Monday, December 31, 2007


my dream came thru, or rather, I made it came through with this - APPLE STRUDEL

ok, for now, I will post the pix, later next year (I mean tonite), I shall update it with more notes...

Look at those precious black specks...WOW

the key players...

Last weekend of 07

Some momentos of what passed thru our stomach on the 52nd Saturday of the year, nothing fantastic, so won't write much coz if I do, it's all gonna be complaints, hahha.. Better to leave it so that I get a sweet ending to the year, eh? (In other words it also means that I won't need to spend much time writing this post loh, so hush hush, wokie?)

My 1st-and-last visit to this so-called Nyonya restaurant...


"fried assam fish" rice set


lamb stew with baguette[NOT] (wrong order prepared)


lamb stew with baguette

this will bring us to the next post...


no prize for guessing where this comes from, hahah..

Time is running out on me...

shucks, 3 more posts to go in order to hit my own target of a century postings before I kick off the brand new year of 2008...though there's still like 3:45hours to go but I'm panicking now for I gotta go out for dinner with dear... What's lagi stressful is that he's waiting for me downstairs, while I'm ploughing my way still, hahha... Let him wait, not a lot of chance to do that, hahah...

I was asking him for help as my brain juice runs dry under duress, and he came up with the brilliant idea that to rant about my current situation can be a post by itself, hahah... True also, that's why this wordy short article. The cheater's way, so to speak.

I was jokingly telling him that for sports programme, there's guest commentator, so for blogs, it would be guest blogger then? But he won't do me that honour, well, I always like to take things on the bright side, so I'm ok with it also, since he gave me the idea to fill up one post d, hahha..he did his part in a way. Wokie, 2 more to go, I have in mind what the last one is gonna be, so now need to crack the one before the grand finale...

Christmas Eve dinner...

Another food outlet to try, this time round it's Ajisen Ramen, a relatively new restaurant in the mall. Portion size was decent for the price paid, the food were served pretty fast despite it being quite crowded that nite. And they've got this loyalty programme, for every rm50 spent you get a sticker, complete the whole card can redeem for something. I wasn't sure I would go that many a time, so I didn't bother to take a mental note of the fine prints.

My niece was pretty fascinated by the presentation of the kid's meal, can really see her smile so broadly when her food came. Will bring her to Sakae Sushi for other types of bento as the latter has more choices because for Ajisen's, it's either rice or noodle set...

For him: Volcano Ramen (volcano because of the special fiery sauce)
For her: Una Ju (unagi with rice + miso soup)
For 'lil one: Kid's rice set For everyone: Fried silver fish The portion of the ramen was quite big, we were so full after the dinner...

see the "volcano" larva at the top?

can't give unagi a miss whenver @ jap restaurant :)

1st timer's bento
is the "silver lining" visible?

Sunday, December 30, 2007

More (food) pix of trip to South..

Realised that I haven't completed the series I did on all those food I tried while I was travelling earlier this month. Hurriedly, here are the photos for the record of 2007's travel (more like cuti-cuti msia), hahah..

Go Melaka surely must eat those golf ball-sized chicken rice, hehheh..
Chicken is tender, but cut-throat price since the hawker centre was a tourist attraction. We didn't go to those branded ones, for we ran out of time and was told that the good one that the locals go to is closed by the time we asked about it, for they only serve lunch :(

Steamed Hong-Kong style Chee Cheong Fun
This was different, they got the extra ingredient of egg to add-on, which we opted for..

Lui-Cha Fan, a vegetarian mix-rice
All along I knew this as a Hakka specialty, but this stall put it as Teochew instead? Puzzled, I asked the proprietor and was told there's a difference wor...apparently it's in the Lui-Cha. But for my pioneer try, I won't know which is which, hahha... Finally I have tasted this, for it's not available at all back home :)


Will I try-again? Nay, I was picking on my bowl of rice and end up not finishing it...for I wasn't really that hungry since I had the 1st item oledi, just wanted to get the answer to my own "question mark".

Satay, dh's choice...nothing to shout about other than for me to keep chasing them coz it took ever so long for this to arrive. And the food items, so miserably small...

Yummy Melaka Cendol, a must-try. I wasn't aware that it's different from what I have back home, the fragrance from the sugar syrup was simply amazing...


Thereafter, we went to the hotel for the banquet dinner that was part of the programme. It was the closing ceremony dinner, and the food was as hotel food can be...passable, but I definitely didn't come to this historical state for that, I was just testing the food, a bite here, a bite there.

A trip to Jonker Street is a definite MUST for a visitor to Melaka, so we took our stroll checking out the stalls. It was quite late by the time we reached there, so some stalls started to pack up it was more like a quick walk for us.
Dh wanted to wind down with a beer, so off we went to this nice little corner outlet with a solo band...alas, when we were about to go off, they got this announcement for celebration as this shop just got some award thingy, and everyone get a bottle of beer free. But I was in the washroom and we left our table d, so it's just too bad, hahah...
a 'tiger' with his Tiger :P

Wanted to try the Melaka style popiah, but it was a long queue, too lazy for that, so checked out this instead...just for comparison, hahah.. Average only :(

The next day, before we left, we just had to try the Durian Cendol. I had been eye-ing it since last nite's dinnerr, then at Jonker Walk as well, so die-die also must try it, hahha..
Some light snacks to go with it, namely karipap and some chai kuih...

Next up would be on Seremban :D

Friday, December 28, 2007

1st ever here...

it's a gelato bar, with the caption of this printed on its menu cover:

the truth is "it sucks"
i forgot which flavour we took, but choices very the limited

Seriously, we had tasted better gelato than this, definitely. Unfortunately (or should it be fortunately) it's only in kay-el. So no more visit to this place, not worth the $ and the calories eventhough it's made from yoghurt and supposed to be a healthier than conventional ice-cream.

Rou Gu Cha

However, for today's post, we tried another version, called Dry Bah Kut Teh? Eh, have I gone out of my mind, a.k.a. Bah Kut Teh (in hokkien), whereas the above is in Mandarin. It's mainly pork ribs cooked in a concoction of chinese herbs, though nutritious, it is quite "heaty" as well due to the presence of quite a number of herbs. It's a good soup for rainy days, as slurpring up the piping hot soup (served in claypot) really warm you up. Needless to say, this is one of our favourite food item of choice when the weather gets cold (I know, how much colder can it get in the tropics, rite? Well, I'm referring to the wet wet rain.)one paragraph away I was talking about savouring the steaming soup, next I'm yakking about it being dry? Well, apparently this is a new version to Penang, but hails from Klang. This eatery had been around for quite some time d, probably a year or so, but as usual, procrastination made us too so long to check it out.

To me, this dry BKT is mainly boiled dry, and there's not much of a hint of the medicinal herbs. And boy was it peppered with cili paid and dried chilly that my tongue was literally burning from the very first taste of it. It was a good experience, the shopkeeper was very nice, he gave us some bkt soup (read: refillable) on the side, with no extra charge. That's such a good customer service, don't you agree? If anything at all, I would definitely revisit this place for this very point of top-notch service.

Greed got us to order 2 other dishes, a "Guiness Kai" and "The 4 Heavenly Kings". Let me elaborate on each as follows:-
Guiness Kai - is chicken with guiness-flavoured sauce. Nice hint of stout there, but it's kinda dry as the sauce was barely coating the chicken pieces.
The 4 Heavenly Kings - it's a dish combining 4 types of beans, namely Kacang Botol, Bendi, Petai and Kangkong fried with sambal udang. Don't ask me how did kangkong end up classified as a bean, and also that it's elevated to that of king's status, hahha.. A tad too spicy for me yet again, but it's a unique 'get-together' for the kings, heheh..
the important condiments for BKT, L-R: red chilly, garlic, cili padi
dry BKT in claypot, the soup has been caramelised
Or-Kau Kei
a dish fit for the *king*

Another banana post...

Nope, I'm not going bananas over bananas, hahah..what a mouthful. Just wanted to record down the ways of finishing up the potassium-laden fruit, that's all.

Pictured here is "Banana Satay", skewered on a satay stick, drizzled with chocolate sauce then sprinkled with ground peanuts. Actually I got the idea from a Kid's Menu book, so I used it to nurse the kid in me, hehehhh..


D***T powered...

I always envy those folks who have easy access to donuts, for we do not have those big-names here and the closest to one we can get would be from Jusco's bakery - La Boheme. Priced at a ringgit each, I would say it's a decent price, and beggars can't be choosers, so either that or none at all. The nearest one we can get for those branded donuts would be @ Tapah, a stopover point along the North-South highway. And it would be none other than Dunkin. So inevitably we would chart our journey to waylay there for the big O. That means dh would be having it twice, to and fro that is. I'm not such a big fan, actually, it's my other half, hahah...if I were to be asked to choose, I would go for those filled ones, for I find that it's softer compared to those coated ones, and the texture is not as dense. What's more, we kenot get those filled ones here, so that gives it an edge over the others, if that's a valid answer.

Neway, lucky for that box of 6 during our recent trip down south, coz it became our sustenance in the car. We were really very hard-pressed for time and just simply can't afford to take 5 other than for toilet break. So that became our dinner, hahha...and there's leftover for breakfast as well. Of course we did have a proper dinner when we reached our destination, and that was Satay Kajang, since we were in Kajang mah. Read here for info.

the Big Os

Back to the donuts, it was really our saviour as well, for it was before pitch dark when we arrived at the venue for the flag-off the next morning. It was practically like a ghost-town, despite being the nation's new administrative centre. Dh was like planning to have a hot cup of kopi tarik at a mamak store to warm up for the ride, so there goes his caffeine. At least there's still the donuts to the rescue...

"Green" Xmas tree?!

Just sharing the cr8tive juices that was evident in these Christmas Trees created by the team of baristas at Starbucks. No, it's not our usual favourite joint, we were at this outlet for the Christmas celebration hosted by them for the regulars. It works like this - each outlet will invite their own regulars so admittance is by special pass, hahah... Sounds like a dangdut place, ya? Even a coffee outlet need special pass?

Made using the plastic cups for their Frappe
Combination of paper cups for hot drinks & plastic cups for cold drinks

Makan lagi??

Another item that we pigged out during the same day as the chicken in the previous post. So now you know why I wanted to have a healthier meal of bbq food, balance the "account" of this CheeseCake indulgence's damage loh. Haiz, that's the price of chill-out nothing much other than eat and relax.
The rare few times we frequent CbTl-we can get quite fussy, there are just some StarbuckS outlet that we won't step foot in, so we resorted to this. Afterall, this cbtl outlet has been newly refurbished, they moved to a bigger lot due to expansion, so surely it's worth to check it out for the brand-new feel, hahah... So much of my own reasoning lah, pardon me.

German CheeseCake (I still like the one in Dome)

Is deep-fried = BBQ?

A casual jalan-jalan cari makan brought us to this latest new-'tenant'-on-the-block at the shopping curiousity got us to check it out. The name of the shop which goes by "Korea BBQ Chicken" is quite deceiving, for they served Fried Chicken?? I was initially drawn to the word of BBQ, for it means less oil => less fattening, only to be greated by pictures of deep-fried chicken?? But well, the only consolation is that they use 100% olive oil, so it's a healthy oil. Justifiable in terms of health benefits..hahha...if that's of any help, rite?

Somehow it turned out that the BBQ in their name is an acronym of Best Believeable Quality, and not our short form of BarBeQue. So much for the confusion, hahah...surely the owner can think out of the box very well, ya?!?

We had a set which consists of 2 pieces of chicken, a carb (choice of seafood fried rice or mashed potatoes) plus a coleslaw as the side. We also tried their signature Teri-Q Wings.

Verdict: The outerior is crunchy, while the meat is still juicy. Will I come back again? Price aside, I doubt so coz I hardly even step foot into KFC, what's more come so far to thise place. Also it's too much calories for me to undertake, hahah... :) Nice try though, I'm curious of it no more.

Gone with the 7...

Just thought that this cake would be appropriate, since it's numbered 7 with the year 2007 leaving us pretty soon.. This was actually my niece's birthday celebration in school, not on her actual day since hers falls during the school holidays, so we had to have the small party earlier.

Chocolate Cake covered with fresh cream (non-dairy)

Small party pack for her classmates...I'm against all those junk-food that was usually given in a party-pack, so I went for books instead. Obvious how much of a book-lover I am one, hahha...that aside, I find it more practical and beneficial than just those junkies, which after consumption would be forgotten before they were even disgested, hahah...
cupcakes + some mini booklets

Breakie / breakfast / sarapan pagi

We all have heard the classic cliche that "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" what do you normally have to break the fast? Presented here is the classic Malaysian fare of Nasi Lemak,'s the cheapest staple one can find all wrapped in the most economical of packaging material from nature, the banana leaf. Ranging from RM 0.60 to RM 1.00 for those ready-packed type like what you see in the pix, there is also the more "upmarket" version whereby you get to choose what dishes you would like to go with the santan-ed rice...for that, the sky is the limit, it all depends on how lavish you want your NL to be with the choices available, be it beef rendang, chicken, tamarind fish, assam prawn. stomach growling now with the mention of these makanan, so I better get this post over and done with, hahah... :P

Pair it with kopi-tarik, this is sometimes what we have for a quick grab to start of the day...for this particular photo, we had the beautiful scenery of Penang Bridge to our delight. It's just beside the highway, so we'll sip our cuppa watching the heavy traffic rush to get to the industrial area for those working in that area. By right, this stall is an illegal one, but Malaysia being Malaysia, you can literally see hawker(s) under the big signage of "Dilarang Menjaja" (Hawkers Prohibited). Eh, this goes so well with the 'Malaysia Boleh' spirit then? What a paradox, haiz, better to leave it as it is while we dig into our Fat Rice (literal translation of Nasi Lemak).

Goes well with a dash of the sweet Malay soya sauce (ya, there's a difference)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Too much food??

Are you overwhelmed with too much food pix for today? I for one knows that my stomach is growling big time, let break the pattern, show something else for a change.

These are the souvenirs I bought during my trip earlier this month, the tiny decorative wooden pegs from Melaka and the other 2 bigger peg-cum-bookmark from a Claycraft shop in KL. I'm a sucker for all things cute and nice, what-to-do, hahha... But they were not all for me, I've thus far given away some of it to friends. Missing from the pix is a cow moo-moo, that was adopted by my cousin before I got back to snap a photo of it.
Aren't they C-U-T-E?

4 fulfilling years, and many more to come..

Had the celebration at this interesting restaurant that goes by the name of Golden Triangle, so you guessed it right, they serve Thai, Vietnamese and Laotian cuisine. Since Thai food is ubiqutous, a bit of Viet food can be found, but Laotian...that's something different. But to our disappointment, the proportion of item in their menu is in that descending order, meaning to say, they specialise in Thai food, and the Laotian selection is so few. Well, since our mind is set on this eatery, we shall stick to it then...turned out to be a good choice afterall.

We had a feast of stomach, here on is a feast for your eyes :)

Starter: A twist to the usual Mien-Kam

Laotian Fried Rice (was told Laotian cuisine is spicy, so we had them hold the spiciness a tad

Vietnames Fried Udon, served with Pandan Chicken (I just lurve the chewyness of udon, yum yum!)

Protein: Vietnamese Fried Beef with Pineapple, 10 points!!

Laksa, food for the champion?

He's my man :)

With the feather from the last race of the year (Pesta Race) in his cap, we went for a steaming hot bowl of Penang Assam Laksa, and what better way than to indulge it with Fried Popiah dipped into the gravy? Groovy, I would say :)

Simple fare for simple folks :P

This stall used to operate next to a big monsoon drain, mind you, hahah... I've only been to the old 'premise' once, was brought there prolly a decade ago by a friend. Thereafter, they moved to a kopitiam, which is a much better hygienic choice... It has rows upon rows of ready-packed noddles for tarpau, so needless to say, business is extremely good for them.

Rare, medium-rare...

The rare occassion whereby dh declares himself a day-off from his usual routine of cycling on a Sunday morning... Well, it's the year end, so time for a little holiday is no harm, rite? Not that he can rest on his laurels for a year well-achieved in his cycling calendar, nothing beats spending time with moi :)

As a matter of fact, we rarely have breakfast on weekends, thanks to his dedication to his bike, when he sprang me the surprise of sleeping-in last Sunday, we were at a loss as to where to enjoy our Sunday breakkie. Since we were headed to town for our feet refloxology, naturally, it's easier to just makan in town, and the usual msian fare of yum-cha landed us at this rather established restaurant.

We are so much a creature of norm, the below items are normally what we order as dim sum no matter which eatery we go to, hahah... Ya, ya, I know we are 'boring' folks, heheh..and still rejoicing in it leh.

Photobucket Hong Kong style CCF

Photobucket Aubergine with fish paste, our FAV!

Photobucket Steamed-not-fried fishball :)

Photobucket Har-gow which is like the staple of dim sum

Photobucket Siu-mai, the other must-have to grace our table

Photobucket Prawn roll in fu-pei, served with mayonnaise

So how's the spread like for you at your end when you go for dim sum? Care to share...

Long long time ago...

Glad that I finally managed to check out this little cafe, it has been on my list for so long, I lost track exactly how many moons ago. The curry chicken with bread was recommended by a friend, a must-try item from this watering hole. And this place sure had flourished, it all started with a push-cart style of stall, peddling coffee with just 2 tables. Today, not only has it progressed into a big lot in the mall, the owner has just opened another new cafe in a different location. Will definitely check out the new eatery soon, and surely, I will tell it all in this humble blog of mine.

Food is gr8, good value for $, but I am confident they can buck up in terms of preparation time. It took so long for them to serve our food that I had to like kept checking with the waitress, not once, not twice but thrice, omigosh. It reached a point whereby I felt paiseh to be "asking" for my food so urgently, hahah..

So as usual, we would normally share a ful-course meal, for if we order a set for each one of us, we won't be able to polish off all the food. Here's the spread:

Thick mushroom soup, good for the soul as the mall is so cold *brrr*
The must-have, curry chicken with roti banggali
To top if off, banana pie with custard sauce *slurp*

With 4 more days...

Only a precious empat hari left of year 2007, doubt I would be able to catch up with my posts. Looking back, I only managed to fulfil my own 'assignment' of a-post-a-day in October. I thought the momentum will spur me on, but a major turn of event during the 1st week of November left me not much energy to pursue the daily write-ups. Not complaining though, I hope I can make my 1PaD (1-post-a-day) a reality comes 2008, so that shall be my blog resolution then? much for crappy idea from a silly girl, but what's life without a goal, eh? Cheers to 2008, with like about 108 hours to go for!!!

But try as I might, let's see how many posts I can churn out with the remaining hours (I make it sound like doomsday, didn't I), though I have lots of photos to blog about, just hope the inspiration juice don't run dry *wink* Stay-tuned!

Heavenly apples...


While I was @ QbM waiting for dh to meet me there, I roamed about the place to decide where to makan..and the sight of the above caught my attention. It was huge, and freshly baked as well as the puff hasn't gone limp yet. And therwe like about 5 pieces on display, of which 4 pieces made up one full loaf.

With this in mind, immediately I came back to "retrieve" my Bakerzin's Apple Struddel after our lunch, only to find that they are almost all gone, except for the last 2 pieces. Boy was I relieved that at least I get to choose the nicer piece of the 2, hahah... Lesson learnt, next time (if ever there is one), just grab at first sight first, hahah...need to be more kiasu then.

Verdict: I tot apple struddel is supposed to have a pastry layer in between the fillings, but this one is just pastry at the top and bottom. It was nice to go with a cuppa, but kinda hard to eat the end, we kinda 'dismantle' it in order to savour the whole thingy. But hor, I doubt they used filo pastry coz it's so puffed up... Now that we are yearning for more, it's high time I DIY, hahha...