Friday, July 27, 2007

Bookshelf Kek Lapis Sarawak

Sliding "Bookshelf" Kek Lapis Sarawak

May I present to you my 2nd Kek Lapis Sarawak attempt, the "BookShelf"...I enjoyed doing this because it's in fact, the easiest to assemble out of the many in the 1st attempt was "Woven Mat", but that was kinda messy because I didn't cut the middle layers accurately, thus making the the mat turn out to be an unevenly woven one, bwahahhah...

Out of curiosity as to how Kek Lapis Sarawak tastes like, I just had to tried my hands on it, else I can only try to imagine the flavours with my mind. Another option would be to have one flown all the way from Sarawak, but then again, doubt that's a feasible option, and a costly one as well. One item down from my list, I am happy that I put the recipe to test..verdict is that it just taste like normal Indonesian Kek Lapis, nothing fanciful other than the colours and patterns that set it a world apart from the Indonesian variety.

Game for another attempt? Why not, when my mood next strikes *wink*

Happy Birthday, a blog is born...

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Having missed the triple seven for this year, ie 070707 for July 7th, 2007, I decided to go for 270707 re: 27th July 2007 as the next best alternative to create this blog. Still this lucky number has the triple seven in it, so no complaints :)

p/s: I just love the versality of organza, it adds a midas touch to things, bringing the final output to a class of its own.

I am here...

After much encouragement by my 'mentor' (I know you would be reading this, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart), I decided to give blogging a shot...let's hope I persist for a long time to come..

So to kick-start this, some background preparation as to what I have experienced for my future reference:

I have to choose blog address, not to mention the availability (ie those not taken by other bloggers), and that also took me quite settle with one to my liking..out of the 31 creative names I tried to phrase, only 9 are available for my choosing..

Next comes the blog description, I tried to tie it in with the title, or at least use some similar words and to make it rhyme, thus "a place to note, a place to jolt this memory of mine" is born.

It's fun getting to choose all the different settings, playing with the colour combinations so much so that I couldn't decide which one I like best *talking about fickle-mindedness, I know I am one*, hahhah.. For the time being, this shall be it, unless one fine morning I get bored and decide to have a makeover :) Knowing myself, I know for sure that is in the horizon, just a matter of time.

Talk about being adventurous, heaven knows how many times I tried the "preview" button to see how things would look like with each slight change, namely a suitable font size that is agreeable to the eyes, but at the same time, not gawkingly big that it equates to 'shouting' to my reader(s). For now, it's the "small" size, let's see how things go.

Enough of ramblings for a virgin post, I shall press the "Publish Post" now. Till we meet in the next post, tadaa..