Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Last week has been hazy......so what better way to combat the dry weather other than having a C.O.C.O.N.U.T.? And this is no ordinary kelapa (malay word for coconut, not to be mistaken for kepala [re: malay word for head]). As a young child, I had difficulty differentiating the two words, kelapa and kepala, they sounded so close to each other, in fact, all the letters in the words are the same, only the sequence of "L" and "P" is swapped.

Back to the topic per se, this is a jelly coconut, meaning to say that there is no coconut water within it as it has been coagulated into wobbly jelly. It's the latest "invention" apparently, and I had been wanting to try it out for about a fortnight ago since I chanced upon the banner. However, the shop is quite out of the day, so finally last Saturday I decided to wonder no more and make an effort to drop by the shop. Glad I made the trip, it sure is an awesome treat. In fact, kudos to the person who thought of such a brilliant idea. :P

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Tendernut Jelly

Friday, August 3, 2007

Yummy Berry Strawberry...

Having not brought up with yoghurt being featured in my life since childhood, I don't quite fancy this sourish dairy product. In fact, I didn't take much of a milk as well, starting from Standard 1 onward as I began to take all the food items the adults consume. It was not until I was in college and began to read more about nutritions and started to drink cold milk using my pocket money. Can you believe it, my mum frowned at me, saying that cold milk is bad for health?!? Well oh well, chinese mentality that no cold food should be consumed early in the morning. Nevermind that, now I live on my own, I can it to my heart's content...but I digress.

Back to the topic per se, what's with the numerous findings reporting the string of health benefits of yoghurt, I simply have to find way to counter my dislike. None other than blending it into a yummy creamy drink with fruits, all the goodness in one glass. No recipe needed, I just throw in whatever fruits I have in the fridge, then empty one small tub of yoghurt and blend. Voila, a wholesome meal replacement may I present to you...
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StRaWbErRy LaSsI


Trailing the strong aroma wafting thru the air, we followed our nosetrils to bring us to Laksa Shack, a makan place that offers many varieties of laksa from all over Malaysia. Thinking back, when Laksa Shack first opened it's maiden outlet in Penang @ Queensbay Mall end of last year, it was so packed that patrons had to queue up for a table...now, not anymore since they have expanded to not two, but three outlets.

No need to go cuti-cuti around the country to savour each state's specialty laksa anymore, yippee! But on the contrary, I prefer the Penang Nyonya Assam Laksa at any one time (with lots of shrimp paste, hahha...) It's nice to have the steaming hot bowl of Laksa Shack's house special, especially when it gets so cold in the mall during rainy days, no doubt.

Last week alone, we went to 2 different outlets, the 2nd one quite close to our house @ Sunway Carnival Mall. It the first time ever we frequent the same makan place within a week, since there we are spoilt for choice when it comes to food as Penang is a food haven mah..let's blame it on circumstances then, shall we?

1st visit on Monday, we tried Laksa accompanied by ABC (ais batu campur), a.k.a. Ice Kacang...
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Curry Laksa
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A super-duper tall glass of ABC, look at the corns, omigosh!

But on our 2nd visit, we wanted to give their Nasi Dulang a try. We were attracted by the food presentation, but alas, it was sold out. Couldn't help but wonder how is it that we always happened to choose the most selling item? What to do, gotta settle for second best from the Nasi selection, Nasi Putih Melaka. Verdict: so-so only since we were disappointed we didn't get what we set out to try in the first place. This would also mean that another visit is confirmed just so that we can try their Nasi Dulang. Of course I would ask them first if they have it first before taking a seat, just to be sure...once beaten, twice shy, just couldn't help it, I guess.

Enough lamenting, let the picture speaks for itself...
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Nasi Putih Melaka
(clockwise from top left: Ayam Masak Asam Nyonya, Keropok Ikan, Telur Dadar, Acar with Sambal)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Super huge!

I was reading my mentor's blog and she shared her most recent purchase, a mix of pink/purple/white confetti for cake decorating use...Up until then, I've never seen such a product being sold where I stay, and it sure was an eye-opener. Reading blogs has surely broaden my horizon as to the variety of products available, and it sure is fun learning new things each day...

So to do my part, I am sharing what I just bought yesterday, my 1st time ever seeing such a gigantic size dragee...I haven't really figured out what/how I'm gonna put it to good use, anyone game for some suggestions? Till I ponder and tinkle more, here's the pix:

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Extra Large Silver Dragees

They comes in all shapes and sizes...

Pancakes are a breeze to make, but it's not easy to make those fluffy ones. So whenever I chance upon a recipe, I would try to give it a shot to see if it's THE one that I am looking for...here's sharing with you the one from Peony's blog (thanks for posting, peony)

Simply Panjacks
Having read somewhere over the internet, some folks make Durian Pancakes...well, since durian is in season now, I attempted to be more adventurous by adding the King of Fruits in the mixture. This being the first time, and not wanting to waste all the batter (should it turn out yucky *keeping fingers crossed*), I only add in the mashed durian pulp towards the end, making only 3 pieces of Durian Pancakes. It's yummy..something akin to Banana Pancakes nonetheless, but of course, with the pungent durian aroma.
So much so for a wholesome breakfast...I halved the recipe, and out of that, still have half of the pancakes in the freezer now.

Half recipe Classic Pancake (extracted from Peony's blog entry dated 28-July-2007)
yields 6 pieces
1 cup (150g) plain flour }
1.5 tsp baking powder }sift together
1 tbsp sugar
3/4 cup (180ml) milk ]
1nos. egg ] mix together with fork
30g butter (melted) ]