Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bento #034 090921

By far, this is the one bento that I put in the most effort, hahah... Guess I was in a good mood to do so much for my boxed meal. Occassionally I just need to kick myself to put in the extra action and I was glad I managed to crank up my engine to do just that.

In this black square bento box:
3 rice balls topped with some furikake
Some salted fish pork slices, topped (again) with some lettuce strands
Asparagus 'umbrellas' (for the rainy days of late)
Some straberries topped with cheese flower cutouts, aren't they lovely?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Muffin Tin Meal #16 090921

By now, it's evidently obvious that I must have my cuppa each morning.
A bottle of Yococo by Nestle, bluberry flavour.

Some strawberry halves
Sweet potato pau, which was sweet on it own, so I just ate it plain.
2 pieces of Mocha cookies, courtesy of none other than my buddy. Thanks dearie, love love love them to bits.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Bento #033 090920

An extremely rarity bento - rare because it was for dinner. Hubby rang saying that he would be coming home late, and since I was hungry, I fixed my own dinner first. Lucky thing I didn't wait up for him because he had free dinner in office since it was the raya holiday. Guess it was the company's way of giving back to its employees. Nice gesture, I would say.

This time, I tried Fettucine Aglio Olio for variety. My first time cooking fettucine, and I find it harder to cook because the pasta stick onto each other as they were flat surfaces, unlike spaghetti or angel's hair. Well, there's always a first.
As it was short notice, the fastest and easiest (albeit unhealthiest) way to cook is deep-frying. I just heated up the oil and into it went 2 pieces of star-shaped chicken nuggets for some protein. Weren't they cute jazzed up as star-rings with the food picks?
Also cut a sweet plum into wedges and arranged them alternately with the skin side up to brighten this otherwise ordinary bento.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Muffin Tin Meal #15 090920

Instead of the normal cuppa to spark off the day, in its place there was a canned Kopi-O by Nescafe. Taste of this is so-so only.
Wedges of star-fruit for the fiber.
Cookies made from the heart from this kind lady
French toast using pandan bread cut into mini squares.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bento #032 090919

Per my mention in previous post, presented here in the bento is my home version of "Nasi Goreng Ayam" mamak style in the left box. Some cucumber rings were used to separate the rice from the chicken.

To counter the gresiness of the chicken, I heaped the other box of this 2-tier bento with hand-torn iceberg lettuce topped with some carrot cutouts in star shape. In a separate container was some corn mayo for dips.

This bento took me quite some time to fix as I had to fry the rice. It was a YangZhou fried rice for the record. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ayamas Tomyam Chicken

Ayamas' just added a new flavour to its range of freezer-to-fryer chicken series - TOM YAM Crispy Fried Chicken. The blend of herbs added really elevate the taste of chicken higher than the normal crispy fried chicken. The aroma as I was deep frying it made me so hungry I couldn't wait for it to cool a little bit to chomp it down.

There was some sourish taste to it, just like how a good tom yam should be. The marinate even got to the meat of the chicken, not just on the surface, so with each bite, it was like eating 'dry' tomyam kai (minus the soup). What I really love about this is that I can detect existence of kaffir lime. Great to go with fried rice, ala mamak style of "Nasi Goreng Ayam".

Oh, by the way, it can be quite spicy, just a word of caution.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

J Co Donuts, Penang

...has landed in this tiny island @ Queensbay Mall. They offer more than donuts, there were ice blended drinks, coffee and frozen yogurts as well. Of course donut is the main and biggest attraction (at least for me), but there was a long queue for it because some people couldn't decide on what flavour to choose. I would be also, but being lazy to wait, I opted for the best option, the J Pops.

J Pops sound like such a cutie, ain't it? Just one pop into the mouth, easy mess-free. J Pops by J Co, the equivalent to Munchkins by Dunkin'. These J Pops came in a box of 24 pieces, 12 fixed flavours, meaning 2 pieces of each flavour. For the list of flavours, go to the last photo. This is a good choice in order for one to taste what is being offered, though it doesn't cover all the flavours available in J Co.

It was great fun to match the list of flavours to the J Pops. Most of the J Pops were filled, except the two savoury flavours. They were filled with either plain or flavoured whipped cream. The savoury Cheese Me Up was something very special that there was even a tiny weeny piece of sausage atop as garnishing, thumbs up for the innovation. Tomato sauce was also drizzled as part
of the decoration, can you believe it?

The bag that contains the "excitement".
One step closer now...

The full view of J Pops.
Caviar Choco; Crunchy
Caviar Mint; Mango
Alcapone; Heaven Berry
Oreo; Tira Missu
Mona Pizza; Why Nut
Cheese Me Up; Coco Loco
List of flavours in the receipt.
Hubby's complaint? There were no nuts in the selection box...not with counting the peanut butter in the Why Nut. He was after bit and pieces of nuts, how nut can that be? As for me, I feel that this J Pops emphasized slightly more on the chocolate as can be seen in like four of the twelve flavours. If taking into account white chocolate as well (Alcapone and Why Nut were glazed with white chocolate), then it would be six flavours, that's like 50%.
So what's next? I want the JCrowns...those shaped like flowers. Guess a visit there this weekend would be in the agenda. J Co, here we come again.

Muffin Tin Meal #14 090919

Apple flavoured Vitagen
Cup of hot Milo (half cup to be exact ^-^)
A pack of Bixie's Fruity squares
Five pieces of sweet juicy fragrant fresh strawberries
Two pieces of "mi-ku"
A small glass of brown sugar soy milk
p/s: First time I tried the cereal squares with soy milk, it's a good change from the norm of cow's milk.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bento #031 090917

Since I started meddling with Muffin Tin Meals, I haven't been bento-ing as much. Guess it's about time to revisit this collection again (almost a month since the last).
Armed with about 60g of angel's hair and no frozen stash of ready sauce to go with it, I made it into Pasta Aglio Olio with guidance from this site. It was simply tasty and so hassle-free, I definitely will do it over and over again. It taste quite similar to the teochew mee-teow that my mom cooked, without the chives.
In the box were some heart-shaped chicken nuggets for protein (tho processed, it still counts, no?). Some red apple fancy cutouts into flowers and a Cream Cracker cupcake. I had to finish off the last piece, and it filled up the gap as well.
Got the idea of the apple flowers from my pal, but I wasn't as successful as her to get a sharp cut through the apple skin. Thus some of my flowers are skinless. Proved to be a good contrast also, blessings in disguise then.
For the record, this bento box is from Tupperware, one of the tiers from their tiffin series which I got couple of moons back.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Muffin Tin Meal #13 090917

After last night's heavy dinner from Colonel Sanders, this morning's breakfast was a lighter muffin tin meal to compensate for the excess calories. Hope this way of offsetting will be reflective on the weighing scale, I kidding myself?

Strawberry yoghurt from Nestle's Fat-free range
Hot milk coffee
Corn on a cob with a decorative carrot flower
Cubes of chinese juicy fragrant pear adorned with some cute fork-picks

Monday, September 21, 2009

Muffin Tin Meal #12 090916

Cream Cracker (Cup)Cake from previous post
A must-have hot cup for the morning
Orange vitagen
Pandan bread roll with chocolate sauce and skewered on some fancy picks
Sweet purple plum

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Premix: Cream Craker Cake

I was asked by the 'receiver' if I had tried this product myself. Of course my answer to her was "Yes", tried and tested, passed my QC before sending her a pack to try.
Next came the question of "How come I didn't blog about it then?" Hmm...a very good question indeed, and the only reason that came to my mind was possibly because this blog hasn't come into existence at that time.

And thanks to her for giving me the idea of a blog topic, here you go, SIG.

As the name of a premix suggests, this cake needs only very basic ingredient (other than the bag of premix), which are a block of butter weighing 250g and 6 B-sized eggs. As I only have AA-sized eggs at home, I used only 4 AA-sized eggs.

I also opted to steam them in mini cups to save me the hassle of cutting, and it cooked in less time as well. Win-win situation for the household, not forgetting the environment as well with gas consumption savings.

3 ingredients in 3 easy steps.

Ready to be steamed in dainty cuppies. Seen here, they were in my electric steamer. I just wanted to try if this works better than over the stove. Alas, the batch that came out of the electric steamer yield to a flat top. I personally prefers the dome top, so next time, it's back to the gas stove.

Minimal washing of just the mixing bowl, the K-beater paddle and 2 spatulas. The secret? Check out the next photo.

I put all the ready batter into a ziplock bag, snip a hole at one of the corners, then piped out the batter into the cups. Neat isn't it? Not to mention, less mess. One more advantage was that the batter were distributed evenly in all the cups.

End products, end of story. Err...not yet. I got 7 medium-sized souffle cups and 5 small-sized ones. I think next time I bake this, 10 medium-sized souffle cups would be just nice.

Simply wholesome cream cracker (cup)cake for breakfast, brunch, tea or even snacks.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Muffin Tin Meal #11 090915

Let's see what is in today's Muffin Tin Meal...
A hot cup of Milo (I had been using this mug consistently, reason being its bottom is slim enough to fit into the cavity of the muffin tray)
Next to this 'tea' cup are some tau sar pneah
A tub of yoghurt, it has gotta be Fat-free, of course.
Some pandan bread cutouts using a daiso cutter that utilises the whole piece of bread. I used kaya to sandwich the bread together.
A few slices of oranges for the fruits section.

There you have it, my affair with muffin tin meal for the mid of September 2009.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Muffin Tin Meal #10 090911

I am getting the hang of making Muffin Tin Meals now that I'm into my double digits, though it's only the first ever double digits. Thoroughly enjoying the process and variety of it, which was most of time for my breakfast or brunch.
Star appearance here is the Wassant which hails all the way from the country down south called Singapore. In the midst of these two 'celebrity' is a cup of diced green kiwi.
On the top row, a hot cup of beverage to perk up the day, some tambun biscuits with mung bean fillings in the middle compartment, and last but not least, a bottle of Vitagen (natural flavour) for a healthy guts.

Hard Rock Cafe, Penang

13 September 2009, the day Hard Rock Cafe Penang opened its doors. Finally, the long wait was over. And we happened to be staying at that Hard Rock Hotel for the night, so naturally, we went next door for our dinner. It was such a happening place and we simply love it to bits. Hard Rock...u rock!! As it was their first night, there were no live band, alas. On a more cherry note, it sure is reason enough for us to come back for more, yeah?!?

The door that leads out of the cafe. One has to go through the Hard Rock Shop in order to exit that place, isn't it a great marketing strategy so that patrons can pick up a piece or two of souvenir from them? There were no prices shown in the shop (unlike the one we went to in Bali), so we didn't bought anything. Quite a number patrons were having their fill of shopping after dinner, even in their midst of dinner. Actually there are altogether 3 Rock Shops, one at the hotel called "Rock Shop Too", one at the Hard Rock Cafe (per photo), and another stand alone Rock Shop outside the hotel compounds.

The lighting display above the stage. Isn't it nice?

Deco on the wall...sorry not many photos of the interior because my camera captures lousy pix in dark surroundings.

Now let's move on to the items for dinner that night. My drink - Mango Berry Cooler from the alternative rock collection which is alcohol free. One can opt for this to be served in a souvenir Hurricane Glass, of course that commands a higher price tag. The difference between the two type fo glasses lies in the wordings on the glass, the souvenir Hurricane Glass came with wordings, else it is a plain glass. It was an excellent choice recommended by the waiter, the tangy sweetness was a good balance in that glass. It was a huge tall glass that took me quite some time to finish.

For her: Salmon Steak with garlic butter and a wedge of lemon. Nothing much to shout about here, salmon was as salmon can be.

Hard Rock Cafe is famous for their burgers, so this was for him. In case you're wondering, the crumbly thing atop the juicy succelent beef patty was blue cheese. Then the big "O" to the left is the aforementioned fried onion ring. This sure was good, it better be for that price, hahah...

And for us, this Apple Cobbler for dessert. It was so yummilicious that I vote this the best part of my dinner. Good to the last drop...last bits...last crumbs as well. Oh, also last lick (the spoon is what I meant, what were you thinking of?)

Hard Rock Cafe's staff seen here dancing to the beat of YMCA. The whole cafe really came to life with this song, that's the best part of dining there...with music everywhere.

It was an amazing experience being one of the pioners to dine here. We are aiming to head back there to try their beef ribs, which sadly wasn't served on the first day of opening. Honey, when shall that be?

Thursday, September 17, 2009


A dear friend asked me if there's any food item I wanted from Singapore...I told her "no". However, a thought came flocking to my mind after that, it was none other than Wassant, the chocolate flavoured ones, in answer to her question. Of course I didn't retract my words to her, and merely left the thought aside.

So imagine my joy when dh (my 'proxy' per the friend's word used) pulled out from his luggage, a white plastic bag bearing the word "Provence" in red lettering. I knew that word sounded familiar, but as I was driving, I needed to concentrate on the traffic. The next thing that came hitting my sight was a pack of 10 wassants. (Luckily I was cruising slowly out of the airport carpark slowly, else I wouldn't dare think what could have happened on the road.) I was jumping with excitement and simply couldn't wait to sink my teeth into these tiny gems called wassant. Having read about it in blogs and finally I get to sample them.

These rolls are simply soft (albeit squashed a tad being in the luggage) and fluffy with layers of chocolate in between them. It wasn't sweet at all, making it even more delectable. I consumed them by unrolling the layers, hahah...

These hot favourite items, I heard, literally fly off the shelf once they were brought out from the oven. So dh had to wait a bit for them when he went to Provence @ ION. Was so glad he heeded that friend's advise that he simply has to get them for me. Even that friend was elated upon hearing that he followed her words. Thank God for such a friend (you know who you are), and also the enabler - dh.

I also heard from this friend of mine that there are different flavours depending on the time of the day, namely kaya in the morning and custard in the afternoon. Best of all is still the dainty chocolate wassant as pictured above.
At the time of this post, there are still 2 more wassants left in the fridge. Of course gotta savour these morsels slowly for they are ever so precious, hahah...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Brand New Look

A toast to the brand new look, cheers!!

Former beauty...which has been 'standing' uncontested since the blog started...

How do you like the new "face-lift"?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Muffin Tin Meal #8 090905

In today's brunch Muffin Tin Meal were:
Coffee swiss roll (with Skippy's chunky peanut butter)
Cup of hot Milo
Marigold's low fat yoghurt
Diced gold kiwi fruit
A slice of french toast with melted cheese
Mr. Potato's original flavour potato chips
which took minimal preparation time, mere assembly into each cavity.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Muffin Tin Meal #7 090904

Top left: Blanched green leafy veg with oyster sauce
Top middle: Canned tuna in brine with shrimp chilli (refer inset)
Top right: Mapo tofu
Bottom left: Soya milk
Bottom middle: Rolled oats topped with furikake
Bottom right: Fruit cocktail with nata de coco
I skipped breakfast today, so that was my 2-in-1 muffin tin meal, oh what a mouthful! The tuna topped with shrimp chilli was spicy, I was taught how both these items blend very well with the bland fish in a can. Of course, I had the cup of soya milk in handy to douse the fire [re: burning tongue].

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Authentic 3 Layer Tea

The hunt for this Authentic 3 Layer Tea began by a chance sighting at one of the blogs while blog-hopping one fine day. The author of the blog didn't specify where she drank this tea, only mention was that it can be found at kopitiams (coffee shops) or mamak place. However, I checked with my frequent eatery of Kapitan but the expression of the waiter draws a blank when I tried to ask them. I also checked out one of the big chains of nasi kandar place - Khaleel, to no avail.

Feeling disappointed, I decided to google the term "Authentic 3 Layer Tea" again, and boy was I rejoicing when another blog specifically wrote down in black and white the place she went for her dosage of this tea. The answer was - Nasi Kandar Pelita. Now there were a few outlets of Pelita, and the one she went was in town. I was adamant to go to the very same one she went, such was my desperation...but it was out of the way, so we took a chance and went to the Sungai Dua branch.

I was overjoyed when I spotted the 2 big banners hanging on the wall illustrating this Authentic 3 Layer Tea. I didn't even check the price, I want it now matter the price tag. Only later did I find out it was RM2.50 for this tall glass of iced milk tea.

The uniqueness lies in the distinctive 3 layers of ingredients captured in the tall glass, starting from the bottom is the gula melaka (palm sugar), then the milk and then, the tea. It sure was a sight to behold after being so elusive (to me at least). A quick gentle stir to combine all three gave out such a fragrant thirst-quenching beverage that I couldn't get enough of. Needless to say, I savoured them to the last bit and was contemplating if I should get another. To be frank, I had to resist hard.
Back to the tea, I like it very much because it is a notch higher than the ordinary milk tea, the whiff of gula melaka really tickled the taste bud. I enjoyed the drink through and through, now as I type away at the keyboard, my mind is wandering if I should dash out for a cuppa. Definitely good for the afternoon heat.
Go try it! I was happy that I finally get to taste it, so to conclude, it was a worthwhile hunt indeed.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Swiss Roll, again...

Not difficult to guess the current crazy-phase I am in, none other than Swiss Rolls, hahah... Truth be told, I just grabbed hold of a big roll of grease-proof paper which contains 10 pieces within it. And boy, the paper size is big this time as compared to my previous purchases. Formerly I cut the paper into 4, now I can get 9, which means 9 x 10 = 90 swiss rolls? Only half of that coz I usually use 2 pieces of grease-proof paper for each swiss roll, one to bake, then another to roll because I need to invert the baked swiss-roll.

New flavour for today, Orange Swiss Roll. I just added the zest from an orange into the batter, everything else remains the same. As for sandwiching, I used non-dairy whipping cream, which was whipped to stiff. In fact I used so little of the cream that it is barely visible in the photo. Its main purpose is to bind the swiss roll, so I opted for the minimalist approach.

Ain't it beautiful with the zesty ribbon curl?

I finally managed to get a decently browned top for the sheet cake before rolling, which I was worried initially if I had overbaked them. The image of cracks came swimming in my mind, but prayerfully, this turned out so well, better than I could have asked for.

Care for a slice?

Muffin Tin Meal #9 090909

This 4-course muffin tin meal was by far, the most simplified one that I had done thus far. Coincidentally it was muffin tin meal #9, and fell on the 9 September, 2009, making it a string of 9999. I didn't plan it this way, it just fell into place, only realised this in retrospect.

A bottle of cultured yoghurt drink, blueberry flavour.
A hot cup of beverage to go with the store-bought flaky pastry bbq chicken puff.
Fibers from the mixture of red tomato cherry halves, yellow tomato cherry halves and green grape halves.

Voila, enjoy the pictorial guide :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Let's go Rolling, Swiss Style

My latest craze, baking swiss rolls. It gets done in the oven within 10 minutes, very minimal fuss-free cleanup with even the most minimalist of ingredients, what more could I ask? It is the P-E-R-F-E-C-T item to bake, just need to cast the fear of cracks aside. It was this very f.e.a.r. (False Expectations Appearing Real per a friend's notable clause) that witheld me from doing for so long, until a friend convinced me that it is really not as fearful. It took her a few attempts before I told myself, just get on with it. And when I succeeded, I couldn't help but beam from ear to ear and that started me rolling. Thanks M (if you are reading this) for the nudge and courage.

The basic ingredients are eggs, sugar and flour - with the ever powerful KA machine, the batter gets whipped to thick foamy consistency like in less than 5 minutes, so all in all, give and take 30 minutes, the swiss roll is ready including the prep and the cleanup. Of course that doesn't include the time it takes to set in the fridge, preferably 2 hours. I've ever attacked it within half an hour in the fridge because I was so eager to see the result, couldn't help it for my virgin attempt.

Seen here, they were cut into 3cm widths, so one roll normally gives me 5 pieces of that decent size. I find this width to be just nice, it didn't look nice (to me at least, so it is a matter of preference). Just a ngam-ngam portion between the two of us at home that can be consumed within a day or two.

Now let's get on to the ingredients:-
3nos. eggs
100g castor sugar
100g plain flour
20g cocoa powder

I used 8.5"x11"x1" rectangular baking tray, that's the biggest my oven can take in. Remember to line the tray with parchment paper - this is also the other factor that contributes to a fuss-free cleaning.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lazy cooking

Cooking for one means simple food to me, and often times, I resort to that conveniently packed single serving instant noodle to solve my lunch. Too lazy to brave the scorching blazingly hot sun or the drenching drain to drive out to pack away my meal, or even to vet the heavy traffic during lunch hour just like today where I had to round the coffee shop twice to secure a parking lot and still none came to sight, I came back and reached for the comfort food.

I normally use whatever that can be found in the fridge, this time is a stalk of green vege plus some minced meat. Feeling slightly more hardworking, I fried a bull's eye egg to top up the soupy noodle when normally I just crack the egg into the boiling concoction. That brought me to the classic way of how instant noodle is being served at hong kong style restaurants, usually with a piece of luncheon meat thrown in. As I had used minced meat, I didn't go all out, so this shall be named "half" hongkong style instant noodle?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


For today's tea, I tried the Kart's brand of donuts. There are 8 pieces in that pack and you know what, it came with a pack of sugar as well. So much for being complete. Texture wise it's not as fluffy as I like it to be, but for the sake of convenience, it scored very high brownie points. There's also a chocolate variety and I will try that next.

Definitely great with a cuppa, and I opted for Milo whereas the coffee king at home had it with a cappuccino. Whatever the drinks option, a hot cup sure made the day!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Haagen-Dazs, I like

It was the 31st of the month, and Baskin Robbins' promotion of 31% discount was on. On the other hand, we got Haagen-Dazs birthday discount voucher of 15% to use up as well, and it was the last day to do so. Ah, between the two, how to choose? Of course BR was a better choice in terms of savings, but...but....Haagen-Dazs won in the end. Haagen-Dazs' selection is not so sweet compared to the other, so off we scooted there.

While perusing the menu, everything looks so good. It was a mind-boggling task to drill down to one and hey, suddenly this little cardboard menu caught my attention. Why settle for one when we can go for 2? Voila, that solved the dilemma. Even then, choosing 2 out of the 8 listed took us some time as we refer to the menu for the pictorial guide. By the way, not all the 8 on the list are ice cream, some are smoothies. When everything looks so good, we used the price as a guide. With RM50++ for two, it would roughly mean one for RM25.00++, so using that as a yardstick, we went for those higher priced ones in order to get the best value out of the deal.

Can one ever go wrong with Banana Split? One thing good is that we can choose the flavours of the ice-cream to go with it and not necessarily follow the ones fixed on the menu. This one is RM29.90 for ala-carte.

From left to right: Apricot and Cream (latest summer creation), Strawberry Cheesecake and Belgian Chocolate

Belgian Waffle Dream, also ala-carte price of RM29.90. The belgian waffle was a little bit on the sweet side for me because of the maple syrup that was drizzle on it. All went well with the ice-cream, plus the whipping cream. I know, my scale will be screaming the next day, but indulge first, think later - that's the motto!

From left to right: Cappuccino Caramel Truffle, Macadamia Nut Brittle

Monday, September 7, 2009

Muffin Tin Meal #6 090903

Decided to go light today, so instead of the normal "6-course meal" per the 6 cavities of the muffin tray, I filled only two-thirds of it, in other words only 4 cavities. The hot milk tea went very well with the home-made chocolate swiss roll.
Can you spot the sun, moon and star shaped fruits? I used papaya for the big round sun, mango for the cresent moon and kiwi fruit for the star. An orange flavoured Vitagen in lieu of yoghurt for this muffin tin meal.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Muffin Tin Meal #5 090902

Brunch Muffin Tin Meal has got Forella Pear cubes to go with the small tub of yoghurt. A hot cuppa right in the middle to spark off the day.
On the bottom row are some bakwa [yum yum - fingers (thums as well) licking good], scrambled egg with fresh ground black peppercorns and 4 mini hash browns.
With this, I skipped lunch.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Deep-fried Cempedak

Exactly a year ago I featured cempedak here in this blog, and coincidentally so ngam-ngam it appeared again. I for sure didn't plan it this way. For today's, I got the fruit with thick flesh and minute seeds within, and it came in orange hue...just my perfect cempedak. Of course it came with perfect pricing to match, RM4 per kg, one ringgit more than that of last year's. Cempedak also goes through inflation, but a whopping 33%???

I had to quickly prepare them to be frittered away, else it would end up with my stomach fresh. For this 15 pieces of cempedak, I used 3 tbsp of plain flour, 3 tbsp of corn flour and 3 tbsp of rice flour. Mix with sufficient water to get a thick consistency so that the batter would be able to coat and stick onto the cempedak, and in no time at all, 15 pieces of golden cempedak emerged.

Good for light snacking either with coffee, tea or even bento.

Friday, September 4, 2009

My weekly retail therapy

There are 3 100yen outlets here in Penang, and I got addicted to them so much so that I go on my rounds to check out new items they have. So this week's damage haul are 2 punchers-4 leaf clover and smiley, a baran and a pack of 5 plastic templates.

Makes me happy...