Thursday, July 30, 2009

Food Art

After a heavy meal, here's what we took the next day to counter-balance the calories that was tipped the previous night. This was an impromptu arrangement that came to my mind when I opened the fridge as to what to have.

The big large juicy tomato's vibrant red wedges to contrast against the dark green colour of kyuri slices sure made the meal all the more appealing with a dip of corn-mayo. Ya, I just couldn't have enough of the corn-mayo that I will find every opportunity to consume it, crazy mode on, no avoiding it. :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Friday's on a Sunday

It has been a while, a long while in fact that we last patronised TGI Friday's. Knowing American restaurant's portion, we could barely finish our food and the feeling of being over-stuffed is not one that we fancy too often.

However, while wandering about thinking of what to eat for dinner at Queensbay Mall, we decided to walk in and indulge, since we had a light meal only before this, and that was a solid 6 hours ago. Hardly any queue was the pull factor here, and we were quickly seated without delay.

I opted for their set meal comprising of appetiser and entree for RM 29.90++. For the former, I chose Clam Chowder and I simply heart this. It was thick and creamy with lots of goodies inside...clams of course. It was a tad salty, else I had no complaints.

Polished off in no time without a trace. *grin*

As for my entree, this is it - Sizzling Chicken and Cheese. Two halves of a chicken breast resting atop a bed of green capsicum, red capsicum and yellow onions. The vege tasted sweet, I love them, The cheese was still bubbly when this was served though after sometime, a crust is formed and I ended up with crispy cheese instead. Hidden in the photo is a big huge scoop of mashed potato with bits of potato skin.

Next came the Jack Daniel's Beef Burger, just look at it...tall and mighty. TGI Friday's has certainly changed it's menu and portion from the last time we frequented them, yet we still face the same issue of finishing our meal. See the tiny black bowl? It contained the Jack Daniel's sauce that was so aromatic with a strong hint of molasses. And without a doubt it was sweet. This was RM 24.90.

While deciding on what to order, I saw that we can opt to add 2 Dessert Minis for an additional RM6 to my set meal. Each Dessert Mini is priced at RM 3.90. Good idea to see how things go before going for the dessert brecause our stomach was filled to the brim with no space to spare, let alone have room for dessert. That, we shall keep for next visit. *burp* (excuse moi)
Total bill came up to RM63.05 after taxes.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Out of the world Mee Mamak

With the scorching hot sun and current hazy situation that was surrounding us, I suggested for dh to cook his signature fried noodle rather than to head out hunting for food. Here is his masterpiece, topped with some shredded lettuce, fried onion crisp and ground peanuts. Two pieces of fried chicken to make up the protein portion, and voila, a complete meal without stepping out a foot.

Somehow I can never cook this as well as him, so it would be far easier to request this from him and let this be his signature dish. To tell how good it is, let me share this from my niece's mouth: "Uncle, you can go open a business to sell this!" Such were the words from the 9 y.o. upon tasting it, no bluff. Definitely words that melted the uncle's heart. :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bento #025 090726

In this Doraemon box are some heart-shaped nuggets, tiny crispy hashbrowns and fried chicken.
And to offset the greasiness, I threw in some kyuri slices, yellow cherry tomatoes and their red cousins. Under the corn-mayo dressing was a bed of hand-torn iceberg lettuce.

Just a note on the corn-mayo dressing, which is currently on top of my fav list:

1 part canned cream corn
2 parts mayo

Mix till combine and chill before consumption, simple and nice!

This was the brand of mini hashbrown I used, good as finger food.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kapitan Kopitiam

Finally managed to get back on the bike, and it was not a long ride. Cycled around the neighbourhood for a little as warm up before venturing out further to grab a light breakfast.

Dh wanted to grab McD's breakfast, and it was a close call, we arrived at 5 minutes to 11am. To be on the safe side, I went in to check if they are still serving breakfast, and good news is that we managed at the nick of time tho there's only the Big Breakfast available. Not our ideal choice, we decided to pedal around a bit to check out other options. I would very much prefer to go local, and we were spoilt for choice, there were 4 modern-style kopitiam in a row. Talk about competition!

The big name of Old Town was there, then there is its close competitor of New Town followed by Syuen Cafe and last but not least, Kapitan Kopitiam. It was this last one that we decided to give it a try as it is not a franchise chain unlike the first two.

Surely not to be mistaken with our usual eatery of Kapitan Restaurant.

The choices offered in the menu was quite extensive, but most importantly would be to check out the kopi when at a kopitiam. This cuppa didn't fare too badly unlike one of those we tried at another kopitiam outlet (can't remember the name) that tasted right out of a sachet.

Nasi lemak for dh, which was a good choice because the chicken tasted so good, and it was hot from the wok. However, don't understand why they call this nasi lemak when the rice was just normal white rice. Kinda let down in that sense.

This hor fun was mine, smooth and silky with the eggs. I will give it a two thumbs-up with the soya sauce garlic chilli that came with it. Definitely a good choice to opt for because it is not the run of the mill kinda of food that is ubiquitous in those franchise kopitiam. It goes to show that this kopitiam has a resident chef that whips up the food upon order, and not mere heating up a central-kitchen-prepared food to be dished out to their customers.

That was certainly an eventful brunch for a bicycle outing. Hope to do this more often.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Waffling waffles

Introducing the latest member of my toys collection, Ariete Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker. It was a gift that my beloved sis and bil lugged all the way back as a gift for us, thanks heaps! Love the contrast of the shiny exterior against the bright red casing. It can make 4 pieces of Mickey's head waffle.

This is the interior of non-stick surface which had to be greased upon using it for the first time. I learnt the lesson the painful having my first batch stuck. Luckily after removing the stucked virgin batch and greasing, subsequent batches can be removed very easily.

Almost done...can you see the Mickeys smiling ear to ear? That also reflects the owner beaming from ear to ear. :)

The waffles at the bottom looked nicer because I was getting better at timing the usage. Initially I was afraid of getting 'burnt offering', thus resulting in the undercooked waffles at the top of the picture. The resulting output was so yummy, surely gonna repeat making them.

The recipe I used which yields 20 pieces of the above size, extraced from here:

1 3/4 cups of plain flour
2 tsp baking powder

2 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
3nos. egg yolk
1 3/4 cups milk (420ml)

1/2 cup oil

3 nos. egg white ~ whipped till stiff peak

Friday, July 24, 2009


This was last night's dinner, something that was put together in a jiffy. Initially wanted to have avocado mango shrimp salad, but the avocado was over-ripen so into the blender it went to become avocado shake. So now with one ingredient less, I made up the volume by having half a head of iceberg lettuce torn into pieces at the bottom of the salad bowl. Next came the cubed sweet yellow mangoes, followed by the shrimps arranged into a ring before a light squeeze of home-made thousand island dressing. Added a slice of green capsicum for the colour, light and refreshing meal for the night.

Wonderful healthy bites when served chilled.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nutri Tea by F&N®

I chanced up this while doing a last minute grocery shopping last nite. It was a quick dash in to grab a few items that I needed but the sign "Buy 1 Free 1" caught my attention. It was none other than this new series of Nutri Tea by F&N®. Retailing at RM 5.29 each, I decided to try them all so that I can once and for all taste them and decide which amongst them is my favourite. As compared to buying one by one to try but I can't compare them when I get to the second since I would have forgotten how the first taste like.

This innovative range of product is good, the sweetness just right for me as it is "less sweet". It was a good choice for the hazy days now. I couldn't wait to try them, and my verdict? I love them all, it certainly is an oriental collection. There was not artificial flavouring to them and one can indeed taste the authentic flavours of each item.
Chrysanthemum with Wolfberry
Herbal Tea
Water Chestnut & Sugar Cane

This golden brew has the right balance of the floral taste from chrysanthemum and fruity flavour from wolfberry. It was an awesome concoction good for the eyesight because chrysanthemum contains lutein, while wolfberry, the beta-carotene.

Barley with dried winter melon strips, nobody can go wrong with that at all. In fact, I can bravely say that this is much better than those offered by some kopitiams, which are so diluted at times.

This Nutri Tea's herbal tea is made from chrysanthemum, luo-han-guo and ginseng, thus rendering it a bitter end taste. It was fine for me, but dh commented that it was kind of too strong for him because of the herbs used. He sure can tell it well without knowing what went into this.

This, is my favourite of all. This teik-chia-mah-thai drink (in hokkien) was so nice, I couldn't help it but have a second helping instantly.

I must salute F&N® for creating this line of products and I am surely going to stock up more on them. I bet they came up with this healthy range of product since it harbours along the line of less-sugar and preservative-free, not to mention, no colouring as well. Way to go, F&N®!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shihlin's New Promo Item - Sour Plum Potato Fries

I am always on the lookout for new things to try and while walking past Shihlin's little outlet, my eyes caught this. I was curious how the taste would be like, so I parted ways with my four ringgit in exchange for a bag of this. They were made fresh to order, so was piping hot when they dished my order out. I had to let it cool for a while before savouring them, else risk burning my tongue.

The taste of the sour plum powder was not prominent, in fact, it was hardly traceable. With all types of snack, they were irresistable nonetheless because of the nimble pieces, but one wonders how much seasoning was used because I felt so thirsty after this bag of sweet potato chips.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

POW Pow Ball @ Taiwan Bull

The weather had been so hot here and that made us crave for something cooling despite us being in the air-conditioned mall. Hmm...pondering of where to get good cold desserts at Queensbay Mall, a few outlets came to mind - Kim Gary? Taiwan Bull? Canton-i? We ended up checking Taiwan Bull first, reason being that it was at the lower ground floor where our car was parked and at that very time, we just stepped into the mall, so there we went.

The system of Taiwan Bull is semi-self-service, I would say. It works such that the customer goes to the counter to pay for the food first before going back to the table and then the crew will send the food to the table. So after checking the menu at the stand, dh went ahead to place his order while I went to get a table. Upon reaching the table, this eye-catching sticker-ad caught my attention, thus I asked dh to hold on one sec and gesture to him to come check this out.
Then only did the crew told us this was the first day they just launched this. Ah ha, something new, surely we were keen to try.
What a catchy name as well, Pow Pow Ball series. I believe that is referring to the big sago pearls that taiwanese eateries use for their bubble tea.

From top left, going clockwise and ending in the middle:
Strawberry "Pow Pow" Frozie @ rm 6.50
Treasure Island Frozie @ rm 6.50
Sour Plum "Pow Pow" Juice @ rm 5.90
Loving Bean Frozie @ rm 6.50
Fruity "Pow Pow" Frozie @ rm 7.00

As we were looking for something with ice shavings akin to our local version of ice-kacang, the closest bet would be the 4th item, Loving Bean Frozie. It has lots of red beans and crushed peanuts, tops with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. We requested for more peanuts than red beans, and the service crew obliged. So this was the outcome, which we polished off in no time. Ah..what a bliss!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Treasure trove...

While driving aimlessly for dinner venue last nite, we stumbled upon this place which was packed with a lot of diners. The shop wasn't brightly lit, so I was not able to get its name. It was at Taman Mas in Raja Uda, and this being our first visit, we were kind of lost as to what to do.

There was a wide selection of choices one can go for, such as deep-fried fish slices, bullfrogs, cuttlefish, mantis prawns in the seafood category, then there are also the minced pork and pork kidney and not forgetting the numerous kinds of fishballs. Oh there were abalone mushrooms as well.

In the end, I opted for mantis prawns, abalone mushrooms and 2 fishballs to go for tomyam soup plus thick beehoon. This soup base was nice, not too sourish nor too spicy, more like a cross between tomyam and penang laksa. Definitely going back for more, thinking about it now as I do this write-up is making me drool *excuse me while I go wipe the saliva from the table* (sheppish grin)

This on the other hand, was plain soup base porridge with minced meat and deep-fried fish slices. Made a mistake to this order, dh wanted to add an egg into it, but silly me forgot to tell the lady at the counter. Oh well, there's always another time since I very much would like to try their tomyam porridge.

Another valuable stumble to add to the makan-place list as we get more adventurous.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bento #024 090709

A simple bento do of sausage omelette, of which I got the idea from here. That lady used asparagus and sausage to get the colour contrast, but all I had in the fridge was just sausage, and that shall do for the moment. I used the the smallest frying pan and it can take in 2 eggs.

See the thick crust of my omelette? That is the part that I didn't quite fancy as the thick omelette took a fair bit of time to get cooked, resulting in the thick crust formation.
I paired the omelette with a combination of 3 sauces in the red-compartmentalised-sauce-container on the right, which are chilli sauce, goya sauce and barbeque sauce.
In the middle were some juicy sweet orange slices to sum up the meal.

Complete with the cover.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ah Keat Seafood

This is our second time patronising this seafood outlet, reasonably-priced fresh seafood at our fingertips. The waiter there expect us to know what we wanted to order without handling us the menu, guess they are used to serving repeat customers but we have yet to become one...soon, pretty soon we'll get there.

The few dishes we had below did not disappoint, in fact, we polished them all despite the huge portions which got us taken aback initially. Slow and steady we conquered them, one 'finger' at a time (referring to the lips smacking succelent crabs with roes).

The tools of the trade to attack the crabs. First time I came across a restaurant providing the white chopping board, and it sure is a nice gesture versus banging the crab claws on the table top.

We had 2 crabs, one for each pax. The crabs were so fresh that the flesh came off the shells easily and not clinging onto the shells. The mantous for dips and to "clean" the plate off the gravy. With this, dh and I shared only a plate of plain white rice since the mantous made up part of the carbs. We paid RM35.00 for the crabs which were calculated by weight.

Next came the Guiness Stout Pork. Our previous visit, we had the poultry cousin, which was Guiness Stout Chicken. Both are equally good no matter the choice of meat. The starting price for this dish was RM 10.00.
This simple dish of Steamed Beancurd with soya sauce and some scallions completed the meal well. RM3.00 for a silky smooth square piece of tofu, yummy!