Friday, June 19, 2009

Indonesian Food @ Medan Selera, QbM

Another stall to add to our favourite's list when dining at Jusco's food court, the choice of meat was freshly grilled to order. It is none other than Indonesian style of Ikan Bakar. This is the last stall on one's left when facing the food court. There is choice of ala-carte or set meal, and we had the latter.

The yummy platter we opted for was a combination of chicken thigh and squid. For the price of RM12.90, we got one whole squid, just look at the appetising way it was served. We figured that after grilling, both the chicken and squid was given a dash of kicap manis that complimented them oh-so-well. This came with a big helping of white rice onto which rich spicy curry gravy was laddled upon and a choice of vegetable from their selection of ready-cooked dishes. The dollop of red sauce spotted on the bottom left corner was the sambal, fragrant and done just right. We had extra helping of that.

Both dh and myself shared the above, and since we were both not that full, we tried the fish also. Dory fish was used for this, but instead of being grilled, it was deep-fried battered first before given the bath of kicap manis. For a change on the vegetable dish, we chose brinjal instead. This was priced at RM7.90, reasonable I would say. Almost forgot to mention the other side dish of fried egg, which was so-so only.

No doubt we would head back to this stall for more, and this time round, to try the real grilled fish.