Monday, November 30, 2009

Bento #040 091118

Some leftover stir-fry tomyam instant noodle which I re-heated using the ovenette on the bottom right corner. In the same compartment above the noodle are some fresh mushroom which I baked using the ovenette as well since I have already switched it on. Just a light drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of fine salt were all I used to season it to get the natural taste of the fungi.

On the left compartment was Elmo on a bed of canned peaches (which I was trying to finish up) and a scone to fill the gap.

Muffin Tin Meal #30 091114

I emptied the whole orange and left the rind intact to hold the red cherry tomatoes while the next cavity was a home-baked cranberry scones. Further along was a banana cut into quarters drizzled with some melted chocolate with some flower food picks to liven this muffin tin meal up.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Muffin Tin Meal #29 091110

Left: Potato bun by Mighty White
Middle: Some quail's eggs and red cherry tomato "drumsticks"
Right: An orange with some decorations done on the rind

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Muffin Tin Meal #28 091107

The only time I spent in assembling today's muffin tin meal was cutting the orange, hahah...I used a v-knife to do the job. Together with my last bag of cereal bites were 2 sponge fingers leftover from making tiramisu.

The lady's fingers were great dunked into the hot drink.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Muffin Tin Meal #027 091106

Nothing much to shout about in today's muffin tin meal other than the two 'tulips' standing prettily on the orange halves which I had inverted. The fancy food picks sure transformed the quail's egg and red cherry tomato, beautifying this otherwise plain bento.

On the lower left was a piece of bread with a light spread of butter cut into 2 triangular halves and folded to fit the cavity. Oh, with a cup of kopi-o, I had an magnificient light meal to launch the day.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Muffin Tin Meal #026 091105

Another simple bento of banana chunks sprinkled with cinnamon sugar sandwiched between the two peaks of longevity buns. The hot cuppa needs no introduction by now. *-*

Was what your breakfast like?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Muffin Tin Meal #25 091103

Some backlogs of Muffin Tin Meals to clear from the photo folder, so be forewarned about the diarrhoea of them in the next few posts.

The centrepiece of today's muffin tin meal was the big vegetarian pau that I bought from the market at only RM1. There were thick shreds of yambean in the filling, something that spells as home-made to me, not those off-the-mill mass produced ones. I was feeling playful and thought of using the blank canvas of white for some decoration. Inspiration strike, so I dressed it as a baby with pacifier using a piece of cheese cut out and a bone fancy food pick. The two rosy cheeks on both sides were simply food picks as well while the eyes were nori cut out using a sun motif puncher. This cheeky baby was seeing stars as can be seen on the cheese cutouts I stuck onto the nori eyes. To complete this, I cut another sun nori punch out into half as the hair. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at this lovely sight of this funny creation that came to me at the spur of the moment. I definitely didn't pre-plan this.
The baby also had some cherry tomato balloons with some cubed peaches. This is definitely not one of my everyday muffin tin meals, hahha...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Mum Mum Pan Mee

It is quite difficult to find pan mee here in Penang, what's more good ones are even rarer.
This stall located near the Jelutong Expressway was not difficult to locate once we managed to find it. Initially I feared that I might missed the turning to get to this place, because if I overshot, I would need to make a big detour.

Thankfully, guided by my instinct, we got it right the first time. We reached there after the lunch crowd, so it was a blessing. What did I say so? Blessing because it took the shop a fair bit of time to prepare our food despite there being not many tables waiting to be served.

Could it be because we went for their specials? And that needs more work when it comes to preparation part? I had the Minced Pork Pan Mee With Special Sauce with the fine noodle as pictured on the left while on the left was my other half's order, Crispy Pork Pan Mee with broad noodle. Both priced at RM3.50 for a small portion were excellent choices, only downside was the missing fried anchovies which we had to get as side order.

Being adventurous, we also decided to have a take at their suikow and fish dumpling soup. The latter, a piece of white ingot seen at the bottom centre photo was made with fish meat wanton skin and had mince wrapped within it, it is not your everyday item. Lucky that we ordered this soup because the soup that came with our dry pan mee order tasted a bit off.
Definitely a good place for pan mee, we both left the place satisfied with our filled tummy.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Is Nando's Serving Spring Chicken Now?

What that question in the title above, one may wonder. Just take a look at this photo and share with me your thoughts. Obviously it was a nice way for me to say that the chicken size has shrunk, trying to be politically correct here, hahah..

I had the birthday voucher from Jaya Jusco that will be expiring this month, so this saved us from wondering about in the mall to pick for our dinner venue. I will get a quarter chicken free for a half chicken meal ordered with using the voucher. I thought that I will be able to pack a chicken sandwich the next day from the extra chicken, but who knows, with the diminishing size of chicken, it ended up all in our stomach.

Quirky signage spotted while waiting for our food to arrive, it tickled us funny from the boredom of counting the minutes to the time our food was served.

The bottle of peri-peri sauce beside the Sparkling Apple drink, which according to the menu, is a refreshing and special mix by Nando's. It is a gassy concoction of apple juice with either Sprite or 7-Up, that's my guess of RM5.30.

Starters of Peri Wedges with Creamy Perry Dip was nothing to shout about. Definitely not worth the RM7.50 in my humble opinion.

Our main course of half chicken with two side orders, the cous-cous salad and grilled vegetables. A healthier choice, this cous-cous salad was a new item and of course, we were game to try it. No regrets, better than the Mediterranean Rice we usually opt for. Lots of zucchini can be spotted in the grilled vegetables aside from red bell pepper, green capsicum, onions and fresh button mushroom. A good combination to get in terms of side orders.
I'm sure our next round to this Peri-peri expert restaurant won't be too far into the future because dh had his eyes set on the Angry Mango Burger. Oh, I just hope he won't get angry after eating that, else no more of that for him if I ended up being the punchbag. Just kidding.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Peanut Butter Toast

Eng Loh's Peanut Butter Toast has been on our food-hunting list for the longest time and thankfully we managed to savour it during our trip to town last Monday. Our last attempt saw this outlet undergoing some renovation works.

Not your ordinary bread this thick toast was sent into the ovenette to melt the margarine spread on it, at the same time giving it crispy sides. Once heated, it was given a coating of peanut butter at the top before a generous sprinkling of crushed peanut.

It was an awesome sight to behold for my dh who is like I always say, Nuts over nuts. He just couldn't even wait for me to snap a photo of it before sinking his teeth into the crusty bread. One bite and he was in peanut heaven.

I only had two pieces of the bread and left the rest for dh. I was more excited about this 3-layer iced milk tea, the best I had tried thus far. Must be the skillful person behind the counter manning the drinks section, the tea was strong and this drink packed a punch like no other. Now we must find every opportunity to go to town more, so that we can stop by Eng Loh Kopitiam, he for his peanut butter toast and me, the 3-layer tea.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

What to eat?

Dh came back from riding his bicycle hungry like a bull, so I had to act fast. We were weighing our options of going out to have an instant fix since good food is everywhere here but the thought of fighting for a parking spot with the lunch crowd made us think twice. So ponder ponder, think think...much easier to dish out something from the kitchen.

Rummaging through the larder, I found some packets of opened instant noodle with their seasoning missing because I had earlier fished them out to prepare some other food, but my cracking my old brain brought no result what I used them for. That aside, I decided to make stir-fried tomyam instant noodles out of the usual soupy version. I soaked the instant noodles in room temperature boiled water to soften them, but not too long...just enough to loosen them up.

Mean time, sliced some pips of garlic, one big yellow onion that is threatening to turn into spring onion if I don't consume it soon enough also went under the knife. Stir-fry of noodles is good because it is almost like fried rice, an opportunity to spring clean the refrigerator and put into the wok those little items lying around. I managed to clear the container of bean sprout and capsicum. The shredded chicken was from the freezer.
To get the right seasoning, I added in a heaped tablespoon of store-bought tomyam paste and that did the magic. This went into the wok after the usual steps of browning the garlic plus onion and then the chicken shreds. Next was the noodle, give it a quick swirl to make sure every strand was evenly coated, followed by making a well in the centre to put in the bean sprouts. Tadaa, dish and serve. A RM3 meal for 2 pax, max, this was indeed a thrifty idea to put food on the table, literally.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Makan Puas-puas

Saturday November the 14th saw us having dinner at Teo Chew Meng Seafood Village near Juru Auto-City again. If you are a follower of this blog, you would be thinking of yourself, how come we never get bored of visiting Teo Chew Meng, ah ha? Well, each time we tried different items, and thus far, we ordered the least this visit.

I was eyeing this Teo Chew Mee Teow from the menu since we last frequented this place. It ended up being a disappointment, nothing special. Actually I nearly wanted to bring forward this dish to the next round if not for the person who took our order recommending it. We made our first order which was the Singapore Char Bee Hoon, dh's favourite. Since that's a noodle dish, I tried to get rice instead to offer some variety, and was pointing my finger at the Fried Rice with Dried Scallop And Salted Egg. Then came the suggestion of the captain, so we agreed to go with that. When the mee teow came, it was a plate fit for 2 pax, just look at the size. We should have trusted our own judgement instead of listening to the captain. Twice in a row he had failed us with his recommendation, shall not mention what happened the first time though since that's history. I mean, working in the restaurant, he should have known better how big the portion size was and advise us accordingly. It can be because this is their specialty dish which they are proud of, but didn't he know that too much of a good stuff can be bad as well? Nevermind that, bright side is that now I can strike off this item from my (ever expanding) food list.

This Singapore Bee Hoon was superb. Really really good, everything was done just right. This dish brought back the balance that was tipped by the above mee teow...luckily.

Inche Kabin was our choice for protein to go with the two carbo above. Served piping hot topped with crispy pink prawn crackers on a bed of deep-fried beehoon, this was a winner as well. I particularly the sauce - chopped red chilli plus bird's eye chilli and thinly sliced onions with worchester sauce. I can detect a hint of the bottled curry powder which I used in the Bombay Chicken Stew.

So much food for only two souls, we brought back half a portion of the mee teow. Till our next adventure to Teo Chew Meng, that's all for now.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pasta again?

The other can of Campbell's Pasta Sauce that found its way into my home from grocery shopping. Also a creamy base, also mushroom base, but more specifically, it's Alfredo Portobello. This one has a stronger mushroom taste than the Carbonara Mushroom, my guess would be because of the type of mushroom used. Carbonara Mushroom showed a picture of button mushroom on its label, whereas portobello mushroom was seen on this can.

I used almost the same ingredients I did in this Pasta Mania post, the same type of pasta, which was linguine. Also bacon bits in both. Only difference was the type of mushroom. Instead I used White Crab Mushroom, it looks almost the same as enoki other than being fatter and fairer, hahah... The obese cousin of enoki perhaps? Between enoki and this white crab mushroom, I prefer this as it is more plump, thus rendering more bites to it.

Method of preparation was the same, so I shall not repeat here.

Oh, forgot to mention, this time, I caramelised the bacon bits more, thus the charred look, but its crispier. Not to mention, more fragrant.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Wok @ Heritage Club Penang

Saw a friend's photo in facebook of her meal taken at this cafe. Didn't know that they serve walk-in customers as all along I had in mind it was an exclusive club for members only. We literally had the whole place to ourself as it was a weekday, Monday to be exact.

Dh had the Chicken Gordon Bleu, RM15.00. He was quite disappointed with this because it tasted like freezer-to-fryer version, not done fresh from scratch.

While he had the poultry, I tried the RM28.00 Braised Lamb Shank. This was better (it had better be since it's like almost double the price of the chicken dish), very tender meat that went very well with the brown sauce. Served on a bed of mashed potato with a few florets of cauliflower on the side plus some carrot slices, I like the way it was presented.

It certainly was a nice meal with a nice quiet ambiance, and bonus was that I got the opportunity to check out the club. Not that I'm eyeing the membership, I was just happy I satisfied my inquisitive mind as to how this Heritage Club was like everytime I drove past it. Now I am curious no more. *-*

Sunway Carnival Mall's Food Court

Sunway Carnival Mall just opened a food court recently, and the name can't be more creative - Food Karnival. Quite spacious and clean as a matter of fact. Well, we were there during non peak hours, so no waiting time for a table was necessary.

A quick round to check out what the stalls offer, dh went for this Sweet and Sour Chicken Hot Plate Rice. An absolutely awesome choice, it came with an egg for RM5.00 with 3 pieces of chicken plus loads of gravy.

And this, was the 3-layer Tea. Finally managed to find it elsewhere other than Pelita mamak place. What's even better was I get to see how it was prepared, the behind-the-scene part. The key was the syrup that was poured in first, followed by slowly pouring the evaporated milk and topped with hot black tea. There you have it, wonder if I can replicate this back home?

My choice was disappointingly lousy for RM5.50. It was the Black Pepper Crispy Chicken Set that had coleslaw and sausage as side dishes. Don't you agree that the crispy chicken were so miserable? So few pieces, there was hardly enough to go with the rice. Lucky thing I had the gravy from dh's hotplate to go with, else I think half the portion of white rice would go to waste.
Certainly a good makan place with air-cond, a place that we will frequent for lunch as a welcoming respite from the unbearable heat outside.

Ki Xiang Bah Kut Teh

This stall serves really good bah kut teh, and I mean really really good. Their soup was thick and bonus point is that they only offer different parts of porky meat, no innards whatsoever. It was located near Megamall. Other than the soup version, this stall which originates from Klang (quoting their words in the stall name) offers dry bah kut teh as well. Dry bah kut teh in fact is a signature of Klang style bah kut teh.

Again, one can opt for the choice of meat here and the person behind the stove would simmer them dry in a clay pot. The pot of meat will come sizzling hot with a handful of dried chillies, strips of dry cuttlefish and okra slices in it, drenched in thick dark soy sauce. This was so flavourful, it is the best dry bah kut teh I've tasted to date. I can still remember the other one I tried couple of years ago (was it that long?!?), my tongue was literally set on fire because of the fiery chilly. Guess they went overboard with the dried chilly in that stall, and that was my first and last visit there. So back to this one, it is a must-have when visiting this makan place.

We ordered claypot for both the dry and soup bah kut teh because we like our shop piping hot. Claypot would be able to do that as it can retain heat better, but be careful not to scald your tongue. Priced at RM8 per pax, there were generous helping in each claypot.
Bah kut teh is never complete without the chinese crueller. The other must-have is the condiment of chopped chilli, minced garlic and both types of soya sauce, the light and dark version. One thing this stall lacks is chopped red chilli, they only provide the bird eye chilli. Other than that, I'm a satisfied customer. Oh, did I mention that their rice is also a winner here? It is served mixed with fried shallots.
All in, the food came round to RM20 for both of us, excluding the drinks. Opens daily for long hours, which is 0800 till 2200, this is one place that we for sure will keep coming back for more.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bento #039 091101

Let's see what's in today's bento box:
Top left corner were some pan-grilled meat slices
Bottom left corner housed the fried beehoon and noodles in this triangle disposable white liner, topped with crispy shallot slices and vinegared green chilli.

Top right were the pre-marinated green apples (again!), but I added some raisins to it, nice!!
By now, the sight of Kumato is familiar to you in this blog, no? I just cut this into 8 wedges and used a silicone foodcup to hold them together. A green emoticon with the lip-smacking good sign sure sums up this bento well.

Home Made Udon, Anyone?

I was tempted to make my own udon after seeing the simple ingredients and steps provided by My Kitchen. If not for the fact that I ran out of bread flour, I would have attempted it right away after reading her wonderful blog. Hop on over to check her professionally taken photos.

However, I failed big time. My udon was so ugly that it resembles more of hu-piao noodles (fish maw noodles) which some hawker stalls sell. My guess would be I added in too much water because the dough was not able to retain its shape, let alone was I able to cut them into uniform strands. Another attempt at this is inevitable, keeping fingers crossed that my next udon project would yield better results.
So what to do with the ugly worm-look-alike udon? Ate them with some soya sauce gravy, topped with shredded chicken and scallions, plus a quail's egg, the udon was ugly no more with all these camouflages.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Muffin Tin Meal #24 091101

With the new found discovery of making pillow sandwiches, I made them again today. Instead of the meat floss filling for that of yesterday's, this time it had creamy egg mayo. I also tried to use a fluted cutter instead, thus the jagged edge seen here. This works well also, and ain't the scallop edges a lovely sight? Decoration for the eyes were 2 orange pumpkin-shaped dragee whereas for the lips was red crescent-shaped candy. I use a yellow foodpick as flower for the hair-clip.

Two single-wrapped KitKat and a cup of pre-marinated green apple accompanied this Little Miss Pretty in this muffin tin meal.

Fresh Black Fungus Soup

One is a small ice-cream scoop while the other is fresh black fungus. What does these two items have on common? Answer is NONE, apart from the fact that I used both to cook the below soup. The small ice-cream scoop helps me to get the same size minced meat balls which was in turn, used to boil this soup. It makes life so much easier, who says ice-cream scoop is limited to scooping ice-cream only? Think out of the box, expand the usage of a single item to more, that's the rule of the day.

This is a very easy soup to make, just scoop the minced meat into a boiling pot of water, then add in the fresh black fungus. Throw in one or two or more red dates for colour and aroma. Once the minced meat balls float to the surface of water, season accordingly and serve. Invest only 15 minutes to get a bowl of this light soup.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I think konyaku are more well know as jelly, the chewy type of jelly with fruits in it. But no, this one here is a type of vegetarian food that taste bland on itself, so normally it finds its way into a pot of oden. The japanese brand of konyaku is brownish with speckles and comes in a big block. This one that I bought here is cheaper comparatively, and it comes in either butterfly knot or strands. The butterfly is the one on the left, whereas the one in strands on the right. To get a better view, scroll down.

Instead of oden, I braised them in my mastersauce. So far that's what I had been doing, haven't attempted to cook oden yet, probably I should add oden to my to-do list. In terms of texture, I prefer the butterfly knots on the left.

Extra Long Yu Char Koay

While googling for something, I ended up with another. How many of you have encountered that? I'm not saying that the google didn't produce the result that I was looking for, more like I read on from that result and found something else. Isn't the internet amazing?

This was no ordinary chinese cruellers stall, why do I say so? The length of the yu char koay offered was 15 inches or 38 centimeter in metric system. That's what made it outstanding. I kid not you, I really used a measuring tape to get the statistics right. Priced at RM1, it is worth every sen because the normal size one is now RM0.70. Another plus point of this stall is that the oil used is very clean, it is still clear unlike some dark artery-clogging oil other entrepreneurs use.

The sweet cruellers called hua-chee is also different here, it is knotted into a 7-figure. Can you spot that in the below photo? Extra crispy is the word for it and the black sesame is also unique, other stalls goes for the white sesame.

A close-up photo of the other specialties that this enterprising stall-owner offer to its customers. One can opt for a filling to go with the cruellers, seen here are the savoury version. Top right we've got the Tuna filling that has a medley of flaked tuna, onions, cabbage and carrot mixed with mayonaise to a spreading consistency to be sandwiched between the crispy crunchy deep-fried dough.

Bottom left is the Meat Floss and mayonaise version retailing at RM2.50, the same price as that of Tuna. On its left is the stuffed crueller with sausage, this one cost RM0.50 more.

You might wonder, what's my favourite of them all? My vote would be for the Tuna because the meat floss one leans towards dry for me. Dh's favourite is the hua-chee, no second question about that.

Season's Red Bean Soya Drink

I picked this up while grocery shopping at Giant recently and couldn't wait to try it once I got home. Got a dilemma, supposed to drink it chill for maximum flavour factor. I know, I can always add ice cubes to bring the temperature of the drink down, but that would dilute the drink which I prefer to steer clear.

So to wait or not to wait? I end up placing this can of red bean soya drink in the freezer to hurry the chilling process, then in the meantime went about to sort out those grocery purchases and stored them. Once that get done, I awarded myself with this tall glass of drink, timing was perfect.
There was subtle hint of red bean in the soya drink, not too much nor too little. Another sip further along, I kind of suddenly thought of ais kacang. Ais kacang has red beans in it, thus the association. So imagine this, drinkable ais kacang, that's exactly how it tastes like to me. Thumbs up to Season's to come up with this unique product.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

From this to that

As promised, here's the post showing what I did with the gluten puffs. I braised them in my master sauce and from golden colour, the gluten puffs turned dark brownish. Do not be put off by the monotone colour here, the gluten puffs indeed taste better this way for they had absorbed the flavourful gravy because eaten alone, the puffs are nothing but salty.

I added in some hard-boiled eggs and konyaku, thus I got myself a pot of satisfying dish to be served for dinner. This will act as my protein dish and goes down very well with my mixed grain of steamed white rice plus rolled oats.
Now I got to stop myself from stealing a piece or two from the pot, and hopefull when dinner time comes around, there's still some left.

Crazy weather

How's the weather at your end? Here it has been hot during the afternoon, but once the sun sets, it rains. Not that I'm complaining, in fact, I love the cooling weather. However, this sudden change in temperature is not doing the body any good, as it makes one prone to get sick easier. So what to do? Boil a big pot of western barley and drink the broth, that's what I did. As for the resulting barley, I ate them like tong-sui. Normally I would request for more barley when I order barley drink from the coffeeshop, so now I can help myself to heaps of it.
The brownish colour seen in this bowl of barley tong-sui was from the brown sugar I added to give it more fragrant. This bowl also helps in bowel movement because of the fiber.

Bento #038 091031

A home-made pillow sandwich filled with meat floss. No fanciful gadgets (though I was tempted to buy the panda sandwich sealer online) were used here, I made do with 2 metal round cutter of different sizes to get this. Just need to think out of the box, and voila, a cutesy pillow sandwich was born.

With such a big surface area for decoration, I decided to apply "make-up" on this face using edible food marker. No elaborate make-up artist to do the job, I used a fanciful foodpick to represent the hair clip for this lady face.

In this bento were some orange slices, a stick of cheese by Kraft, some raisins in a cup to fill in the gap in the corner plus a Reese's peanut butter chocolate cup.

Now that I got the idea of making the pillow sandwich, watch up for what it would be tomorrow. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, have a fantastic day at your end.

Friday, November 13, 2009

How to make Gluten Puffs

Mom had been offering me packet of her unopened all purpose flour for a few times now. And she just did it last weekend but I realised I have yet to use the one she gave me the other time. I find she got this problem of keeping a packet at home for just-in-case situation, and after some time or after a fair bit of time, she haven't used it yet so she gave it to me thinking that since I bake, I can use it. Truth be told, I didn't even dare to use it in my bakes, who knows how it would turn out? Just imagine the amount of ingredients that would go to waste if the flour is at fault?

Of course I didn't let her on in this, so I will still find ways to finish up the pack of flour, it's money afterall. Waste not, want not. I've made pancakes with the flour before but with my frozen stash of pancakes still in store, I gotta find other ways.

Hence the idea of gluten puffs came in mind. Since part of the process was to wash away the starch, I reckon it would be a better way to use up the flour because if there's any 'stale' aroma in the flour, it will be flushed out?
Here's the original weight of the dough before being "brain" washed. It does look like brain, no? This was by mixing 1kg of flour with 0.6kg of water in which 2 tsp of salt has been dissolved in it.

From 1.6kg, its weight was shed and reduced to only 20%, and this was the resulting gluten that we are looking for. The washing under running cold tap water process was akin to washing the laundry, I had fun squish squashing it away. Good also as a stress-reliever to wash away the bad lousy energy.

Leave the post-wash gluten in a colander to drain away excess water and it is ready to be used. Oh, to get such a smooth surface, you gotta turn and tuck in the ugly side underneath.

Slice the ball of gluten into moderate pieces, then deep-fry in hot oil to puff it up. Do not crowd the pot to let the gluten have more room to puff. Beware, it splatters. Once golden, drain on crumpled paper towel and it's ready for consumption. Can be eaten as-is basis, it's crunchy on the inside and chewy at the same time on the inside.

At the top of this plate was the gluten before deep-frying, below is the golden gluten puffs. Now I got another dilemma, how to finish up the gluten puffs? Hang on for the next post.

Muffin Tin Meal #23 091031

With some leftover de-shelled prawns from yesterday's prawn toast, I made them into a prawn and peach bread roll. A good pair, prawn goes well with mango also. Making the prawn and peach bread roll was very easy, just need to arrange a piece of prawn and a strip of canned peach halves in the middle of the bread. Roll up from one end to the other, parallel to the ingredients. Seal the end of the bread with some paste made up with flour and water. Heat up oil in the skillet, slowly release the bread roll into the oil and using small fire, cook till it is golden and crispy.

I cut one roll into two for easier manageability, also used foodpicks for them so that my hands were spared of the grease from holding them while eating. To lessen the guilt, I had a chopped Kumato on the left and yoghurt on the right.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pasta Mania

Our household had been enjoying pasta in recent times, that's because I'm lazy to cook elaborate meals. Elaborate meal also spells more utensils to wash, and then also to dry those pots and pans, so much work just to feed two mouths? Not justifiable (read: excuse), to me, so with pasta, I only need to wash two items, one pot and a pan.

The pot would be to boil the pasta till al-dente. This is what I normally do, half fill a pot with about 250ml water to boil, then add in half a teaspoon of salt and one tablespoon of oil. Salt will help increase the temperature of the water (Science lesson here) besides seasoning the pasta a bit. The oil will help in ensuring that the pasta will not stick together in one big lump after being drained. For our consumption, I go by the measure of 100g pasta, that works out to 50g per person. That means one pack of pasta which normally weighs 500g will last us 5 meals. I've heard of a friend who was like amazed with our rate of consumption because for her, her family can finish the one same pack in two servings. So it all depends on individuals. The above measure of 50g was 'dictated' by hubby dearest per if not mistaken, the Zone Diet.

Back to cooking the pasta, so once the water boils and after the salt and oil added, place your preferred choice of pasta and let the whole pot boil for about 5 minutes. At this point, turn off the fire and put the cover on the pot. Let the pasta get its soak in the hot tub and absorb the water while you prepare the accompanying sauce. After say 15 minutes, check this pot of pasta. You would see that the water has reduced, which is ok, it means you are on the right track. Take a bite, if your pasta is al-dente, drain the water now, else, crank up the stove and bring it to a boil again. After this, the pasta will be al-dente and go on to drain it. Previously I boil my pasta till al-dente, which is not so kind to Mother Earth. With this new found method, less energy is consumed, really. Don't believe? Try it for yourself.

Ok, now to the story of the pan. I put in the bacon bits and on a slow fire, let it cook till caramelised, then remove the bacon bits from the pan. With the drippings secreated from the bacon, I stir-fry the grey oyster mushroom till limp before removing it once again. The pan is now used a third time to heat up the canned sauce. For today's meal, I used Campbell's Carbonara Mushroom Sauce. My first time using it actually and the taste plus saltiness is just good for us.

So assemble everything and tuck in to a hearty durum meal.

New wares

Hands got itchy again..but wallet got thinner as a result of these. New item that just got into the 100 yen store in Raja Uda is the pack of picks. 3 different designs of flowers plus a butterfly, so altogether four designs in 3 colours of red, yellow and green.

The other two packs are small containers to pack food separately, or they can be used as food cups within a bento box. Featured here are blue and beige.

Muffin Tin Meal #22 091030

Anoother day, another Muffin Tin Meal.
Guess the cuppa needs no introduction nor mention anymore, does it?

Fat-free yoghurt from Nestle, Kiwi flavour
Prawn toast triangles, can you spot the rabbit assembled within the muffin tin's cavity?
To counter the greasiness from the toast, some green apples pre-marinated with mandarin orange peel. Those brown bits of pieces seen were the mandarin orange peel, which I would normally remove from the green apples after one day of marination because any longer, the green apples would have brownish stains on them. Some foodpicks to 'accessorise' the quick and pronto muffin tin meal.

Mr. Baoz in Queensbay Mall Penang

I happened to walk into the entrance from the carpark located at Lower Ground floor of Queensbay Mall where Arena food court was. There was another entrance but I prefer this because it has an automatic sliding door, meaning I do not need to touch the door handle (god knows how 'clean' it can be, right?).
And what greeted me was this brightly decorated shop called Mr. Baoz on my left. Saw that it was new, so naturally the curious me went in to have a look and was given some flyers of what they offer and the current promotion. Wah, the baos were so colourfully decorated, at first glance, one would have been fooled that it was a donut shop, definitely not one which sells chinese steamed buns. Indeed, a check with their website wrote that these healthy white buns were invented by the Taiwanese owner with the idea of donuts in mind.

Mind you, I had a hard time deciding on one single flavour from the different ranges they have in store - Royal delicacy, chocolate, crispy, steamed, snowflake series and the latest, the golden fried series. They all look so good and inviting, I stood there toying with the idea of getting the Champion box of a dozen pieces. I quickly abandon the idea because though it's nice to be able to try out the varieties this way, I don't want to be stuffing myself silly with so many baos, I end up look like one - big, fat and round.

Suddenly, something caught my sight. Must have been blinded by the choices at first to not have noticed this earlier. It's the special treats for breakfast and tea time diners, bingo! My problem is solved, I shall go for that, which was a choice of any baoz plus a drink of either hot or cold green tea for RM3.50.

After a knock out method of what I know for sure I don't want, I ended up with the Roast Beef Baoz. It came cut up into 8 wedges to my amazement, and certainly not a sight that I was looking for. I asked the manager and was told that this was the way they serve it, but judging from the dismay look on my face, he offered to change it for me. Good service, thumbs up for that!!

I didn't manage to snap a photo so the above image was cropped from their website. The baoz was nice, very pillowy soft, went very well with the (limited) filling. The roast beef baoz had mayo drizzled on top and garnished with english parsley. Definitely worth to check out. I'm hoping to try out their other choices, mainly from the Royal Delicacy series as my preference is on savoury types.