this one, the first of the series. I didn't know it turned out so well until after downloading them unto the computer. The pure white lotus that was in full bloom in the pond surrounded by a school of fish, ain't it lovely?

Simply love this combination taken from a non-dslr.

Another shot of the beautiful flowers amidst their big flat leaves, lovely, simply lovely.

See if you can spot 3 kingfishers on a tree branch in this photo. It was such an interesting sight.

One of the numerous huts for one to stop to take a rest before continuing to cover the rest of the zoo.

More kingfishers, this time complete with the nests. This trip sure was an eye-opener for me despite it being my 3rd trip there. So sad I had no recollection whatsoever of my 2 other trips other than the fact that I know I went there before.

Interesting "botak" palms against the clear blue sky.

Lots of trees planted within the zoo to give the much needed shades to shield from Mr. Sun.

We were following the Grisly Bear's footprints along the trail, hoping to bump into it. Just kidding. Can spot my tiny feet in the photo against the big white paw print?!?

It was a fun and enlightening trip in the spirit of family trip. We sure had lots of laughter along the way, poking fun at each other not to mention some personal jokes.