Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hmm...I smell something fishy

Pan-fried salmon steak accompanied by teriyaki sauce (in the fresh tomato casing). This went very well with the caramelised yellow onion rings that came to my mind to try it out as the few big yellow onions were staring at me while I go about in the kitchen. In a way I was trying to find ways to finish up the yellow onions, at the same time attempting to up the consumption of this vege from the lily family. Some potato wedges on the side as well to complete this meal on a rainy Monday evening.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Penang Beef Koay Teow Soup

We have heard of this place from a friend, but during our first attempt to have it, the stall was not open for business that day. So last Saturday, we tried our luck again..and there was a long queue for it.

See the bubbling hot concoction?

Goes very well with this than just plain white rice

An excellent decision for a steaming hot claypot of clear beef broth with dry koayteow on the side. Something soothing for the cool weather, nothing beats that. I would say the proprietor tried to meld the idea of claypot bah kut teh and Ipoh hor fun together to come up with this concoction. Something innovative and we simply love it, definitely going back for more. The stall also sells beef bah kut teh, but when I tried to order that, was told there was only the clear soup option. I didn't dare probe further if the bah kut teh has been taken off the menu, or just not served over the weekend because business was brisk and they were so busy rushing the orders out.
In the bubbling hot claypot, there were tender beef slices which were raw when served, so we just need to push them down into the hot soup to get them done. Then there were beef balls, beef tripes, beef tendon, some kiamchai (salted mustard vegetable) and pieces of fresh radish.
This is at the corner coffee shop along the Yosenabe stretch of shophouses at Jalan Sungai Nibong.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Easy-Peasy Burger

The burger patty was simply corned beef plus an egg.
I simply stir-fry some minced yellow onion and the corned beef to bring out the flavour.
This was followed by a slight whisking of the egg to combine the white and the yolk, then mixed both the egg and beef before pouring them into an egg ring.
Cook till patty was done on one side before removing the ring and flipping it over to cook further.
Tadaa..indulge and enjoy the stack

Green capsicum & corned-beef-egg patty & cheddar cheese slice & grilled pineapple ring & red tomato & onion ring & greasy streaky bacon "Tower Burger"
Coincidentally I became a mind-reader unknowingly because dh had been wanting to have a gourmet burger for the past few days without telling me.
If he had, it would have solved me some brain cells cracking my head over what to cook.
Well, I did the burger at the spur of the moment, no pre-planning ahead.
So much for being in-sync!