Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mee Udang Sungai Dua

Someone was giving me directions to her house last week, and she quoted that her location is near the famous Sungai Dua Mee Udang. Hmm...famous, I scratch my head. I have no idea where is Sungai Dua, let alone a famous Mee Udang? I've heard of the place Sungai Dua, and came upon the term when using the highway, but still, I am at a loss how to get about to her place. So I tried to ask dh, and the sensitive him brought me to dine at this place as a surprise and also to check out the route to get to the lady's place. Thanks dear!

This place is just next to a bridge, thus the term "titi timbul" in its address below:


There was sitting area overlooking the river, but when we got there, it was pitch dark, and we didn't opt to sit near the river for fear of "donating blood" (to the mosquitoes, I mean). We ordered the Mee Udang (literally translated as Prawn Noodles) for 2, but it's malay style, so tomato-soup base was used. The place also offered other zhu-char malay style, but we'll save that for next time. Definitely must try what they are famous for first, rite? All else is secondary :)


The serving size is huge, and it came with 6 super-large prawns...and of course, the bill that came along with it also is high. It set us back by RM 31.60 for this big bowl. I would say it's nothing to shout about if not for the half dozen of huge-sized prawns, which are FRESH! The noddle was kinda soggy, so that was what irked me a tad. Else, it was a good experience.

A close-up pix of the big prawns


Ju said...

Hehehe, if you figure out how to make the mee udang, tell Mellie, she has been asking us a couple of years back if we know how to make it.

Since I have never had it, cannot help her. Is it nice, you think? Esp if you make it yourself and the noodles in not soggy?

HK Choo said...

Hi Ju, thanks for commenting, hahha..

Ok, will keep in mind of Mellie if I found the key to decipher Mee Udang, heheh..but then again, to us locals here, why bother when it's easily available, rite?

Of course nothing beats home-cooked, got the extra zing of labour of love, remember??