Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Solstice Festival 2010

A bowl of 汤圆 for the festival. Mom being the traditional type stuck to two colors only, white and pink. Or to be more precise, only one is colored while the other is left in its natural state of white.

This year the glutinious rice balls she made were more QQ because she placed them immediately into a bowl of ice water after they were scooped out of the boiling hot liquid once they were afloat. Bye-bye to soft tang-yuen.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kitchen Invasion

My kitchen has been 'taken over' by this bag from GNC temporarily, thus not much cooking done for the time being though I will still be posting bentos and our eating outs or those long overdue write-ups.

This meal replacement settles our dinner with just one single scoop per serving per pax, and we either mixed with iced water or low fat milk. Makes life so easy and kitchen sparkling clean, but I still miss the actions in the kitchen.

Let's see how long we can sustain on this bag which I dubbed as "fertiliser" due to its packaging, pun intended. Hopefully it won't be a permanent resident in our home, but until we achieve our target, I guess I still have to put up with this bulky pack of expensive powder. Wish me luck!?!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bento #241 101214

Finished off the last two pieces of puff pastry in this bento for dh, which I reheated in the ovenette besides crisping it.

The other fixed compartment had blueberries with three cheeky snowmen having fun. 2 cut-up strawberries filled up the remaining gap, and that's all for this bento numbered two-hundred-forty-one.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bento #240 101213

Store-bought puff pastry housed in the bigger compartment of this pink-bow bento box. One thing good about this type of fixed compartment bento box is that I don't need to worry about moisture seeping out from the fruits and staining the puff pastry, making them soggy.

Let's see what I had in terms of fruits: slices of starfruit, red cherry tomatoes and a handful of blueberries.
This bento #240 was assembled quite fast since it didn't require much work from me apart from cutting the starfruit and crisping the puff pastry in the ovenette for a few minutes, both of which I did simultaneously by multi-tasking.

Bento #239 101213

This was by far, the nearest I got to making a Christmas bento out of food and not deco. I made a Pancake King, taking a leaf out of gingerbread boy by using a cutter and a crown pick. This was atop a stack of pancakes hidden from view by the aluminium foil.

Marmalade and plum jam to go with the home-made pancakes, then some red cherry tomatoes and bluberries in silicon fancy cups. I threw in a wedge of cheese, as a gap filler as well as upping the protein intake.

Didn't realise there was still a gap until I was reviewing the photo. Guess my bento skill still has lots of room for improvement.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bento #238 101210

Today is short-cut bento day, I declare. Happened to be in the market to pick up some eggs, so I took the opportunity to buy some 'butterfly' snacks. It is a cousin of the more common cruellers, but instead of being savoury, it is sweet and can be eaten on its own.

Gap fillers were tomato, strawberry (realised it was hidden in this photograph when I attach it here in this post), kiwi and banana. I found the Santa fancy picks I mentioned yesterday, snd thus, used them to secure a plump blueberry to two of the banana chunk.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bento #237 101209

This morning's bento was more elaborate because of the Baked French Toast that took a considerable chunk of time to make. But it was worth the effort as dh loved it to bits. Recipe to follow soon.

One third of the bento box was filled with fresh fruits - green kiwi (the regular in the household currently), plum (hidden beneath the strawberry), strawberry and red cherry tomatoes.

Had to use these cute and simple colourful foodpicks because I had no luck in locating the Santa Claus food pick I bought recently. I have yet to sort out my purchases due to unforseen agendas, despite being back for a week now. Hopefully I would be able to get round to that task later today so that Santa can make a guest appearance come tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bento #236 101208

I made a meat floss sandwich this morning as it has been quite awhile our household ran out of this item. We only consume one particular brand and the shop is quite a distance from where we stay, then factor in my lousy memory bank, I haven't been able to buy it till yesterday when we were in the vicinity.

There were 2 strawberries and 2 skewers of fruit-kebab on christmas-themed food picks that I managed to add in a frenzy this morning. Deep slumber made me overslept, so I consider this a hurry-scurry bento.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bento #235 101207

Facing a fridge that needs re-stocking, this was what I managed to assemble. *phew*

Scrambled eggs and potato chips were the mains while green kiwi and blueberries were the co-star. There were also grapes and tomatoes 'fresh on their vines'.

The little container had mixture if sauce within, namely ketchup, chilli sauce and bbq sauce.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bento #234 101202

Dunkin Donuts in this bento were made up of 3 flavours. Cinnamon Sugar was hidden underneath the pile because it kind of disintegrate when I transferred it from the original box to this bento box. Don't know why it only happened to this particular flavour but I noticed that somehow the texture of this Cinnamon Sugar Donut was different from the rest, it was more batter like than bread.

Half Peanut Butter and Jelly Donut with half Sesame Seed Wholemeal Donut took out the rest of the space. The colour was a sea of brown, so to brighten things up, I added a red cherry tomato with pink flower food pick.

As usual, fruits made their presence felt and today we have kiwi, plum and pineapple ring with us.

Bento #233 101124

Almost identical bento as the previous one, just that I didn't cut the bread slices into fancy shapes.

The middle cup contained assorted fruits of grapes, blueberries and cherry tomatoes.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Bento #232 101124

Sausage lightly sauteed with soya sauce to go with bread slice which I cut using a metal cookie cutter.

Sides were potato chips and fruits. Find that cutting the kiwi this way makes my life easier without bruising the delicate fruit. Eating also made easier by just scooping the flesh out. The green kiwi us 'adorned' by some bluberries.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bento #231 101123

A sandwich bento for this new week was in the form of jigsaw puzzle pieces. I had so much fun fixing this dual-tone cheese sandwich pieces though initially I got stuck. After a few attempts it was a breeze.

Not much space left, I can only put in 4 skewers of fruits made up of cherry tomato, blueberry and grape.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pre Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 Dinner

We had to get ourselves to Queensbay Mall before it closes for the day if we wanted to park near the event venue, else roads will start closing and we would have to park and walk. Since our event didn't start till 6am, we did not want to get dressed in sports attire that early, unlike a lot of other participants who did that for convenience. I think if we were to do that, we will be feeling very uncomfortable and won't feel fresh to start our run.

So we managed to get there before 10pm, and with stomach grumbling, went to have our tummy-fill at TGI Friday's. A lot of eateries were calling it a day since it was getting late, save for the two coffee outlets (CBTL and Starbucks) which were open for 24 hours that day, thus we didn't have much choice. We opted for TGIF's as it was has a bar and closes slightly later, and best part is that it is Starbucks' neighbour, so once we were done with dinner, we can just hop next door to have our caffeine boost to keep us up throughout the night.

Enough of blabbering, now let's move on to the makan. We had our carbo loading with this Outrageous Sliced BBQ Beef Tacos. It was very 'loaded', so much so that I had to wrap a serviette around it to prevent the toppings from falling all over yhe place. The stuffings include frizzled onions, lettuce, chopped fresh tomatoes and yellow onion with zippy Pepper Jack cheese melted over tender slices of barbeque beef. Oh, that was certainly as mouthful as the tacos itself. The Southwestern cream sauce brought everything together beautifully, and with the Jack Daniel sauce we requested as extra, what more could we ask for of RM25.90?

Next up was the New York Chimichurri Strip, done medium-well to our delight. I ever hate it to have my steak overcooked into a thick slab of chewy rubber, so kudos to thr kitchen staff for getting this right to my liking. My last steak experience at Chilli's was atrocious, but let's keep to this topic lest my appetite goes down the drain.

The NY Strip Steak which was air flown grain-fed Australian beef was juicy and tender. The simple preparation of chargrilling brought out the natural flavours of this red meat and with the chimichurri sauce, we had a good plate of steak. The greenish sauce tasted a tad like pesto to us with a light tinge of mint. We also fell head over heels with the side dishes, namely the roasted garlic spud and tomato wedges roasted with garlic nibs. This was at a premium price of RM49.90.

As for desserts, we had the Chocolate Berry Muffin at you-know-where. This is Starbucks' Christmas promotion item for this year.

Glad that we had a good meal that fueled us for the whole 10 kilometre run without any stop nor cramps within the stipulated 1.5 hours to fet the finisher medsl. Thank God for the cool weather with rain showers before and after our event also.

PBIM, we will be back next year for sure. May be can set our goals higher by then (fingers crossed and hands clasped tight in prayers).

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bento #230 101119

Main compartment housed 2 pieces of square waffles which I cut into triangle halves, so that means a total of 4 pieces. To go with that, some jam and honey in convenient packaging.

Green kiwi, plum and strawberries took up the rest of the smaller space and I managed to squeeze in a skewer of cherry tomato and pineapple with a Christmas pick.

Ain't too early for that Season of Giving, I hope. Let the countdown begin!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bento #229 101118

Mind was kind of 'rusty' to get into bento mood, so I resort to using eggs. A fast and easy bento filler for me. In the bigger compartment with the scrambled eggs were 2 sausages cut into half and sauteed lightly for added fragrance. I prefer this method over boiling or steaming since I had used the pan for the eggs, might as well use it also.

The other side, I just put in a variety of fruits. As you can see, there was half a green kiwi fruit cut at a slant accompanied by a medley of grapes, tomatoes, strawberry and blueberries.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bento #228 101112

In between this bento and the last, there were some others, I think at least 6 but due to my negligence, I accidentally deleted them while I was transferring the photos from the camera to the laptop. I felt so lousy and crappy when that happened, and tried as I might, I can't get them back despite turning the "Recyle Bin" upside down, inside out. So now on, I have to be more careful and really concentrate when doing that, no more silly mistakes.

This bento has 2 home-made egg tarts, one for each flavour that I baked yesterday. The green one is pandan, while the yellow one is original egg custard. I was afraid that the fragile egg tarts will get squashed, so I placed them in Wilton's fancy cups. They were thicker and more sturdy, which I hope will provide more support for these short-crust pastries. See those bits of crumbs on the green egg tart? They were that delicate despite me being really gentle with them.
One gap was filled with grapes, while the other at the further end, with strawberries. This batch of strawberries from New Zealand called Omaha Strawberries are sweeter and I like that they are redbthroughout as compared to others that I used previously, there would be white parts near the peduncle. Price wise, no difference.

Last Night's Dinner

We were told to be prepared to brace for wet weather now that the monsoon season is back.
That means eating home more because going out in the rain is so much hassle.
And then also a good opportunity to clear the freezer of old stock (for re-stocking, that is).

So for this dinner, I just need to thaw the mantou (Chinese Oriental Buns) and deep-fry them to heat up, giving them a crispy exterior and a fluffy inside that went very well with the store-bought mutton curry. The mutton was very tender, and I only need to add some potato wedges for some volume.

What I did was to cut 2 potatoes into 6 or 8 wedges, then deep-fry them till cooked. Then put them into the curry and steam together with the mutton to heat up. The flavour gets soaked in just nice at the end, as I had used a deep bowl and layer the mutton at the top. This way, the mutton would weigh the potato down and make the potato submerge in the gravy totally.
One of my lazy ways of preparing dinner which can't get any lazier.

Mirror Mirror on the Egg Tart

Who is the fairest of them all?
Often times, I'm drawn to making egg tarts because the process is quite fast, the only tedious part is keeping a close watch towards the end of the baking time to make sure the custard gets set without boiling.

Was happy that my attempt at this recipe gave me such a shiny sheen on the custard surface. I nearly lost it for my first batch, which was the yellow egg custard. So the story goes...As the 30 minutes baking time recommended by the recipe was up but the custard was still watery, I moved the rack higher to be closer to the top heating element for a further 10 minutes. Then I got distracted by some other chores, and when I came back to check inside the oven, there was this big huge balloon greeting me. I panicked and quickly removed the tray and luckily the balloon deflated without much damage. The remaing 8 pieces of the egg tarts were still good, what a scare I got.

One set of the recipe gave me 9 pieces using half an egg for the crust, and what do I do with the other half of the egg? I decided to make another batch, but a different flavour - pandan. Colour was a wee bit too strong for my liking, could have done with 1/8 tsp of pandan paste. Lesson learnt, that's for sure. But the pros is that it turned out great in the photography.

It took a longer time for the pandan custard to set, not sure if it was the weather as it was raining hard when I baked them later in the night, thus the temperature of the environment might have reduced the overall temperature in the oven as I use a stand alone oven. Or it could be the additional 1 tbsp of evaporated milk I added in the pandan custard because in my first batch, the last piece of egg tart was short on custard. Your guess is as good as mine.

Longer baking time or not, I was extremely please with the results. No blind-baking of the crust for this, and the recipe gave exactly 9 pieces. Thanks to Mikiko for sharing! Her site is in Mandarin, so here's the translation.

Yield: 9 pieces (top 8cm diameter, base 5cm diameter, height 1.5cm)
Pate Sucree (yield 300g)
150g plain flour
5g custard powder *I used 1 tbsp in lieu of milk powder*
8g milk powder *I omitted as we only have milk in liquid form at home, so I upped the custard powder instead*
4g castor sugar *I used 1 tsp*
1/2nos egg [equivalent to 2 tbsp]
90g butter (melted by double-boiling)

1/ Sift the plain flour, custard powder and milk powder and make a well in the centre.
2/ Put the sugar and egg into the cool melted butter then stir till homogeneous.
3/ Pour the mixture into the flour and mix till just combined, do not overwork the dough.
4/ Push a ball of the dough into the egg tart mould and pressed using your thumb till even thickness.
5/ Fill with custard to the brim and bake at 160 degree Celcius for 30 minutes.

Egg Custard: (yield 350ml)
140g water
60g castor sugar
2 nos egg
40g evaporated milk [equivalent to 2 tbsp]

1/ Boil the water and sugar together in a pot till melted, whisking with a balloon whisk at the same time.
2/ Turn off the fire, then add in eggs and evaporated milk till combined.
3/ Sieve this 3 times and set aside for use later.

+ I double-boil the butter over the pot of syrup, so as to multi-task and save time.

Verdict: Crumbly crust, but not as short as the other two attempts. Sweetness just nice, no need to adjust.

Bento #227 101104

This was my lunch bento last week, didn't realise I haven't posted it up yet till now. How delayed. Some dry instand noodles with nori shreds on the bottome half as the mains. A corn cob and a de-skinned chicken drumstick from the pot of soup I made took up most of the rest of the space, so I only managed to add some kyuri sticks and 2 cherry tomatoes.

This was how I ate the bento: Shred the chicken and mix them to go with the noodles and nori, then eat the corn before ending the meal with the fresh vegs.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Easy Tomato Pasta Sauce III

3rd attempt of this easy recipe, we can't seem to get enough of it. Another reason is that I have a lot of pasta to use up, as each time we eat only 70g, and so it takes us approximately 7 meals to finish up a pack of 500g.

I paired this with home-made meatballs which I will usually prepare a big batch and freeze, then thaw as and when needed. Using ovenette to cook, it took me 30 minutes to brown them, and because of this slow cooking process, the meatballs shrunk quite considerably.

Today's batch of sauce was made using "La Valle" brand, bought from Jaya Jusco Kinta City. Can't recall the price as I've misplaced the receipt.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bento #226 101104

My bento has different fruits combination for the smaller tier, with the addition of orange wedges. Dh don't fancy them because eating this juicy citrus fruit is a messy affair for him as the juice might drip, what's more, the juice might even leech onto the other items in the bento box, thus I avoid adding oranges in his bento.

All else remains the same - the Scrambled Egg Wrap, Cucur Badak, cherry tomato and grape (though a different variety). These dark purple grapes were sweet and seedless, best of all, crunchy. I also like the dark hue which provides colour contrast to bentos.

Bento #225 101104

Was left with only one last piece of the Garlic Tortilla, so in order to maximise it, I cut them into quarters. I made them into cones and lined with some green lettuce, stuffed the remaining cavity with some scrambled eggs. As the wraps were smaller this time, it was a challenge to hold them without unravelling. I can't seem to wrap the paper liner tight enough around the base as well, so handling that took me quite some time.

Clearing the chest freezer's stock, I defrosted a box of Cucur Badak (a local Malay kuih with spicy desiccated coconut) and when morning came, I just warmed them up in the ovenette and they were good to go. Three pieces went into this bento together with some grapes and red cherry tomatoes.
Finished using quite a number of things this week, which is a good sign because normally, the vegetables will beat me to it by turning bad before I get a chance to use them. That would also mean, time to stock up during this Saturday's Jusco sale.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bento #224 101103

My bento had the same wraps as the former, but I only vary the fruits. Orange slices was ok for my bento box since I'll be eating them at home after the morning jog, and some juicy Red Globe grapes took up the rest of the space.

It was a good wrap, loved the crunchy sweet capsicums and japanese cucumber.

Bento #223 101103

Using the tortilla wrap featured in this post, I made a chicken wrap for dh's bento. It's only a single wrap using the whole piece of tortilla filled with lettuce, capsicum strips and kyuri sticks. Then I added in shredded chicken and some sauce before closing the flaps. Oh before that, I lightly steamed the Garlic Tortilla to infuse some moisture into it so that it won't crack while I roll.

The Garlic Tortilla Chicken Wrap was later further wrapped with a serviette to make eating easier and less messy. I added in fruits which are 'dry' so that the serviette won't be dampened, so it's bananas and some Autumn Royal grapes with 2 umbrella picks since it has been raining loads these two days.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Recipe: Easy Tomato Pasta Sauce II

I made this again, but this time using butter and it tasted way way much better. The aroma from the butter made this very flavourful, so from now on, calories or not, it shall be butter for this recipe. No substitution. But I scaled down the butter portion a bit.

I used tri-colour fusili pasta and served the platter with 2 meatballs kebab on the side, another one-dish meal was done. I know I will be making this again and again because it's just so easy and good, and pasta has lower GI than white rice, all the more reasons to check out the different brands of canned whole tomato to try. So at least there's some variation and not the same old same old.

5 tbsp butter (I googled and 1 tbsp of butter is approx 15 g) *I used 50g butter*
1 can whole tomato
1/2 bulb garlic - crushed but with peel intact
1 onion - quartered

For the record, I used La Doria per Javapot's recommendation, which I found at Giant's.

Cool Blog

It's a drink.
Not my blog.

I got teased by dh that since I've got a blog, I just got to blog about this Blog. And it ain't any blog for that matter, it has to be the Cool Blog. So I rose up to the challenge and blogged about the Blog, ain't it cool?

It's an ice-blended drink with different flavours that one can choose from their extensive menu, and then there's the option of adding different extras, which came with you-guessed-it, extra charges. We normally like to add those big chewy bubbles (a.k.a. sago pearls) in our drinks. Just look at the cute black "dots" sinked at the bottom of this cup, that's what I meant. This one in the picture was Mocha and it was not too bad, at least it doesn't taste artificial. You know how it's like with too much of flavouring, that's what we meant by artificial. The other time we tried ABC Blog, which was from their 'Local Dessert" Series. That one also not bad, but a bit on the sweet side.

The colourful plastic cover which sealed the drink air-tight using a special machine, and made it leak-proof. No more messy drips that's a sticky affair with this now.

Want a blog?
Go grab one at their kiosk.

Sponge Pancake

I was itching to bake something.
But the flu bug won't leave me alone.
So I was not keen to do elaborate recipes.
As that means more clean-up.

Then came Wendy's posting on Sponge Pancakes.
*ting* That fits perfectly into what I can do.
First, I can bake (but this one is using the pan).
Secondly, only 3 ingredients were called for.
So all I had to wash were the mixer bowl and attachment, measuring spoon, strainer, pan and spatula.
Exactly what I was looking for.

Thus saw me in action whipping this up. It might look easy, but it certainly was NOT!! The part of getting the pancake to cook was tricky to me at least. I can't get the top part to dry without burning the bottom, despite using the smallest flame I can grab hold of. Any smaller, I will be cooking with just the gas, without the flame.

I just arranged some slices of cling peach and centre a cherry tomato for colour contrast. Would have been better to use a strawberry for the red, but I had used the last piece in this morning's bento, tough luck.

Also, this sponge pancake was quite fragile, so handle with lots of care in order not to dent it. This being my first, I punctured some air in this and as such, a little bit of the peach went out of place. Overall, I'm happy with the visual. Just need to be more careful with it for next attempt.

So in the end, I had to just content myself with eating the fruits and a little bit of the pancake after discarding the charcoal part. Did not get much to taste much of it, but spongy soft was all I can say.

2 egg whites
2 tbsp sugar
2 egg yolks
2 tbsp all purpurse flour (sifted)
1 tsp butter for oiling the pan

1/ Beat egg whites till frothy then add in sugar and whip till medium stiff peak.
2/ Mix in the egg yolks, then fold in the flour.
3/ Heat up pan, swirl butter to melt and coat all surface.
4/ Turn heat to low, pour in the batter and add toppings.
5/ Cover with lid and cook sponge pancake until sides look golden while the centre doesn't stick to fingers when touched.
6/ Dish up and serve.

On The Trail of 3 Layer Tea

Fifth taste of 3-Layer Tea was at Sin Kim San Kopitiam. Pretty thick, and they were not stingy with the syrup. At RM2.50, I was a happy tea-drinker for that morning.

To read more about previous posts:
First at Pelita
Third at Eng Loh
Fourth at Kapitan's

Sakura Charity Festival 2010

After the previous event, we made our way to Traders Hotel for this function which was organised by The Women's Club of Penang Japanese Association. It's an annual event where jumble sale of pre-loved items were sold off by those expats leaving the country to raise funds for charity. It is a better idea as compared to donating those items direct to charitable organisations because the items might not suit their need, but by so-doing, demand and supply can be met, and the moolah collected will be of more use to the organisations that need the funds. This yearly event had been in the running for 10 years or so now, usually at the year end and it has always been Traders Hotel (formerly known as Shangrila Penang).

We bought this RM5 ticket to gain entry to the exhibition area where handicraft and food items were sold. There were also Ikebana showcase and Tea Ceremony demonstration but we quickly queued up for the cakes counter. From past experience, the baked goods sell like hot cakes and it's the first to run out. True enough, by the time it got to our turn, at least 3 items we wanted to get ran out, so we opted for these instead. Each person can only buy 3 pieces, and average price was RM7, so all in, we gave RM21 to charity for these three slices of yummy home-bakes by the Japanese women.

Pear Tart was quite buttery, sweetness just sufficient.

Castella Cake (above) and Green Roll (below) were good, at least now I know how it should taste like because previously, eventhough I baked Castella Cake before, I didn't have any standard to benchmark against. The honey aroma was evident enough, while the green tea was not overpowering in the swiss roll.

All these we had with Starbucks Coffee, match made in heaven.

Lions Charity Fun Walk 31-October-2010

Last Sunday saw us attending this event organised by Lions Club Of Penang Light. Note that the banner stated time as 7.00 am, and you know what, the flag-off was not until 9.00am!! Lots of protocols and speeches, including waiting time for the VVIP were what contributed to the delay. Thankfully the weather was cooperative, it was not draining and the sun was hiding behind the clouds, but for that 2 whole hours, we had to occupy ourselves in order not to get bored. So tempted to just walk away from the event without participating, but since we came all the way, it's only wise to just hold on.

With the above RM20 ticket, we get a goodie bag which was fully sponsored. So that means the $ collected from the ticket sales was channeled to charitable organisations.

Let's see what's within the nice brown paper bag - a 500ml of drinking water, a certificate of participation, a packet of instant noodle and a red bean bun.

This was how the certificate looked like after unrolling.

The event t-shirt which was in bright green. It was such a catchy colour that one can be spotted metres away. For obvious reason, we only wore that for the event, after which, I will usually donate them away (after washing clean and drying, of course). Too many t-shirts from too many an event.

It was a loop that took us 30 minutes to come back to the starting point, which also acted as the finishing line. We didn't stay for the lucky draw, so just pass the ticket chit to some other participants in order not to waste it. Breakfast was the call of the day, but before that, we detoured to somewhere else, to read more, hop on to the next post.

Juru's Sakae Teppanyaki & Izakaya

Last Saturday, there was a Halloween Party and 8TV's concert at Juru Auto-City, so there we went for a look-see cum dinner. There were quite a lot of impressive dress-ups but I didn't snap any photos because of the dark settings, coz my camera don't perform well at night. Don't want to end up with blurry shots that waste my time and energy, so there's only food of the dinner only to share.

We ate at Sakae's outlet and that place was packed, unlike normal days. Even at 9ish pm, there were still patrons coming in, and some of those who dressed up made their way there as well. Guess they must be hungry after all the posing with eager individuals wanting to have a photograph with them, there was even a queue for some of them. Their make-up was that real.

Anyway I digress. A quick skim at the menu, we decided to go for 2 dons and one teppanyaki, so that we got room for some desserts. Most of the time we didn't get a chance to savour the tempting desserts after a teppanyaki set, so now we remembered to go easy on the mains.

Here's our Rib-Eye Steak with Brandy Sauce, done medium-well to our liking right before our eyes. Just a subtle hint of brandy, but meld very well with the beef at RM14.80.

Shishamo at RM6.80 for this plate of 3 pieces, just squeeze the lemon juice over them and enjoy the whole fish, from head to tail, nothing was wasted.

Chicken Katsu Don (RM10.80) was ok only, but there were lots of rice. So much that we can't help it but to leave some leftover, it was simply too much carbo.

RM12.80 Seafood Curry Don was pretty fragrant, but my grouse was that it was missing a scallop!! Supposedly to have squid, tiger prawn and a fresh scallop, but where's my succelent scallop? After checking with the manager, she decided to give us a 5% discount off total bill for this error on their part.

Imo Caramel was so-so only, but I certainly felt the pinch to fork out RM5.80 for these miserable 5 pieces. Never again.

With the scant 5 pieces of japanese sweet potato above, we ordered this Dango which is green tea mochi balls. It came plain and we can choose to have either the red bean or black sesame as dipping sauce. We opted for the latter, and I regretted because I can detect some peppermint in the watered down black sesame sauce. This was RM7.80 by the way.

Total was RM66.45, but since I get 50% for birthday month, and this is the only Sakae Teppanyaki outlet in the whole of Malaysia that I can collect my points, I'm not so unhappy eventhough service could have been better. Their staff must have been a little overwhelmed with the crowd for that night as the volume was high.