Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bento #006 090225

This bento was inspired by Bento Pet. After reading her avocado-tuna spread, I just had to try them since I got some ripe avocado in the fridge. The idea of cinnamon-sugar banana came from her as well, thanks Bento Pet.

Packed in a yellow dual-tiered Clickety Click bento box
(from top)

Wholemeal-bread heart-shaped sandwiches with avocado-tuna filling
Cinnamon-sugar banana slices in pink silicon cup
Big juicy sweet korean red strawberries cut in fan-shape
Another shot that shows a clearer picture of the heart imprint on the bread

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bento #005 090224

One of the most elaborate bentos I have made. I normally opt for bread but this time round, I have a change to rice. I assembled them in the morning for my lunch, so that I can have my meal in a jiffy.

Packed in a transparent-with-orange-rim bento box
(clockwise from left)

Garlic fried rice topped with scallion and surrounder by meat floss
Stir-fried cabbage with shreads of carrot and dried shitake mushroom
Grilled salmon steak with teriyaki sauce
Red dates and dried longan in the thermos flask as drink
Red papaya florets in a separate container

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bento #004 090213

Breakfast bento, packed in a 2-tier pink collapsible sandwich bento box
(from top)

Wholemeal-bread sandwiches with corn niblets tuna-mayo filling
Red juicy sweet papaya

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bento #003 090212

Tea time bento, packed in a single-tier yellow collapsible sandwich bento box

Wholemeal-bread sandwiches with canned sardine filling and cheese slices
Kraft's Cheese Stix

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bento #002 090207

This was done for a one day road trip to the next state, Perak. This was mine, which was enjoyed up at Maxwell Hill.

Packed in a pink collapsible sandwich bento box
(from top)

Wholemeal-bread sandwiches with egg-mayo filling
Mandarin oranges

Bento #001 090207

This was done for a one day road trip to the next state, Perak. This was for dh.

Packed in a Lock&Lock alike container with removable divider container:
(clockwise from top right)

Wholemeal-bread sandwiches with egg-mayo filling
Reese's Peanut Butter chocolate cups
Mandarin oranges
Popo fish titbit snack with salted peanuts

Thursday, March 26, 2009

In love with Canton-i

Canton-I is the sister company of Dragon-I, it concentrates on HongKong cuisine, thus the canton in its name, whereas the latter focuses on China cuisine. So happy that Canton-I landed on our shores, so now we get to enjoy those delectable hong kong dim sum dishes that have been the rave that we only get to hear of until now.

Specially liked the crispy crackling of their siew-yok, which was served with wasabi and castor sugar as dipping. Dh tried this combination and said that it was not bad, but as I do not consume wasabi, I take his words for it. :)


The char-siew was juicy and sweet as well. We had the 2-combi wanton noodle so that we can try two types of the meat array sold. No regrets, only thing being that we should have tried their roast goose as well, coz for no apparent reason, this item is no longer available until further notice in this outlet. Not sure if it is the same for their other branches since there's only one and only Canton-I in Penang, which is located @ Queensbay Mall.

The cruellers (you-tiao) came with a hefty price-tag of RM 3.00 for a pair each, but we ordered it for experience sake. We had half with the porridge, while the other for the creamy peanut soup dessert. The cruellers were crispy and of course, for that price, we expected it to be so. It was longer than those sold at the market though and was not soggy at all. Probably it was because they were made to order, compared to those from the market which was produced by bulk. That's just my guess.


The porridge was smooth...perfect. I read in their brochure that they used 3 types of rice to achieve this effect. There is a wide choice for selection as to the type of condiment that one can opt for to go with the porridge. We chose sliced fish, century egg and crispy innards for ours.


To round up the meal, we had the fah-sang-wu. This dessert is hard to get here in Penang...so when we saw this in the menu, we knew for sure this shall be our dessert. There is another item that caught my fancy, that being the Soya Bean Curd. Well, that shall be for our next trip to Canton-I, I suppose. True enough, the fah-sang-wu was smooth with peanut fragrance that resonate with each slurp.


We packed away the flaky egg tarts to be enjoyed with our cuppa, none other than in Starbucks. :)


All in all, we truly enjoyed our Canton food...shall be heading back there for more to try other items in their extensive menu.